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Author Topic: Insane beliefs and networks of rotten liars  (Read 985 times)


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Insane beliefs and networks of rotten liars
« on: January 06, 2007, 07:44:25 PM »

One of the most important facts about cults and "alternative" medicine is that one person does not strictly follow ONE madness, like Hamer's idiocies, but also engages in other fields. So one of the persons who made INTENSE PR for Hamer also fights against vaccination, pushes homeopathy and other health frauds.

The driving force: religious insanity. These idiots believe that God gave them a strong body and NO illness can hurt them. So in their crazy minds vaccination is blasphemy.

Orac in his web-log ( ) wrote about the "woo" and about irony. To a victim of ANY of these health frauds the health fraud committed against him is potentially DEADLY. We are sure, that the oh so simple homopathy kills thousands each year in Germany. Many frauds do not kill directly, but indirectly, by neglection of sound scientific medicine.

The worst danger of all: that the doctors themselves turn mad. Who on earth can an ill person trust, if even his own doctors are insane?

And THIS is just the situation we face: that medical doctors indoctrinate the patients (or, in the case of children, the parents).

We have a strong-moving sect, the Anthroposophs, who even have ministers in German Government. These bastards CLAIM, that homeopathy works, and so the "Arzneimittel" are DECLARED to work and the health insurances have to pay. And the ordinary man, left alone by politics asnd health system, suffers and dies...

This seems to be pathetic. No, it is not. There is ONE MORE DANGER behind all that: the insane believe of the medical doctors in psychology - and that the patient has some kind of mental disease. So even patients with strong and strongest ORGANIC symptoms are treated as being nuts.

Now, if a patient refuses to accept that he is declared nuts, well, THIS DOES SHOW, that he is nuts. And so the idiots in white reign over the patients linke the inka priests. No escape possible.

How does a patient know which kind of idiocy his doctors follow? It is not written onto the doctors' frontheads. And the doctors do hide their real intentions. They are the REAL, the ONLY, the ALMIGHTY priests of scientce. Homeopathy is a science, you know... Anthroposophic medicine is a science, you know...

THOUSANDS of idiots are THICK into the German medical system. Like an invasion of aliens. Rudolf Steiner went along with his astral body, you know... And so TODAY the damned idiots in white do "research" about the "astrality" of vegetables, and write LONG orgies about the use of certain plants against cancer, AS THESE PLANTS HAVE "ASTRAL PROPERTIES".

A gigantic fraud, supported by idiots everywhere: in government, in political parties, in the financial scene, in the "nature" scene. This new Nazidom is alive. And it kills. Each day...

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