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Author Topic: Sammelklage gegen Amway/Quixtar  (Read 1432 times)


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Sammelklage gegen Amway/Quixtar
« on: February 21, 2007, 01:34:41 PM »

Donate to Pyramid Scheme Alert's Legal Defense

Pyramid Scheme Alert is a not-for-profit, volunteer
organization. A donation to the PSA "Legal Defense
Fund" will be used solely to defray legal costs when
PSA or its Directors are harassed by pyramid
promoters with legal action.
Our current case involves efforts by the
Amway/Quixtar scheme that is seeking to suppress
the free speech of whistleblower, Eric Scheibeler, a
PSA Director. Eric Scheibeler was instrumental in
exposing the secret Amway "tools" scheme on NBC
Dateline and he published the book Merchants of
Deception, about his years in the Amway inner
Increasingly, pyramid scheme promoters are using
harassing lawsuits as a tactic to suppress free speech,
silence whistle blowers, intimidate consumers that
seek restitution or to halt media investigations.

Donate using PayPal.

Donate by mail.

Help protect consumers in your state!
Volunteer to be a PSA watchdog in your
state and help stop the deceptive
lobbying by MLM schemes to legalize
pyramid sales scams. Contact us for
more information.

Take Actions Now!
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