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Author Topic: Nanospheres Home In On Cancer  (Read 758 times)


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Nanospheres Home In On Cancer
« on: June 21, 2007, 10:05:41 PM »

Ich glaub das alles nicht...

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- newsletter, 21 June 2007

Dear New Scientist Reader, welcome to the New Scientist newsletter, which this week reveals how nanospheres are seeking out and destroying tumours, how to make a backup of your immune system, and why astronomers think quark stars could reveal a fifth dimension...
Nanospheres Home In On Cancer
Gold-coated glass "nanoshells" can reveal the location of tumours and then destroy them minutes later in a burst of heat, according to new research.  When injected into the bloodstream, the particles accumulate at the site of a tumour. The tumour sites can then be identified using low-power infrared light, and destroyed by applying a high-power infrared laser...

Exclusive global warming poll: The buck stops here
If our planet is to avoid the worst effects of climate change, the biggest polluter - the US - must be part of the solution. But how do the options play with ordinary Americans?


Create a back-up copy of your immune system
Storing a sample of white blood cells from a young age might offer a way of restoring immune systems after future diseases

US vaccines on trial over autism
A question mark hangs over the credentials of experts advising parents in the latest autism court case

Astronomers look to quark stars for a fifth dimension
If the universe has extra-spatial dimensions in parallel to the 3D we are used to, they might be seen in areas of extreme gravity around dense stars

Could gene therapy help alcoholics stay on the wagon?
Disrupting an enzyme involved in alcohol metabolism could help people quit drinking

Allergy alert over slippery chemical
A chemical used in non-stick surfaces could make people more susceptible to allergies

China contemplates restarting tiger trade
Despite its endangered status, the Chinese government says not using the big cat's body parts for traditional medicine is "a waste"

Males meddle with their twin sisters' love lives
Sharing the womb with a male twin decreases a girl's likelihood of later having children by 25%

Astronomers pin down mass of former 'tenth planet'
By observing the orbit of its tiny moon, astronomers have calculated the mass of the icy world Eris - it is 27% heftier than Pluto

Power-generating buoys shelter in the deep
A new kind of wave-power generator will be sited 50 metres below the surface to avoid the damaging effects of storms

Atom trap is a step towards a quantum computer
A device that can hold hundreds of atoms in a 3D array, and image each one individually, has been developed by scientists in the US

Laughter improves breast milk's health effect
Babies with eczema that were breast fed hours after the mothers were laughing had milder allergy symptoms

Invention: Superconducting ships
The week's batch of patent applications includes superconducting ship motors, an audio sweet-spot that follows listeners around, and an easy-to-use child-seat for cars

This week's Feedback reveals the teddy bear that neutralises electrical smog, a strange ingredients list for bottled water, and how to get inspiration if you're stuck for a new trade name...



Space blog: Animation shows waters rising behind huge dam
Satellite images show China's controversial dam changing the landscape

Environment blog: Fred's footprint
Fred Pearce traces his kitchen cabinets back to illegally logged Asian rainforest

Short Sharp Science blog: The chewing stage
Pureed baby foods are condemned by childcare expert

Tech blog: Video interview - 3D printing for all (Video available)
A cheap 3D printer could kickstart a revolution in home fabrication


To subscribe to New Scientist magazine go to:



The second quantum revolution *
To track down a theory of everything, we might have to accept that the universe only exists when we're looking at it

The scheming minds of crows *
Spying and stealing are all in a day's work for some members of the family. Could that explain why they are so clever?

Nanobacteria: the Medusa strain *
An unknown life form is hardening your arteries and turning your kidneys to stone - if it exists at all

The fight to save Earth's rocks *
Everyone knows it's important to protect wildlife, but can't rocks look after themselves?



Pilots "poisoned" by dirty cabin air

Teams argue over particle scoop

MIT accused of race bias

FDA refuses to approve weight-loss treatment

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