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Author Topic: Aus dem Tagebuch von Peter Bowditch  (Read 1686 times)


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Aus dem Tagebuch von Peter Bowditch
« on: August 13, 2007, 03:17:33 AM »

Aus dem Tagebuch von Peter Bowditch:

A compliment (4/8/2007)

I have found myself listed with some very illustrious names.
The location is a blog devoted to extolling the virtues of
Amway and defending the right of people to lie to others about
how much money can be made as a brick in a pyramid.
Apparently my sin was to criticise multi-level marketing and
the Amway motivational organisations without ever being a
victim myself. (On this basis, the only crimes I can offer a
credible opinion about are mugging, car theft and corporate
fraud because I have experienced them personally. Anything I
say about rape, murder, armed robbery or slave trafficking has
no value. For some reason analogies like this don't go down
too well with true believers, and even less well with those who
pretend to believe in order to deceive others.)
Here is the list of evil anti-MLM campaigners:

Dean Van Druff
Robert Fitzpatrick
David Touretzky
Steve Hassan
Rick Ross
Robert Todd
Tim Williams
Peter Bowditch
Russel Glasser
Eric Janssen
Scott Larsen

It is interesting to note that two people in the list, Steve Hassan
and Rick Ross, are actually anti-cult campaigners. I guess that
the Amway Motivational Organisations feel their ears burning
when anyone mentions cults. The blogger (who is of course
anonymous, going by the name "IBOFightBack" on his blog
and "insider" in at least one other place) has annotated some of
the names, and this is what he had to say about me:
Runs the "ratbags" site in Australia. I wrote to him a year
or so ago pointing out, with independent sources, where a
number of his claims were flat out wrong. His only
response? he'd already addressed the issues (he hadn't)
and that I was obviously impervious to logic since I was
writing from a domain (which I wasn't - it
Firstly, I am appalled at the egregious error I committed of
typing "com" instead of "net". I have, of course, rushed to
correct this dreadful departure from the truth, and I apologise
to all my visitors for carrying such deceptive material on this
site for more than a fraction of a nanosecond.
The second thing I noticed was his claim that I hadn't
previously addressed the issues to which he was responding.
This raises the interesting philosophical point of how he had
anything to respond to, unless he thinks that simply denying
something removes all previous mention of it and therefore it is
necessary to start again. He would not be alone in this opinion,
as anyone who has ever tried to debate a creationist will know.
I went back and had a look at his email, and, yes, it was full of
the same old rubbish that I had heard many times before, but
one thing caught my eye that I hadn't noticed the first time
around. I had mentioned that every time anyone from Network
21 had shown me the plan they had denied any Amway
connection except for some drivel like "Amway is one of our
suppliers". Here is what an "insider" had to say:
N21 does not sell *any* Amway products. Network 21 is
a for-profit company that sells books, tapes, cds, and
other business aids, and promotes and sells tickets to
seminars and other events.
So there you have it, folks. An admission from the inside that
Network 21 exists not to sell Amway products, not to support
"Independent Business Owners" in their quest for wealth, not
to help IBOs to build their downlines and spread the wealth
creation, but to sell tools and seminars. And it does it for a
profit, too (so there goes "we provide these services at cost to
help you build your business" and other lies). This is probably
the only occasion on which I have ever detected an iota of
honesty in anyone involved with one of these organisations.
Perhaps he didn't understand what he was writing. Perhaps he
thought that I was the sort of person who would believe what
he said because he said it in a nice voice. He was wrong.
(In 1982, Amway founder Rich de Vos described making
money from tools and seminars as "illegal". Click here to hear
Rich's edict, something which he said but never enforced.)



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Aus dem Tagebuch von Peter Bowditch
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