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Author Topic: Quacks gegen Quacks, eine Mordsgaudi...  (Read 647 times)


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Quacks gegen Quacks, eine Mordsgaudi...
« on: August 30, 2007, 12:49:39 AM »

8th July 2006, 03:38 PM  #1
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Funny, fighting woo with more woo...
Found here:

Quick rundown..
1. Invitation to others to fight chiropractic.
My name is Tammy Kennedy and I have been sued by the Board of Chiropractic
Examiners in Oklahoma for practicing "chiropractic medicine". I am at this
point in time embroiled in this legal battle in order to expose the
chiropractic fraud once and for all.

2. Review invitees website:
Tammy Joy Kennedy is the first-born granddaughter of renowned chiropractic
practitioner, researcher, and author Earl F. Craton, D.C., Ph.C., & Nerve
Signal Interference Specialist.
She earned her certification in Nerve Signal Interference Removal in 2000
after studying with her 'Grandpa Craton', for twelve years.
Struck over the head by a classmate while still in Junior High school, she
suffered both a cracked skull, and a broken neck. Having come close to
death more than once, she is a clairvoyant.
Born under the sign of the Lion, she is a natural leader. Tammy is also a
fluent speaker and is currently available for lectures and seminars; her
fee for within 200 miles of the Enid Oklahoma area is set at $1,000.
Outside of this area, her fee is set at $10,000.

3. Response by those invited:
Your grandfather was a chiropractor, and he DID and SAID, judging from
your website, everything that chiropractors DO and SAY, including, "I have
a new and different way of doing this, and its better than what anyone
else can do". This is standard chiropractic boilerplate, Tammy. Granddad
tried to work his way up the chiro-food chain by soliciting the schools to
teach his crap, with some sort of royalty arrangement, presumably, and
nobody was buying it. Why not? Because they ALL had their own "new and
different way of doing it, that is better than what anyone else can do" as
well. Why cut grandpa in on the action? See how that works?
Now, being that grandpa WAS a chiropractor, what he was DOING was, de
facto, "chiropractic". This is because the only operational definition of
"chiropractic", is "the practice of a chiropractor". Therefore, grandpa
MADE IT chiropractic by simultaneously BEING a chiropractor, and DOING IT
in the name of chiropractic.

See how that works?
Your website is indistinguishable from any number of chiropractic sites,
and represents the most virulent pseudoscientific, BJ Palmer-esque, tripe
and drivel seen in the fundamentalist, "Life Chiropractic" type

You ARE practicing chiropractic without a license, and apparently without
an education as well.
So, "expert witness" to the fraud of chiropractic - present! Willing to
help YOU perpetrate YOUR chiropractic fraud, i.e. practicing chiropractic
with no training, absolutely not! If you want to be a legal quack, at
least be motivated to become a "real" quack.

Sad thing is, the last response is so totally true. All the quacks are
fighting for their quackery to be the most prominent in that line of
quackery. It's so quacked up, that there is really no way to distinguish
one as the "best" sort of quackery, since they all really are laughable.

It's like watching a bunch of guys who believe they are Jesus fighting
amongst themselves as to which REALLY IS Jesus! Or watching the religions
of the world fight to tell their followers theirs REALLY is the ONE TRUE
ONE, and the rest of the unbelievers are going to PAY for not following

There really is no way to solve any of it.

Motion affecting a measuring device does not affect what is actually being
measured, except to inaccurately measure it.
the immaterial world doesn't matter, cause it ain't matter-Jeff Corey
my karma ran over my dogma-vbloke
The Lateral Truth: An Apostate's Bible Stories by Rebecca Bradley, read it!

Nach dieser Vorspeise der Hauptgang:

Es empfiehlt sich DRINGEND, Cola, Kaffee, usw. WEIT weg von der Tastatur zu stellen. :-)
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