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Author Topic: Der groesste Hacker-Einbruch in der Geschichte des Internets  (Read 719 times)


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Der groesste Hacker-Einbruch in der Geschichte des Internets
« on: January 27, 2008, 10:14:51 PM »

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Pillaged MySpace Photos Show Up in Massive BitTorrent Download
By Kevin Poulsen  01.23.08 | 5:00 PM

A 17-gigabyte file purporting to contain more than half a million images lifted from
private MySpace profiles has shown up on BitTorrent, potentially making it the biggest
privacy breach yet on the top social networking site.

The creator of the file says he compiled the photos earlier this month using the MySpace
security hole that Wired News reported on last week. That hole, still unacknowledged by the
News Corporation-owned site, allowed voyeurs to peek inside the photo galleries of some
MySpace users who had set their profiles to "private," despite MySpace's assurances that
such images could only be seen by people on a user's friends' list. [....]

The MySpace hole surfaced last fall, and it was quickly seized upon by the self-described
pedophiles and ordinary voyeurs who used it, among other things, to target 14- and
15-year-old users who'd caught their eye online. A YouTube video showed how to use the
bug to retrieve private profile photos.
The bug also spawned a number of ad-supported
sites that made it easy to retrieve photos. One such site reported more than 77,000 queries
before MySpace closed the hole last Friday following Wired News' report.

By then, DMaul, a denizen of the online forum who declined to reveal his
name, used an automated script to run nearly 44,000 MySpace user profiles through one of
the ad-supported sites, -- a process he says took about 94
hours. He rolled those images into a single file and seeded it to The Pirate Bay, a popular
BitTorrent tracking site, on Sunday, advertising it as "pictures taken exclusively from private


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