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Author Topic: Anthroposophenschrott und Rudolf Steiner gestrichen...!  (Read 621 times)


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Anthroposophenschrott und Rudolf Steiner gestrichen...!
« on: March 25, 2010, 01:55:49 PM »

Okay, folks, this is an attractor to show the Germans the rolling thunder from UK. :-)

Liverpool NHS PCT Drops Supernatural Cancer Claims from Website
March 24, 2010
By Le Canard Noir

Six weeks ago I wrote about how Liverpool Homeopathic ‘hospital’ was advertising that it offered cancer treatments based on the supernatural beliefs of mystic Rudolf Steiner. Observing that mistletoe grew on trees like a cancer, his homeopathic reasoning concluded that therefore mistletoe could be used to treat cancer. Given the obvious absurd and anti-scientific origins of this treatment, Liverpool PCT obviously feel that giving money to the Steiner company Weleda is value for money for its patients and not at all exploiting desperately ill people and giving them false hope.

I also put in a Freedom of Information request to the PCT to see how much money was being spent on Iscador – the brand name mistletoe treatment. That was a dead end, but it would appear that the PCT have taken notice of the attention.

The pages offering this treatment have now been taken down.
The page ( )
just reads ‘page not found’ now. Other mentions of Iscador have also been removed from the PCT website. (You can see the original here: )

Is this a coincidence? Probably not. There are a number of reasons why this could have occurred. Maybe someone came to their senses and realised what the bonkers homeopathy clinic was spending their budget on and decided to stop it. That would be nice, but there may be other reasons. A simpler reason might be that the homeopathy clinic at the Old Swan Health Centre thought better of letting the world know what they get up to and thought it might be better to operate a little more discretely. This might also be unlikely as the site still feels happy to advertise that it offers more supernatural homeopathy treatments for other ailments.

But it also might be possible that the PCT realised that they might be subject to prosecution under the Cancer Act of 1939. It is particularly reprehensible that they were naming a branded preparation as what they offered and so basically advertising the rather dubious products of the commercial arm of a mystical sect.

So we shall see. If anyone has any insight into this then feel free to drop me a line in confidence. Meanwhile, the Freedom of Information Act will be used, albeit slowly.

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