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Author Topic: Thinking about it… - I am a working woman  (Read 488 times)


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Thinking about it… - I am a working woman
« on: September 12, 2010, 10:00:22 PM »

Thinking about it…
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I'm a Business Analyst. I'm an English-woman, living in Scotland and working for an American company. In my spare time I'm doing a Masters in Strategic Management at Bristol University. I blog here on anything that takes my fancy. Sometimes I blog about business. Or analysis.

Shock news: Post-modernist says something interesting
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If communication is the key to knowledge work, then why do people communicate like this:

"We present immaterial labour 2.0 as an ambivalent
modality of both biopower and biopolitical production,
and as an exemplar of the paradigm shift underway in
our interface with popular culture, media, and
information and communication technology."

go on reading:

Save the Whales! Rule the Seas!
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