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Author Topic: Moral unter Tieren  (Read 517 times)


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Moral unter Tieren
« on: March 27, 2011, 12:36:29 PM »

Ein ungewöhnliches Video:

Animal Moral?
Von: ambra123 | Erstellt: 10.02.2007

A hypo tries to save an impala from a crocodile.
From National Geographic Amazing Moments.

animals don't have religion yet they are still able to feel and sympathize for others. if the hypo was trying to act like the croc it would have ripped the animal to shreds. yet it helps the impala ashore and nuzzils it in it's mouth. were did the hypo get it's morals from? not religion that's for sure. morals are with everyone innately.
InuMaama87 vor 3 Jahren 32 

@superfatamusic: sounds good:) i do not denie in anyway that animals can show empathy cross specie, but this upload just in some ways looks staged.
Jacobparkour vor 3 Monaten

I'll upload it if I'm able to find it. Been years since I saw the original footage.
superfatamusic vor 3 Monaten


The way it's been edited here it looks kind of fishy. The original footage from the impala crawling onto land to the hippo trying to revive it is rather lengthy. But this really gets lost.

Anyway, this is not an unknown phenomena. Though rare, there are many confirmed reports on cross specie empathy. So it's not simply a case of people misinterpeting things (like they often do) It's important to neither asign animals capabilities they dont have, nor take away those they DO have.
superfatamusic vor 3 Monaten

It looks so staged, if it isn't can you then show me the full footage?

Look how it cuts from 21sec-22sec, this can be a whole new impala, why do they do this? and again, the clips dont show us that the hippe is scaring away the crocodile, at: 0.36: it shows a hippe running in the water, then another clips comes where a crocodile is swimming away, if this wasnt staged, then they would have shown full clips. so parts of this clip looks very staged to me
Jacobparkour vor 3 Monaten


No, actually it's not. This is well known footage, examined and confirmed. Not done by proffesional film makers.

But, unfortunately, there are examples of staged scenery in nature documentary. But that often revolves around aggression and creating dramatic effects. Staging a showcase of empathy in an aggresive animal is hardly possible in the wild.
superfatamusic vor 3 Monaten


Well then, I suggest you update your wiew on social animals. The odds of this hippo taking a genuine risk out of "curiosity" is not even minimal compared to the risks it is willing to take out of protective empathy, which is very strong with the hippos. What we saw here was most likely a "missfiring" of empathy, which is unusual in the tough life of the natural, wild world. Unusual, because cross species empathy is not benefitial evolutionary under normal

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