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Author Topic: We need your help - tell us about companies using libel laws  (Read 419 times)


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We need your help - tell us about companies using libel laws
« on: April 17, 2013, 07:40:07 PM »

Subject:   We need your help - tell us about companies using libel laws
From:   "Libel Reform Campaign" <libelreform[bat]>
Date:   Wed, April 17, 2013

Dear Friends

We need your stories to tell the Government why choosing business interests over citizens is wrong.

Last night the Government voted against reform that would put limits on companies' abilities to sue people for libel. It is deeply disappointing that the Defamation Bill now doesn't do anything to stop companies using the laws to threaten citizen critics.

But, there was some progress during the debate. Under pressure from the Labour party and from some Government MPs, and thanks to everyone who wrote to your MP and to the PM, the Minister for Justice Helen Grant agreed to consider restoring one part of the corporation's clause back into the Bill. They will revisit the provision that asks companies to prove harm before they can sue when the Bill returns to the House of Lords on Tuesday 23rd April. This is great and it is down to all of your efforts over the last week that the Minister felt the strength of feeling behind this.

However, the Government agreed only to revisit this one provision. They also need to stop private companies taking the public pound from suing because citizens should be free to criticise a public sector service, no matter who delivers it. We have to make sure that every Member of the House of Lords knows about the injustices being done by companies being allowed to sue and will tell the Minister that this has to change.

To do this, we need to hear your stories about legal threats from companies.

Please, tell us about your experiences. We know some of you have been threatened, had lawyer's letters and non-legal letters, and fought cases and threats that had no merit  - please tell us about it. Even if you have told us before please tell us again to make sure we know.

Politicians need to be told again about the extent of this problem, and that they must act to fix it. Companies should not be able claim libel damage and then refuse to show how they have been harmed. And it is a citizen's right to criticise and question public services without fear of a lawyers letter.

Thank you again for your efforts this week. Please e-mail us with your stories as
soon as you can.

Best wishes

Mike & S&iacute;le


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