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Author Topic: Rabbi bans Orthodox Jewish men from taking blood donated by women, non Orthodox  (Read 446 times)


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Das muß ich so übernehmen, denn das ist so irre, man glaubt es nicht.

Rabbi bans Orthodox Jewish men from taking blood donated by women, non Orthodox Jews, non Jews

By: Ryan Lee Hall

An Israeli rabbi has ruled that an Orthodox Jewish man should stay away from taking blood of a woman, and should not recieve blood of a non Orthodox Jew or a non Jew, according to a new report published in the Yedioth Aharonot.

 “Non Orthodox Jews eat bugs, therefore their blood is tainted. Also, as we all know, men and women need to stay segregated, therefore a Jewish man should not take blood even from a Jewish woman,” the rabbi wrote in his new book called, “With Blood You Shall Live.”

 This new religious book deals with Jewish laws with regards to blood donations. “Those people eating bugs and meat from dead animals lose their mind, therefore getting blood from such a person will cause the Orthodox Jew to lose their mind as well,” the rabbi wrote.

 According to the book, an Orthodox Jew may receive blood from a non Orthodox Jewish donor only in a life or death situation. The rabbi also writes in the new book that a man cannot take blood from a woman and vice versa.

 The book also cites Rabbi Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg, a leader of the Ashkenazi Jews, who claims that it is forbidden to collect blood from men and women at the same time.

 The rabbi also forbids a man and a woman to take blood from each other. Although, if the matter is life or death, it is permitted, only on the condition that the donor and the taker are both married individuals and not single.

 “I think these laws go way over the line. Donating blood is a huge mitzvah and when a person is sick and in need of blood we cannot look at these things. These rulings will just make it more difficult for a sick person to receive proper care,” Michael Raab, 32, of Jerusalem, Israel told after reading the new book.

 The rabbi also prohibited the collecting of blood inside a yeshiva or synagogue.

Und dann wundern sich diese Leute, wenn man sie als Rassisten und Vollidioten bezeichnet?
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