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Author Topic: Rayonex mit geheimer handelsspanne?????????  (Read 2200 times)


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Rayonex mit geheimer handelsspanne?????????
« on: March 17, 2014, 07:05:17 PM »

passiert nicht oft. dass jemand öffentlich eine handelsspanne angibt und dann sagt, man soll sie nicht veröffentlichen.

klammerbeutel puder dingenskirchen...

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Autor Thema: Rayonex
Mederic Degoy
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«  am: Heute um 21:42:49 »
Guten Tag/Hello, I will write in English. I would like you to reconsider some new facts about the french Rayonex article (maybe the german one also, but I will only speak about the french).

 - rayonex never speaks of quantic medicine, but of electromagnetic. I personally never use « quantic » as it is so much misplaced and often they only understand the uncertainty principle :) . Rayonex devices only use a pure electromagnetic process. I speak of wave physics and this is enough to understand what happens.
 - the rayonex team you speak about is on the old Rayonex France structure. the new distributor that I founded, Extraordinaire, has nothing to see with these people. You can keep them in a history but not in the current organization (I don’t know MM. Sageder, Popp, Caron…). Of course the therapists still use their devices and do conferences sometimes, like Mrs Duhé or Borghini that I know. We may help them or they may do it by themselves, like any company advertising any product with a user base.
 - SCIO, please don’t mix Rayonex with this crap. My commercial margins are around 1/3 (please don’t publish this on the wiki !!!), with which part I shall advertise, train customers, have offices, people... is this a « extreme margin » ? please don’t reverse « extreme margins » in « ah ! he is spoiled ! » also. Please remove this « extreme margins » info, this is just nonsense and false info. Then, no « spontaneous recovery » presentation has EVER been made under my scrutiny. I stick to medical studies and ask avery therapist to do the same.
 - Extraordinaire just deals with France now, no Italy, belgium, or else. You info on distributors is generally false, please ask on the accurate info and they will answer.
 - then, the BIG question : you say « the devices are not recognized by science » (« Les appareils proposés ne sont pas reconnus par la science »). I invite you to read the medical studies Rayonex did since a few years, that said unequivocally that it works. On cells. On double-blind. On clinical trials. Please don’t ignore this fact. The fraunhofer study has been followed by other studies. Fraunhofer was on tens of thousands of cells, in a well-known institute, please don’t undermine the fact that Rayonex is now, since a few years, on a REAL work to get a REAL medical validation, it is the only device to do this scientific validation work in this filed full of pseudo-science.
 - your booh-saying about the CE1 having no value, please check WHO issued the rayonex certificates - a CEII, not a CE1, btw. It is TUV NORD, an unknown underground institute issuing false certificates. I joke. Saying « some do crap with this certificate » is not a FACT about THIS certificate. Nonetheless, the certificate doesn’t says ‘this works’ but ‘this is safe’. please move the "false certificates come from Istambul" to a new, dedicated page about false certificates, because this is only bashing to say it here.
 - for the sake of it, please change the fact that I am a photograph (my father was), by the fact that I am an engineer and, if you want, a serial entrepreneur. True, I also do photo, and bike, and ski. Am I a skier for your Rayonex page ? Indeed, I would love to be recognized as a great photograph, but not by you - or please, look at my photos and send them to your gallerist friends :) I joke. By you, I would love to be recognized as someone able to send you accurate, scientific information and able to change your point of view on Rayonex, being maybe the only serious device with a serious science-focused company, in a field full of crap.

These french translations I did may help you or not, if you want the original complete studies they are in German, if better for you, please check (downloads)

PS: your SSL certificate is flawed.

Mederic Degoy
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Re: Rayonex
« Antwort #1 am: Heute um 22:15:30 »
sorry I forgot the CEII certificate :

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