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Author Topic: The Surviving Dead  (Read 1770 times)


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The Surviving Dead
« on: January 27, 2016, 04:37:48 AM »

You might want to read about this angel fallen from heaven.

 4th April 2014 04:53
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Cancer Cure? My friend underwent an alternative protocol...

As an update to my thread

My beloved friend walked out of hospice, took a plane to a small alternative off the radar clinic, spent 100K, and is not only still alive, but so far, seems to be flourishing. Other patients there reported their cancers disappearing. I am so thankful. As she said, by Grace she might have found the right protocol..

The update is to this post:

11th March 2014 04:37

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Default What to say to a friend who is dying?

She has a few weeks left. Just began hospice. Had brain tumors so she is a bit dulled and I am not sure how much she either understands or feels.

Usually I can empath myself right into any situation, but this time Im really at a loss. Im too much in shock that she is leaving the planet. She's been my best friend for decades.

I can only talk to her over the phone, she lives in another country. Am trying to get her husband to get Skype.

Of course I tell her that I love her.

I don't think its great to tell her about my survivors guilt, which Ive never felt before, but this time it caught me by surprise. Or my anger and despair at her leaving.

She says she feels strong and peaceful, meanwhile her husband and I are bawling our eyes out and petrified.

what to say, what to say...

What an amazing fate: On 11th March 2014 04:37 near to death and on 4th April 2014 04:53 alive and kicking again. Isn't that a wonder, a real wonder?

But, be careful! There is another update, on 10th July 2014 17:50:

10th July 2014 17:50
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Re: Cancer Cure? My friend underwent an alternative protocol...

My lovely friend Dianne passed away yesterday. Her valiant husband spent everything on various roads for her recovery. Here is a tribute and donation site in case anyone is so inclined or able to give. Sorry for the bad news.

So Dianne was near to death, then completely healed by a magical treatment in less than 4 weeks, and died from cancer 2 months later.

11th March 2014   dying
  4th April 2014       healed
10th July 2014      dead

And more than 100000 Dollars burnt in the chimney...

She died from cancer that actually never was healed. So she had been lied to by the clinic. The symptoms of the cancer seem to have been subdued by some pain medication or whatever. This medication she received from people who knew what they did, and that they do wrong.

Dianne is a victim of frauds. Please, support the investigators to find the criminals. If you know details, please let us know.

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