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Author Topic: 9yo journalist Hilde reports: 'EXCLUSIVE: MURDER ON NINTH STREET!'  (Read 373 times)


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Hilde, Du bist klasse!

"U.S.|Journalist, 9, Responds to Her Critics and Becomes a Media Star"

"A 9-year-old journalist from Selinsgrove, Pa., became a media sensation this week, with articles in The Washington Post and The Guardian and an appearance on “Good Morning America,” with more to come.
It all started when Hilde Kate Lysiak, the publisher of and a reporter for The Orange Street News, a monthly newspaper (circulation 200), broke the news about a killing in her neighborhood on Saturday."

"The headline: “Exclusive: Murder on Ninth Street!”"


Macht Euch auf eine Überraschung gefaßt:


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