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Author Topic: DATA 3 Dewayne Smith is a Scientologist  (Read 354 times)


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DATA 3 Dewayne Smith is a Scientologist
« on: August 17, 2016, 06:54:48 AM »

The smear attacks by Dewayne Smith are characteristic for scientologists. Bolen96, if it really is Patrick Bolen, the infamous madman, known for his smear campaigns and court experience (where he was sunk), is a known scientologist. A coincidence? Certainly not.

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BX Protocol and the Disinformation Attacks Against the BX Protocol
In 2013, a group funded at the highest levels of the medical industrial complex began a well-orchestrated attack against alternative health at large with emphasis on several key players in that sector. At the time, Delta Institute did not know who it was and why they were doing it. In recent months, we have retained the services of an intelligence service that has uncovered a conspiracy against the BX Protocol™ and several of its affiliates.   22   2    Specific Attacks against BX
12 days ago by Bolen96

BX Protocol Testimonials
Delta Institute International is a global research organization providing private members access to the groundbreaking BX Protocol™ and health restoration. Delta applies its best practice web based medical culture and is dedicated to developing effective protocols for the successful treatment of mitochondrial dysfunction and chronic conditions, bio-electric depletion and other general health concerns. Members from around the world have greatly benefited through Delta’s BX Protocol™, why shouldn’t you?   12   2    the BX Protocol saved my butt...
13/06 by Robin H.

BX Protocol Scam?
This section is to address the large volume of disinformation that has been part of a widespread campaign to discredit the BX Protocol and its associates.   15   1    Claims regarding BX Protocol ...
02/06 by cured2013

BX Protocol Legal Response
Delta Institute's Legal Response to Concerns regarding the BX Protocol™   1   1    Delta's Legal Response to Con...
09/05 by Stacey

BX Protocol Science & Research
Advances in molecular biology, leading to the development of the BX Energy Catalyst, have revealed a new dimension in Delta's understanding of intermediary metabolism and mitochondrial bioelectric deficiencies as a fundamental mechanism in chronic disease. This section is intended to expound the truths relating to altered metabolism and the role of the BX Energy Catalyst in correcting dysfunctional energy metabolism.   3   1    What is the BX Protocol
13 hours ago by Steve-B.

The "forum" is at a standstill. The "testimonials"?  Even the faked ones dry out. How much did Smith pay Bolen? Not enough, even for Bolen's low standards?
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