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Author Topic: 'BX Protocol'-shithead Dewayne Lee Smith in wild paranioa  (Read 327 times)


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'BX Protocol'-shithead Dewayne Lee Smith in wild paranioa
« on: October 07, 2016, 01:54:38 AM »

Girls gonna have some fun.  ;D

Some news from Johannesburg? Okay, first the fun:

frozen + archived as

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Anti BX Protocol™ cyber terrorist and hacker network out of Europe has been trying to crack this FORUM for days.
The Delta Institute IT and security team, has been tracking the criminals as they use ISP's in Poland, with VPNs out of Germany and the Netherlands, to hide behind their cyber terrorist activities. Shame on them!
IP-1.jpg    IP-2.jpg  IP-3.jpg  IP-4.jpg

The criminals could be linked to the Transgallaxy Forum contributors that are part of performing dissertation research on suppression of dissent techniques.
Lean more about
Science bloggers, 'skeptics' exposed as group of online terrorists whose weapons include intimidation, censorship and threats.

Now for the big fun: Smith would rather bite off his tongue than write

No, he howls "Transgallaxy Forum". I don't know of a "Transgallaxy Forum". Never seen any.  ;D

Smith does not even get the continent right. Europe!? Holy roasted marshmallows! It's the North Pole! Every child knows it. It's the North Pole, stupid!

Smith even waddles through Google maps. Look how he follows IPs, but is too afraid to write our name correctly:

And no, no dissertation. Who would write a dissertation about shithead Dewayne Lee Smith, the little stupid shit of a fraud in Utah? NO ONE!

No, we only are the elves in the front office for the FBI connections. That's all.  8)

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