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Author Topic: Woodpecker filled Antenna with Acorns  (Read 46 times)


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Woodpecker filled Antenna with Acorns
« on: January 20, 2018, 10:41:25 AM »

Woodpecker filled Antenna with Acorns. The video was uploaded in 2009. Since then several people bring out the story anew, and claim it was done by a squirrel.

Woodpecker filled Antenna with Acorns

Meet the Bird that Filled an Antenna With Acorns
A viral video shows technicians clearing a huge cache of acorns from a transmission tower.

By Brian Clark Howard,
National Geographic
PUBLISHED November 13, 2015

Squirrels aren’t the only animals that store acorns for winter. Some birds do it, too. And one species in California disrupted a telecommunications network with its storage habits.

The birds stashed their acorns in a wireless antenna in Central California. A video that’s going viral this week shows technicians opening a compartment on the antenna and unleashing a flood of acorns. In all, an estimated 300 pounds (35 to 50 gallons) of nuts fell out.

1 gallon is 3,78541 liters, which roughly adds up to 110 to 200 liters. Seems he invested like with Maddoff...

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