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  Title: Rationality and Irrationality in Ryke Geerd Hamer’s System for Holistic Treatment of Metastatic Cancer
  Authors:   Ventegodt, Soren ; Andersen, Niels Jorgen; Merrick, Joav  
  Journal:   TheScientificWorldJOURNAL  
  Year:   2005  
  Volume:   5  
  Page Range:   93-102  
  Article Type:   Review Article  
  Handling Editor:   Hatim A. Omar  
  Domains:    Child Health & Human Development ,  Holistic Health & Medicine ,  Medical Care ,  Oncology  
  DOI:   10.1100/tsw.2005.16  
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  Keywords:   quality of life, QOL, human development, holistic medicine, public health, holistic health, cancer, Ryke Geerd Hamer, alternative medicine, complementary medicine, consciousness-based medicine, Denmark  
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      The aim of this paper is to examine if the “medical laws” found by the German physician Ryke Geerd Hamer are substantiated by contemporary holistic medical theory. He developed a psychosomatic theory after a personal emotional trauma that he believed resulted in his subsequent development of a testicular cancer. From our analysis, it is clear that the two most fundamental principles of Hamer’s work, the psychosomatic “iron law of cancer” (Hamer’s first “law”) and the principle of pathogenesis being reversed into salutogenesis (Hamer’s second “law”), are well-established principles of holistic medicine today. Hamer’s understanding of symbols in medicine, virus and bacteria, and the evolutionary process itself (Hamer’s third, fourth, and fifth “law”) differs a great deal from both traditional and contemporary holistic medical theory and we did not find them substantiated. Hamer’s understanding of cancer metastasis was built on these failing principles and therefore not substantiated either. Altogether, it seems that Hamer’s thinking was basically sound as the most fundamental principles of his work were built on an understanding very similar to holistic medical thinkers of today. We found his postulate that metastatic cancer patients can be healed or their health improved by using his system of holistic medicine likely to be true, at least for some motivated patients. This must be tested scientifically, however, before being accepted. His presentation of his system and work has been idiosyncratic and highly provocative, which has alienated him from the whole medical community.  
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Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Posted 2nd June 2007


"RED CARD" FOR JOAV MERRICK. The deletion of my letter of May 27 from your forum violates even the most basic rules of scientific fairness - and this regards such a serious cause - one that concerns the fate of millions of patients who could survive with German New Medicine. It now becomes abundantly clear that the article by Merrick et al, dated January 5, 2005, (just when they tried to force me in the Jewish-French prison to sign the surrender of German New Medicine) was nothing but a clumsy effort to covertly appropriate for themselves the two prime Biological Natural Laws of German New Medicine (contained since 23 years in Head Rabbi Schneerson's 1984 annotation of the Talmud) by wanting to stir them into the proverbial soup of holistic/alternative/complementary/conventional medicine - mind you - only for the non-believers because Jews have been practicing “GNM pure” all along, worldwide. Now that he has been unmasked, Merrick has scientifically disqualified himself for all time and has drawn for himself and his friends the "red card" because the worst that one can do in science is to deny an opponent his opinion and to replace valid arguments with brute force. Thereby one has managed to transform "Scientific World" into a cheap farce, a huge bluff! However, the crime remains and now becomes even worse because Merrick and his friends seem to be at a loss to present a single argument. They let my accusations go by unchallenged and thereby accept them as true! In Sport, there is a rule: “He who does not even start has already lost.” In Science, there is another rule: “He who gutlessly flees from an argument, has thereby accepted it.” Such cowardice and lack of character can only be despised.--- Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer, Internist; banned from practicing for the past 21 years because of refusal to renounce the "Iron Rule of Cancer" and "non-conforming to conventional medicine".


Dr. phil. Caroline Markolin

Posted 2nd June 2007


ON MAY 27th, DR. HAMER POSTED ON THIS SITE HIS COMMENTS in regards to the author’s argument that 1. a Hamer Focus is “more likely an artifact”. Dr. Hamer: “Any competent radiologist with CT equipment can establish within a few minutes what is a Hamer Focus in conflict activity and what is an artifact (they too exist, after all). All he would need to do is to shift a patient's head 5 cm from the center line of the apparatus. An artifact always stays in the middle line of the apparatus and shows through all layers. The Hamer Focus on the other hand always remains at the specific brain location where it biologically belongs.” 2. on the argument that ““no case of a cure has been published”. Dr. Hamer: “In the meantime, I have been fortunate to obtain copies of all patients’ records from the Office of the District Attorney of Vienna Neustadt (Austria). It is absolutely correct that more than 90% of the desperately ill patients survived 4-5 years. By myself I surely could never have verified this.” 3. on the incessant accusations of anti-Semitism. – Dr. Hamer began his remarks with: “Since I have been so often 'commented on', allow me, for once, to have my say.” His “say” lasted not more than 48 hours, then it or better he was deleted from the site. The least that could be expected from the editor of a “scientific” journal is to allow everyone to exercise the basic civil right of the freedom of speech.


M. Redecke

Posted 1st June 2007


As everybody with a minimum of medical knowledge can see from his own published CT brain scans (see examples here: His books (published by himself) are full of typical ring-artifacts diagnosed by Hamer to be a "Dirk Hamer Syndrom". Prof Maximilian Reiser, university of Munich and president of the Deutsche Röntgengesellschaft representing 5400 german radiologists, recognized these "DHS" to be artifacts in a statement that can be seen here:


M. Redecke

Posted 1st June 2007


Hamer does not realize his own antisemitism. He denied the holocaust as a historic fact at least two times, last time in an interview in 2006 and this is one of the reasons why he is so popular in the right-wing scene in Germany and why he left Spain to hide. In 2005 he even agreed to become one day president of a future "Deutsches Reich" and when he was asked in 1999 why he called his hypotheses "germanic" he answered "because I am proud to be a German".


Edgar Muthmann

Posted 1st June 2007


The school medicine is nevertheless only fearful that it must make their large plate smaller. Dr. Hamer Dr. more hamer ago - the methods are indisputablely successful. If the Hamer methods were finally once accepted, lasted to it all unemployed and wüssest then, as heavy it is to earn its bread.


Søren Ventegodt & Joav Merrick

Posted 7th May 2007


Response to Barbara Ranshaw: A careful reader should notice that we disagree with Dr. Hamar on this important issue. We do take a critical position towards Dr. Hamar's work, but as we find so many aspects of it in accordance with established knowledge of holistic and complementary medicine, we do believe that his complementary system might actually be able to help some [of his] patients - which represents very important progress as most of his patients are metastatic cancer patients judged to be hopelessly sick by biomedicine. If that is the case - if he can cure some of these, even just a small fraction - we most definitely should acknowledge Dr. Hamer for this important step forward. It is so easy to give a critique of a colleague trying out a new path, and we also do believe Dr. Hamar to be completely wrong in several of his assumptions. But without such pioneers as Dr. Hamar daring to learn from observing the unexpected and taking it to radical new-thinking and further into models and new ways of treatment, the whole development of medical science would most certainly stop. Please read our paper again carefully, and let us know if there are some points where we go along with Dr. Hamar where we should not have. We are eager to learn about any mistakes we might have made, and we don't believe that our paper on Dr. Hamar's work will be the final word. Sincerely yours, Søren Ventegodt and Joav Merrick


Barbara Ranshaw

Posted 29th April 2007


The idea that cancer cannot spread from organ to organ is nonsense. When a surgeon is able to removes the an entire tumour intact, he doesn't have to bother with further treatment. If this were, as Hamer would pretend, simply because the patient believes they are cured, then how do rats know they are cured?



Posted 31st March 2007


In Germany Dr. Hamer is a well known anti-semitic charlatan which is operating via internet from exile in Spain. He has lost his license to practice medicine in 1986 and spent about two years in German and French prisons (1997 and 2003/2004). Latest developments (as of march 2007): According to latest news published by Helmut Pilhar, his commercial base in Austria, and Antje Scherret, his German commercial phone service operator (both of which are responsible for several dead during the recent years) on march, 10th, 2007, Hamer left Spain. Hamer claims to fear German law enforcement would soon be knocking on his door because of upcoming law suits caused by his antisemitic hatred seeding. Hamer claims to have applied for political asylum in a country he does not name. see: Inofficial voices of investigators guess that Italian families and relatives of his victims are after him. By the way: Caroline Markolin PhD is not a medic doctor. She received her PhD in German literature from the University of Salzburg, Austria. For more informations about Hamers decreasing troop of followers and their annual anti-Semitic demonstration and propaganda in Tübingen (Germany) visit


A. Waltering

Posted 14th October 2006


The gernam text on the quoted website is in no way a certification of Hamer Foci by people of Siemens. L. Castillo tries to fool people that are not able to read the german text. It is just a list of 8 exclusion criteria for calling a structure seen in a CT-Scan an artefact. It calls explicit for a verification of the structure in a corresponding MRT or in a scan from another angle to verify that the structure has an anatomical correlat and is not just an artefact. Hamer never showed this corresponding scans. There is no word in the whole text concerning Hamer Foci or there verification, not one. Another try to fool people by wrong statements. Sorry, didn't work.


Luis Castillo

Posted 13th October 2006


The authors also wrote in the paper that the “Hamer Focus” (the visible impact of the emotional shock on a patient’s brain scan) is “more likely an artifact that Hamer, for lack of other hard evidence of his theory… gave too much importance”. It's a subjetive opinion of the authors, not a conclusion based on objective evidence. The evidence shows that on 22.12.1989, the Medical Technical Division of “Siemens Corporation”, the German CT scanner manufacturer, certified that the ring formations that Dr. Hamer identified are NOT artifacts of the equipment. The original “Siemens document” has also been published and you may read it here:


A. Waltering

Posted 12nd October 2006


It is always the same phenomenon. Criticize the theses of Hamer and his disciples like C. Markolin ( will show up an quote mantra like the same unproven facts and so called "verifications" again and again. So one becomes lost in a maze of lies and fantasies. E.g. the so called verification by the university of Trvana. If you read the original document (german) it is easily understandable, that it is no verification at all but a fake. The director has later even withdrawn his signature because the paper was missused as a provement of verification. And when Hamer has really cured 6000 of 6500 terminal ill cancer patients, where is the prove, it is all hearsay. And what suprisingly even numbers. Why not 9000 out of 10000 - random numbers, no evidence. But sorry - I forgot. All suppressed by the great and worldwide jewish conspiracy (that was irony). You can't have a scientific discussion with Hamer and his adepts because you can't discuss pseudoreligious believes. You can believe or you can't. I don't. I think this is a scientific forum and unless there is no more substantial and sound prove of Hamers theses than the old fairy tales and unproven stories this discussion should be ceased. It is not worth the time and energy.


Dr. Caroline Markolin

Posted 11st October 2006


The authors conclude (in accordance with a Swiss Study Group) that in regards to the practical aspect of Dr. Hamer’s discoveries, “no case of a cure has been published”. Dr. Hamer’s “New Medicine” has a documented success rate of 95 to 98 percent. Ironically, these statistics for Dr. Hamer’s remarkable success rate were delivered by the authorities themselves. When Dr. Hamer was arrested in 1997 for having given three people medical advice without a medical license, the police confiscated his patients’ files and had them analyzed. Subsequently, one public prosecutor was forced to admit during the trial that, after five years, 6,000 out of 6,500 patients with mostly “terminal” cancer were still alive!


Dr. Caroline Markolin

Posted 11st October 2006


The authors state that Dr. Hamer’s medical discoveries “lack clinical trials testing his method”. Fact is that Dr. Hamer’s findings have been clinically tested and verified through signed documents over 30 times by physicians and professorial associations, including the University of Trvana, Slovakia (11.09.1998). ALL evaluations attested the 100% accuracy of Dr. Hamer’s findings of the “Five Biological Laws”. Many of these verifications have been published also in English. The authors also state that the “Hamer Focus” (the visible impact of the emotional shock on a patient’s brain scan) is “more likely an artifact that Hamer, for lack of other hard evidence of his theory… gave too much importance”. Fact is that on 22.12.1989, the Medical Technical Division of “Siemens Corporation”, the German CT scanner manufacturer, certified that the ring formations that Dr. Hamer identified are NOT artifacts of the equipment. The original “Siemens document” has also been published. By analyzing ten thousands of his patients’ brain scans (so far over 40.000) and comparing them with their medical records and their personal history, Dr. Hamer is the first who can provide scientific evidence that diseases do not originate in an organ/tissue as previously assumed but in the brain as a result of unexpected conflict shocks. The result of his research is a detailed scientific chart (a brain map) that indicates from exactly what area in the brain a specific disease is controlled and to what specific type of conflict the physical symptom is biologically related. Dr. Hamer’s method of brain scan analysis offers a most reliable tool for both diagnosis and prognosis, and is not, as the authors presume, what “Hamer desperately needed to get his position back in the medical society”.


A. Waltering

Posted 8th October 2006


L. Castillo wrote, that the travel of cancerous cells is a suppition, not a fact. A fact is, that there are several studies that have shown tumor cells in the bone marrow of women with breast cancer (Jotsuka et al. 2004) and in the circling blood of this women (Patel et al. 2002). There are even commercial test kits to detect this cells and there is a discussion in the scientific community, if the number of cells correlate with the prognosis of the cancer. Also there are no doubts, that the so called "Hamer Herde" in the Brain-CT are only artefacts. When Hamer did his "studies" in the 80th this artefacts were very common and known to the radiologists. Why has Hamer never proved them in later years with corresponding MRT-Scans or with CCT from other angles. I am nearly sure, he tried, but he never published the negativ results, because that would weaken his theories. I am afraid, L. Castillo's comments are more or less nearly word for word quotes from Hamer's texts (, reflecting a standard of knowledge from the 80th. Visit this site if you are able to read german texts. Be invited into a world of delusional ideas. By the way, there are also pictures of the so called Hamer Herd, easily recognisable as artefacts for every normaly scilled physician. A prove of a cured patient, not in a book by Hamer, but by an independent source, would be more convincing to me. As I said, the victims are well documented.


Luis Castillo

Posted 5th October 2006


The authors wrote that "Hamer’s understanding of cancer metastasis was built on these failing principles and therefore not substantiated either" I think Hamer's correct understanding of cancer metastases is built on several FACTS known by traditional medicine, for example: 1)There is no scientific evidence that any cancerous cell of a primary tumor travel via the blood stream or the lymph system to other parts of the body where they cause a secondary cancerous growth The "travel of a cancerous cell" is a supposition, not a fact. 2)Embriology and histology teach us that a cell of specific histological origen can't "mutate" into another cell type. They can never cross the germ layer threshold or mutate their histological structure. 3)We never found, for example, bone cancerous (osteoclastic) cells in the brain as metastases (in case of primary bone cancer), because each organ's cancerous growth respond to specific changes derived of its histological origin. These facts refute the traditional and conventional metastasis theory. They are Dr.Hamer's negative proofs. The positive proofs are: a)The logical proof: If the Hamer's first law is correct (as you seems to accept) , is a logical consequence that new cancerous growths (metastases) can be caused by new biological conflict shocks. b)Empirical proof: in each case of metastases, it may be seen in the brain the correresponding Hamer Herd and, questioning to the patient, we may find the specific and corresponding biological conflict. The empircal proof may be tested anytime, according the rules of the scientific method. So, in my opinion, Dr.Hamer's metastases view is built on logical and empirical grounds Mr. Woodring wrote: "Show me one patient who has been cured from his metastatic cancer by using Hamer´s system" You may read many patients cured from metastasic cancer using Hamer's discoveries studiying his books, specially the book "Celler Dokumentation".


Søren Ventegodt

Posted 14th September 2006


With reference to A. Woodring’s comments below, The authors are in no way supporting a fascist, anti-Semitic, or Nazi position, neither philosophically nor politically. But, it is important to differentiate between a man's scientific contribution and his political attitudes; if we only accepted scientific contributions from people who shared our view of the world, science could soon be a dull enterprise. Dr. Hamer has made an important contribution to holistic medicine because he seemingly has shown the world that even very sick cancer patients can sometimes be cured. We know of spontaneous remissions of cancer - many cases actually from Dr. Úlrik Diges research in Denmark - but we do not yet know how to induce such remissions (please see our papers on Clinical Holistic Medicine and Cancer in TheScientificWorldJOURNAL and TSW Holistic Health & Medicine). Dr. Hamer's work seems to point importantly in this direction. When it comes to Dr. Hamer's merits our paper on his work presents what we found of documentation for the efficiency of his cures. This was actually sufficiently convincing for us to bring it to a wider attention through this article. Our interpretation of the documented material is not quite as positive as Dr. Hamer's own view. Please go though the material yourself and see if you can find errors in our presentation of the data. We will be most happy to correct any errors or misunderstandings on our side. Sincerely yours, The Authors


A. Woodring

Posted 14th September 2006


Quote: "We found his postulate that metastatic cancer patients can be healed [...] by using his system of holistic medicine likely to be true [...]." Show me one patient who has been cured from his metastatic cancer by using Hamer´s system. It is a cynical theory and in the end, when it won´t work always the treating "old school" physicians a responsible for the death of the patients because they treat their pain with morphin or disturb the healing process by telling the patient that he has a carcinoma, which causes a new emotional trauma and prevents healing. Hamer has already spent a few years in a french jail for practising medicine while his approbation as a physician was withdrawn years ago from german authorities. As I asked, show me one he saved - the victims are well documented. In addition, Hamer had a, neo-fascistic view, that the jewish doctors treat their patients after his system, and a jewish conspiracy protects it from being used by non- jewish physicians for non-jewish patients.

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