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Title: Nazischweine in Spanien
Post by: Julian on September 06, 2018, 10:55:46 PM
'Capsule' housing plan for low income workers causes outrage in Spain

Barcelona city hall vetoes the project, saying the tiny pods are unfit for humans

AFP in Barcelona

Thu 6 Sep 2018 22.11 BST
First published on Thu 6 Sep 2018 21.42 BST

A model of the capsule designed by Spanish company Haibu 4.0
Spanish company Haibu 4.0 plans to rent out the ‘capsules’, which measure only 2.4 square metres, for 200 euros per month. Photograph: HANDOUT/AFP/Getty Images

A Barcelona company has sparked outrage with a plan to rent out tiny pods where low income workers would live side by side like bees in a hive for as little as 200 euros ($232) a month.

The company argues that the project, called Haibu, which means beehive in Japanese, is a solution to a shortage of affordable housing in the Catalan capital. But Barcelona city hall has refused to issue a licence for it, saying such tiny accommodation is unfit for humans.

"Fortunately piling up people is prohibited. The law does not allow this type of dwelling," Barcelona mayor Ada Colau, a former housing and anti-eviction activist, told reporters on Thursday.


Das muß man sich mal vorstellen: Hundehütten, die herzustellen vielleicht 200 Euro kostet, ZU VERMIETEN FÜR 200 EURO PRO MONAT:

"plan to rent out tiny pods"  ...  "for as little as 200 euros ($232) a month".

Wer immer dahinter steckt, er gehört auf der Stelle in den Knast.