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Title: Banned naturopaths A.Strande and Barbara O'Neill still advertising their service
Post by: Krik on October 19, 2019, 06:25:48 AM
Consumer Health Digest #19-41
October 13, 2019

Consumer Health Digest is a free weekly e-mail newsletter edited by William M. London, Ed.D., M.P.H
., with help from Stephen Barrett, M.D
. It summarizes scientific reports; legislative developments; enforcement actions; news reports; Web site evaluations; recommended and nonrecommended books; and other information relevant to consumer protection and consumer decision-making. Its primary focus is on health, but occasionally it includes non-health scams and practical tips.


Unsupported prescription drug price increases spotlighted.

The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) has published its first annual report on Unsupported Price Increases (UPI) of prescription drugs in the United States
. The report identified seven drugs that were responsible for increasing US drug spending by more than $5.1 billion from 2017 to 2018, even though no new uses for them had been demonstrated.
[ICER identifies costliest US drug-price hikes that are not supported by new clinical evidence
. ICER announcement, Oct 8, 2019]

These drugs, in order of the impact of their price increases, are:

* Humira® (adalimumab, AbbVie),
* Rituxan®(rituximab, Genentech),
* Lyrica® (pregabalin, Pfizer),
* Truvada® (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate, Gilead),
* Neulasta® (pegfilgrastim, Amgen).
* Cialis® (tadalafil, Eli Lilly); and
* Tecfidera®(dimethyl fumarate, Biogen).


Banned naturopaths still advertising their services

The New South Wales Health Care Complaints Commission has permanently prohibited
Aleksander Strande, an unregistered health practitioner, from providing any health service.

The Commission found that Strande:

* operated a naturopathy business called Express Healing

* willfully misrepresented and overstated to the Commission and to the public, the level of his qualifications. and qualifications and his competence to treat serious illnesses

* made unsubstantiated claims about the efficacy of his recommended treatments

* lacked the knowledge and expertise to determine whether the products he provides to clients may have adverse reactions with their prescribed medications.

* failed to provide information to clients regarding the herbal medicines

* pressured clients to continue treatment with him despite complaints of adverse side effects

* was unwilling to seriously reflect on his practice and has no insight into the limitations of his training and qualifications and his competence to treat serious illnesses

Despite the Commission's action, the Express Healing Web site
has continued to offer telephone consultations from numbers with Australian, German, and Polish country codes. Strande's Linked In page
page currently indicates that he is operating a naturopathy business in the Houston, Texas area.

Barbara O'Neil, another naturopath who was banned for life by the Commission, also continues to advertise her services on social media.
[Elder J. Shonky naturopaths claimed to cure cancer: Banned for life, still advertising
 The Newdaily, Oct 5, 2019]

After receiving many complaints, the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission is investigating the Misty Mountain Health Retreat affiliated with O'Neill and chaired by her husband Michael O'Neill.
[Davey M. Health retreat run by banned wellness coach Barbara O'Neill under investigation
. The Guardian, Oct 10, 2019]


Genetic testing company settles physician referral kickback allegations.

he U.S. Department of Justice has announced that UTC Laboratories, Inc. (RenRX), headquartered in New Orleans, has agreed to pay $41.6 million; and its three principals—Tarun Jolly, M.D., Patrick Ridgeway, and Barry Griffith—have agreed to pay $1 million to resolve allegations that they violated the False Claims Act. The alleged scheme included:

* paying kickbacks in exchange for laboratory referrals for pharmacogenetic testing

* furnishing and billing Medicare for tests that were not medically necessary.

* paying physicians to induce the ordering of pharmacogenetic tests in return for their participation in a clinical trial.

* paying sales commissions to other individuals and entities

RenRX also agreed to a twenty-five-year period of exclusion from participation in any federal health care program. The settlement resolved six separate cases that began as whistleblower suits. The defendants did not admit liability.
[Genetic testing company and three principals agree to pay $42.6 million to resolve kickback and medical necessity claims
. US Attorney's Office news release, Oct 9, 2019]


Stephen Barrett, M.D.
Consumer Advocate
287 Fearrington Post
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Telephone: (919) 533-6009 (health fraud and quackery)
Title: Re: Banned naturopaths A.Strande and Barbara O'Neill still advertising their service
Post by: Krik on October 19, 2019, 07:29:11 AM
Mißbrauch einer deutschen Mobilfunknummer durch Alexander Strande:

Express Healing

    About Us
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                       NATUROPATH WORLD WIDE


Are you looking for a naturopath world wide? The best place to turn for support is Express Healing. We do not believe in the sledgehammer approach of simply pumping your body full of drugs to cure what ails you. Instead, our naturopath will seek a holistic solution that utilises the inherent healing ability within your own body.
What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a broad field of healing that encompasses a range of non-invasive techniques. These include reiki, physical therapy, herbal medicine, diet counselling and many others. Unlike traditional medicine, a naturopath is not interested in simply noting your symptoms, naming an illness and then prescribing some pills. A naturopath takes stock of your entire wellbeing and then creates a long-term strategy that will help you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. Advice on your diet and lifestyle, along with natural medicines such as minerals and vitamins, will leave you feeling far better than you ever have following a visit to the doctor.

Of course, you do not need to be feeling sick to visit a naturopath. Even without an illness or a single symptom, many great benefits can be found in treatment from an experienced naturopath. You can gain a full picture of your health and walk away with strategies that will help you maintain it into the future.
What are the benefits of Naturopath?

The greatest benefit to be found in naturopathic medicine is its holistic approach to your health. It takes into account your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, then offers solutions that will improve all three. The other great benefit is that the treatments being offered are all natural, which means you will not be forced to suffer the awful side effects that are often a consequence of conventional medicine. The treatments are gentle, safe and can easily be tailored to your individual needs.
What can you expect from a naturopathic consultation?

Your first visit to the naturopath in will be the most important. This will be the chance for the naturopath to gain a full understanding of your health, which will allow for a strategy that will bring you to a full state of well-being. They will have many questions for you, about your medical history and any current ailments you are dealing with. They will also undertake a number of non-invasive assessment techniques, such as an iris analysis that will reveal a lot about your body.
Finding a Naturopath World wide

Finding the correct naturopath for yourself is not always easy. You need to make sure you find the right person, somebody who can accurately assess your needs and deliver the best possible results. Contact Express Healing today and we will put you in touch with a good naturopath.
Seek help now through our naturopath phone consultation service.

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, pain or fatigue, there’s no need to live with it. Contact Express Healing today! For more info TEXT us. For more details click here. For immediate attention to your health issues text your major symptoms to

+ 61452452981 OR +49 1520 5762079 OR +48 500 061 897 and Naturopath will call you asap.

naturopath, naturopath world wide

Express Healing

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Express Healing

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Naturopath phone consultation world wide for better health

Make the steps towards improving your health today through a Naturopath phone consultation world wide.


Naturopath World Wide

Simply text/SMS me from the comfort of your own home and we will examine what it is that is causing you pain and work on improving your health. Through our consultation, we can discuss what will help to make you feel and look great once again.

We will discuss your family history, personal medical history, body system functions and your diet. Over these discussions we should be able to get down to the root of the problem and see what it is that could be causing you pain or stress.

To start, I will ask you some details about yourself so that I can be prepared ahead of the call. We will then have a chat, talking about your diet and lifestyle, before I make nutritional supplement recommendations, along with any herb or homeopathic remedies that might work for you. I can even give you some tips on healthy recipes!

At the end of the call, I will email you a prescription to take to your local health food store so you can buy any supplements or natural medicines you might need to get you back to the perfect bill of health once again.

If you are unable to easily access these supplements or natural medicines, I can also post them to you. For further consultations and diagnosis, I might ask you to email through some photos, such as of any skin conditions you might be suffering from.

If you are struggling with anxiety or depression, I can also help you via our phone consultation. We can talk through your problems and see if we can come up with some natural solutions to help get you feeling better mentally. You don’t have to suffer in silence. In fact, talking over your problems is the first step to healing and I hope to start you on the path of progress with this.

If you are getting frustrated with other medications that make you feel drowsy or out of it, it’s time to try the natural path. Fill your body with goodness and see the positive effects it can have on your life, both mentally and physically.

Have the energy to bound out of bed in the mornings. Text/SMS on any of the following numbers +61452452981 OR  +49 1520 5762079 OR +48 500 061 897 today and we can arrange to work towards better health for your body and mind.

Express Healing

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If you have any medical problem or questions, you text/sms and Dr. Strand and he will call you on your phone number asap. You may also email any health related questions on .

See Our Testimonials Now.

Express Healing

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Title: Re: Banned naturopaths A.Strande and Barbara O'Neill still advertising their service
Post by: Krik on October 19, 2019, 07:58:04 AM
Alexander Strande mit Adresse in den USA:

15520 Rckfeld Boulevard E1
Irvine, CA 92618

    Find a Business

    U.S. Irvine, CA Healthcare Offices and Clinics of Health Practitioners, NEC Health and Nutrition Consultants Simply Healing Inc

Simply Healing Inc
Simply Heating
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15520 Rckfeld Boulevard E1
Irvine, CA 92618

Simply Healing Inc is a privately held company in Irvine, CA and is a Single Location business.

Categorized under Health and Nutrition Consultants. Our records show it was established in 2001 and incorporated in California. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of 1300000 and employs a staff of approximately 3.

Simply Healing Inc

    Name: Alexander Strande
    Job Title: President

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Simply Healing Inc
15520 Rckfeld Boulevard E1
Irvine, CA 92618
Customer Reviews
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Online Visibility New for Business Owners

The Full Report for Simply Healing Inc is Now Available. Local online listings for Simply Healing Inc have ERRORS.

Sites Scanned    60+
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Business Credit Score    View Business Credit Score
Detailed Information
Location Type    Single Location
Year Established    2001
Annual Revenue Estimate    1300000
Employees    3
SIC Code    8049, Offices and Clinics of Health Practitioners, NEC
NAICS Code    621399, Offices of All Other Miscellaneous Health Practitioners
Business Categories    

    Health and Nutrition Consultants in Irvine, CA
    Nutrition specialist
    Offices Of Health Practitioners, Nsk


    U.S. Irvine, CA Healthcare Offices and Clinics of Health Practitioners, NEC Health and Nutrition Consultants Simply Healing Inc

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Title: Re: Banned naturopaths A.Strande and Barbara O'Neill still advertising their service
Post by: Krik on October 19, 2019, 08:01:03 AM
Cover Photo  is by
Jasper Johal
The entire contents of AWARENESS MAGAZINE are copyrighted by Awareness Magazine.  All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without prior written permission

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Rotten lies by Alexander Strande:

Children and Emotional Disorders
By Aleksander Strande, Ph.D

Because of massive marketing of psychiatric drugs and the recent campaign that there are “chemical imbalances” in the brain, more than 4.4 million children are labeled ADHD per year. This typically starts in early grade school with parents being “educated” on the benefit of Ritalin or other drugs. It is as if we have become a society that has converted all life stresses or bad habits into psychiatric disorders. I am appalled at how many children are being heavily medicated with a variety of drugs without any understanding of how they affect the brain.

Ritalin use in children in the U.S. increased 665 percent between 1985 and 1995. Yet, Ritalin’s manufacturer admits it is a drug of dependency, or in other words addictive. We must not forget it is an amphetamine or central nervous system stimulant. This has led to abuse and misuse. Many teens sell their ADHD drugs and they are inhaled like cocaine or crystal methamphetamine. And it not a big leap to realize that if your child takes speed in the form of Ritalin, they may later indulge in illegal drugs that mimic the effect such as cocaine or crystal methamphetamine.

We are now also drugging our children with the newer antidepressants or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors or SSRI’s. Prozac is very popular in child-ren and teens. So is Paxil. I have talked to parents who have been told to give their children Prozac for everything from bed wetting to weight loss. In March 2004, the FDA issued a public health statement indicating that antidepressant drug use can cause worsening depression and/or suicidal tendencies.

The FDA developed guidelines to have the manufacturers carry warning labels on their products. They also warned that any patient should be monitored for agitation, hostility, mania and other forms of violent behavior associated with them (Los Angeles Times, March 23, 2004.) Currently ten antidepressants carry warnings on their labels to monitor patients for worsening depression and the emergence of suicidal thoughts. These include:  Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox, Lexapro, Effexor, Wellbutrin, Serzone and Remeron.

The warning came after an FDA advisory panel listened to testimony from many patients and families of patients who exhibited symptoms of violence, severe agitation, suicidal behavior and/or tendencies and the fact that their doctors were not responding to these side effects. It is interesting that it took so long to happen since the FDA had been receiving complaints since 1990 and engaged an advisory panel at that time which elected not to pursue warning labels. It took 14 years, but finally someone took action. Unfortunately, many children, teens and adults suffered unnecessarily.

I am alarmed at how many children and teens are labeled with psychiatric disorders like manic depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and ADD/ADHD. I cannot believe that there are so many new cases of these disorders. Children are often distracted, prone to sudden movements or an inability to sit quietly in a classroom setting. We inundate our children with stimulating activities such as television, movies, video games, computers and a faster-paced society and expect them to quietly sit still with their hands folded in their classrooms. Or not to expect pressure when they are faced with hours of homework and multiple after-school activities.

It is not enough to have a 4.0 to enter college, you must have advanced placement courses, volunteer work, be multi-talented and balance all of this with a healthy emotional outlook. It is no wonder our children are suffering. Most kids have very little “downtime.” It is not uncommon for mom or dad to rush to pick up the kids from school, schlep them to after-school activities, eat dinner in the car and quickly rush home for homework. If you as a parent are stressed getting them to all these activities while maintaining decent grades at school, imagine how your kids feel?

There is also a profit motive in pushing psychiatric drugs. They are easy to dispense, and drug manufacturers profit heavily from the increased usage in children. It is not uncommon for children to be on more than one antidepressant at a time. Starting in 1991, federal education grants provided $400 a year in annual grant money for each child diagnosed with ADHD. Coincidentally, that was the same year that the Department of Education formally recognized ADHD as a handicap and trained state educators to screen and identify ADHD and provide them with special services.

It is not uncommon to get a phone call from school asking you to come down and talk to the school psychologist who may urge you to get junior to your general practitioner in a hurry. Once you head off to the doctor with the recommendation from your school psychologist, most doctors start dispensing drugs.

I want to stress that some children are suffering from very real symptoms. For example, many of us know that allergies can cause hives, itchy and watery eyes, run-ny nose, etc. But are we aware that allergies caused by food, dust, mold or other environmental factors can cause hyperactivity or so-called ADD or ADHD symptoms in children and teens? Or that depression and anxiety could be seasonal due to allergies? A wide variety of so called psychiatric disorders could be caused by something as simple as diet or environment.

It takes a vigilant parent to look at everything going on with their child: diet, environment, school workload, extracurricular activities and other issues that may cause stress on the body or mimic a so called psychiatric disorder. It is not that I don’t believe psychiatric disorders don’t exist, I just don’t believe they exist in the numbers we are being told. And I certainly don’t believe the children in the United States need as many drugs as we are pushing on them.

I also don’t believe you need to drug children with something potentially dangerous to resolve their problems. According to the Nutrition Institute of America, pharmaceutical drugs are the fourth leading cause of death in this country. That is more than die from illegal drugs.

Traditional Naturopathy operates from the concept that everyone is born with the ability to heal themselves. A trained Naturopath merely assists the patient in bringing balance back to the body. So called psychiatric disorders can be resolved by looking at everything going on, both physically and mentally, without dangerous drugs.

Diet, lifestyle and other factors must be reviewed to come up with a highly-individualized protocol that suits a particular patient. Herbal extracts, amino acids and other supplements in therapeutic dosages will assist a patient in obtaining a natural balance in the body. Patients will typically respond within 7-10 days and in most cases children will respond much faster than that, particularly if the patient, parent and practitioner work together.

Alex Strande, PhD is a Naturopath and a Microbiologist and can be reached at his office in Irvine at (949) 587-1513. His special interests are difficult conditions. You may find more information about Dr. Strande’s background, articles published and testimonials at his website:

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Title: Re: Banned naturopaths A.Strande and Barbara O'Neill still advertising their service
Post by: Krik on October 19, 2019, 09:01:12 AM
In the archive:

Home Dr. Strande Naturopathy Simply Healing    

Online Clinic    
Animal Care    

About Dr. Strande

Dr. Aleksander Strande was awarded Master of Science Degree in Microbiology from the University of Lodz, Poland, in 1978.

He completed 2 years of research at the University of Oslo, Norway and worked in hospitals and pathology labs in Norway and Australia. While in Australia he also worked at the University of Queensland as a Scientific Officer. He then Studied Naturopathic Medicine at the Australian College of Natural Medicine in Brisbane, Clinical Nutrition at the International Academy of Nutrition in Sydney, and homeopathy at the Australian Centre for Homeopathy in Adelaide. He received his accreditation to practice naturopathic medicine in 1993.

In 1998 he was awarded his Ph.D. Degree in Advanced Naturopathic Medicine from Hamilton University in Wyoming. The topic of Ph.D. dissertation was "Effective Naturopathic Treatments in Post-Viral Chronic Fatigue Syndrome".

He obtained the USA Board Certification in Naturopathy from the Committee on Naturopathic Medical Education in Washington, D.C. in 1998.

He has practiced naturopathic medicine in Charlotte, N.C. since December 1998.

Dr. Aleksander Strande is a member of the following professional associations:

*American Naturopathic Medical Association

* American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

*American Herbalist Guild

* American Association of Drugless Practitioners

* American Society for Microbiology

* American Board of Naturopathic Medical Specialties

* National Herbalist Association of Australia

* Queensland Naturopathic Association

* The Australian Institute of Food Sciences and Technology

* The Australian Institute of Medical Laboratory Scientists

Dr. Strande's special interests include:

* Difficult to cure conditions

* Cancers and Tumors

* HIV / AIDS, Hepatitis C, Infections

* Severe Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

* Pain, Anxieties, and Depression

* Female Conditions

* Anti-Aging and Youth Restorative Naturopathy

* Chronic Immune Problems

* Adults and Children

* Pets

e-mail webmaster
Title: Re: Banned naturopaths A.Strande and Barbara O'Neill still advertising their service
Post by: Krik on October 19, 2019, 09:58:31 AM
Jail this bastard!

Thisagreement (Agreement) is entered into on ............................................., 201.......between Aleksander
Strande, MS.,Ph.D., and the corporation in which Dr. Strande conducts his practice, Fast Healing, Inc. (together
*Fast Healing, Inc. unless otherwise noted) and............................(Patient). The puropse of this Agreement is to
confirm certain understandings and agreements, and confirm certain information provided to Patient by Fast
Healing, Inc.

1. Patient understands that Dr. Strande is a Board Certified Naturopathy by the Board of Examiners of American
Naturopathic Medical Certification & Accreditation Board, Inc. (Committee on Naturopathic Medical Education,
Washington, and District of Colombia. and licensed as a Naturopath by the Department of Health, Washington,
District of Colombia. He is a member of the following organizations: The American Naturopathic Medical
Association, The association of Nutritional Consultants, American Association of Drugless Practitioners,
American Holistic Association and American Herbalists Guild.

2. Patient understands that Dr,Strande is not a licensed physician. He has a Ph. D. Degree in Naturopathy, a MS.
Degree Microbiology, a Diploma of Herbal Medicine, and Diploma of professional Homeopathic Prescribing
and a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition. As a Naturopath , he does not diagnose disease, treat illness or
prescribe medicine. As a Naturopath, he assists in recovery from ill health and in maintaining well-being.
Services provided are predicated on the enhancement and support of the inherent healing capacity of the
individual body by using natural means. The treatment provided by Fast Healing, Inc. is alternative or
complimentary to healing arts services licensed by the States. However, the services provided are not licensed by
state of California.

3. It is the patient’s choice to use any exercise or to purchase or use any supplements (i.e. Vitamins nd minerals),
herbs, homeopathic preparations, foods amino acids, and skin creams, discussed with, referred by or sold by Fast
Healing, Inc., or to by any books, videotapes, or related materials that are recommended.
4. Patient will consult his/her primary physician if he/she so chooses or whenever deemed necessary. Patient will
seek the advice of a doctor or specialist if advised by Fast Healing. Inc., or Patient determines to be prudent or
necessary for any reason.
5. Patient acknowledges that no representations or guarantees have been made by Fast Healing, In., to Patient
regarding the success or outcome of a consultation with or recommendations made by Dr. Strande.
6. Patient represents that all information that he/she has provided to Fast Healing,. Inc. is true and accurate and
agrees that if there is a material change in the information provided; Patient will promptly notify Fast Healing,
Inc. of the change.
7. Patient agrees that if 24-hour notice is not given for the cancellation of any appointment consultation. Patient
will be charged and agrees to pay for the full appointment fee.
8. Patient acknowledges and agrees that no refunds will be given for consultation, freight of supplements. liquid
herbs and powdered amino acids as well as open bottles of other supplements.
9. Patient agrees to pay in full for services and supplements at the time of consultation. If Patient uses another
individual's credit card or check for payment, Patient represents that it is done with the permission of the
individual's and Fast Healing, Ins. is not responsible to verify such permission.
10. This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding and final expression of the agreement between the
parties regarding the subject matter of the Agreement and supercedes any and all prior or contemporaneous
communications, all of which all merged into this Agreement. This Agreement shall not be modified, amended,
supplemented or altered, except by an instrument signed by both parties. This Agreement is intended to cover
services provided both before and after the date of this Agreement.
11. All disputes or claims arising out of, or in connection with the treatments or advice provided by or throughFast Healing, Inc. shall be settled under the rules of the American Arbitration Association by one arbitrator
appointed in accordance with the rules. The place for the arbitration shall be San Diego. The parties agree to
submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the AAA in San Diego, California.
12. This Agreement is intended to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted. If any provision is
held invalid or unenforceable, such judicial findings shall nt affect the validity or enforceability of any
DATED:________________________________ FAST HEALING,INC.
Alexander Strande, MS., Ph.D.
DATED:________________________________ PATIENT
Print NameFast Healing, Inc.
3017 Clairmont Dr.
San Diego, CA 92117
Home Phone:_____________________________________________________
Cell Phone:______________________________________________________
Credit Card:_____________________________________________________
Exp. Date:____________________
I authorize Fast Healing, Inc., to use this credit card number. I understand that
payment for services are paid in full at the time services are rendered. I
understand that all sales are final.
Date:_________________________________________________Fast Healing, Inc.
3017 Clairemont Dr., San Diego, CA 92117
Home Telephone ______________________________
Cell Telephone:_______________________________
Work Telephone:_______________________________
Hm. Address:______________________________________________________________
Age/DOB:_____________________ Occupation:______________ No.Children:_______
Main Complaint/Reason for visit:______________________________________________
Other Complaints and Findings:_______________________________________________
Previous and Current Medications, Supplements and Rx:__________________________
History of Previous Illness:____________________________________________________
Father:_____________________________________________________________________Diet: ______________________________________________________________________________________
Digestion:_______________________________ Upper:____________________ Lower___________________
Night Sweats:
Dry Mouth:
BP: _______________________________________________________________________________________
__________________________________________________________________________________________Please Circle One
Do you find difficult to sustain concentration or forget things easily? Often Sometimes Never
Do you get weepy, depressed and find it hard to motivate yourself? Often Sometimes Never
Do you get anxious, panicky or shaky inside? Often Sometimes Never
Do you become impatient, irritable or aggressive too easily? Often Sometimes Never
Do you crave sugar or sugary products? Often Sometimes Never
Do you sign and yawn a lot? Often Sometimes Never
Do you suffer sharp shooting pains in the body? Often Sometimes Never
Do you experience twitching od the face or eye muscle? Often Sometimes Never
Do you experience any heart palpitations? Often Sometimes Never
Do you wake up feeling tired? Often Sometimes Never
Do you get stiff or painful joints? Often Sometimes Never
Do you suffer from a sexually transmitted disease? Yes No
Does your head feel fuzzy, as if it’s full of cotton? Yes No
Do you suffer from headaches? Often Sometimes Never
Do you have excessive hair loss or split ends? Often Sometimes Never
Are your fingernails soft or do they flake or crack? Often Sometimes Never
Do you catch colds or infections easily? Often Sometimes Never
Do you suffer from yeast infections or thrush? Often Sometimes Never
Do you suffer from blocked sinuses or sinus headaches? Often Sometimes Never
Do you have any post-nasal throat or chest mucus that is green or yellow? in
Do you have respiratory mucus that is white in color? Often Sometimes Never
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Title: Re: Banned naturopaths A.Strande and Barbara O'Neill still advertising their service
Post by: Krik on October 19, 2019, 10:04:32 AM
We swear we will dump Aleksander Strande/ Alexander Strande in a prison cell and throw away the key.

"8. I swear I am not working for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any other governmental or private organization for the purpose of gathering information or investigating Aleksander Strande in any way."

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2. It is my choice to use any exercise or to purchase or use any supplements, herbs, homeopathic preparations, foods, etc., mentioned by Aleksander Strande, or to buy any books which he recommends I read. Should I decide to purchase any products from Aleksander Strande for price, convenience, or simply because I decide to do so, this is my free choice in our free country.

3. I will consult my primary care physician if I feel like it or whenever necessary. I will also seek the advice of a doctor or a specialist if Aleksander Strande advises me to do so, or if I feel it becomes prudent or necessary for any reason.

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6. This document contains the entire agreement between the parties, and the terms of this release are are contractual and not mere recital.

7. This agreement remains in effect in it's entirety and need not be amended or updated if I choose to continue consulting with Aleksander Strande in the future for any and all reasons, whether in person, by telephone, by internet, or by any other method of communication.

8. I swear I am not working for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any other governmental or private organization for the purpose of gathering information or investigating Aleksander Strande in any way.

9. I understand and have read this release and fully understand all of it's items.
Title: Re: Banned naturopaths A.Strande and Barbara O'Neill still advertising their service
Post by: Krik on October 19, 2019, 10:18:22 AM

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Psoriasis Is Not A Permanent Condition
By Alex Strande, Ph.D., Traditional Naturopath


Psoriasis is a skin disease that can appear in a variety of forms. There are typically five types of psoriasis. The most common form of the disease presented in 80% of patients is called “plaque” psoriasis, scientifically known as psoriasis vulgaris (vulgaris means common). It is characterized by raised red lesions covered by white scales, which is typically found on the elbows, knees, scalp and lower back. Other forms of psoriasis are Guttate, which is characterized by small white lesions; Postular, which presents itself as weeping lesions and intense scaling; Inverse, which involves intense inflammation; and Erythrodermic, which causes intense shedding and redness. Occasionally, patients will have more than one type of psoriasis.

Although no one really knows what causes psoriasis, it is believed to be an autoimmune disorder with a genetic component, which manifests in the skin and/or around the joints. According to the National Institute of Health, as many as 7.5 million people are afflicted by this disorder. It can be limited to a few lesions or it can involve large portions of the skin. Normal skin cells typically fall off within 28 to 30 days to mature and fall off the body’s surface. In a patient with psoriasis instead of cells maturing and falling off, they build up and form lesions.

It is a frustrating disorder since there really isn’t a test to diagnose nor is there any traditional medical cure. A medical doctor usually bases a diagnosis on a physical examination. You cannot take a blood test or any other test to give a specific diagnosis. Most traditional medical doctors try many different cures, both topically and orally to get results. In many cases this does not work and is very frustrating for the patient. Since psoriasis is unpredictable, the treatment can be extremely challenging and frustrating for both doctor and patient. It is also very frustrating when you the patient are told you must live with this disease forever. What could be more depressing?

No one knows what triggers psoriasis. Scientific thoughts are stress, injury to the skin, infections related to drugs. This is called Koebner response. Stress can often cause psoriasis and further exacerbate it over time. Vaccinations, sunburns or even scratches can trigger Koebner response. Other triggers can be diet or allergies. Many people experience itching associated with psoriasis. This happens when certain chemicals stimulate nerve fibers on the outer layer of the skin. “Itch messages” are then sent to the brain in the same pathways in the nervous system that carries pain messages. Many people suffer depression, anxiety, anger and embarrassment. I cannot imagine anyone who would not experience these symptoms with a chronic disease.

Unfortunately, traditional medicine and most of the information presented by medical doctors say it is a lifelong condition that you must be treated forever since there is no cure. I do not believe this to be a condition you must suffer for a lifetime. I have experienced full recovery in my patients who are motivated. I use liquid herbal extracts and other supplements in high dosages usually requiring a three-month treatment program.

I do not believe any disease is one you have to put up with or learn to live with. My psoriasis patients typically receive the first level of difference in 7-10 days, and it takes a few months to be fully resolved. If a patient is motivated, you can fully recover. It is not a lifelong disorder that you have to live with.

Alex Strande, N.D., Ph.D., is a naturopath and a microbiologist. His office is in Santa Monica, California. He can be contacted for questions and appointments at

Fast Healing, INC.
3017 Clairemont Dr. San Diego, CA 92117
Tel: (619)607-4211
Fax: (619)607-4216 or (619)607-4215


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Title: Re: Banned naturopaths A.Strande and Barbara O'Neill still advertising their service
Post by: Krik on October 19, 2019, 10:34:15 AM
There IS a body to teach him a lesson: the body of the baseball bat of his victims...

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Solutions for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Awareness Magazine - September/October 2002
By Alex Strande, N.D., Ph.D.

Multiple Sclerosis is a progressive, degenerative disease of the central nervous system and it is the major degenerative disease of young adults in the western world. MS, just like ALS, Parkinson's and other degenerations affecting the central nervous system have an autoimmune base to it. Affecting about one per thousand, MS is most common in Caucasians and it affects women much more frequently than men. The diagnosis of MS is an elaborate process, but is frequently made without a firm basis. Consequently, a false diagnosis is made in about 20 to 30% of cases that were originally labeled as MS.

MS involves many areas of inflammation and scarring of the electrical insulation that surrounds nerves in the brain, spinal cord and possibly optic nerve. This insulation consists of sheaths of a substance called myelin. Sclerosis means hardening of tissue, and multiple means many (nerve areas). With the myelin damaged or completely stripped off the nerves, electrical impulses can leak out of the nerves so that messages are not conveyed properly. MS is thus often debilitating, may affect vision and is sometimes fatal. Once demyelination starts, it may continue to the end unless autoimmune attacks are stopped and reversed. Thymus-derived cells (T-cells) cross the blood-brain barrier and attack the myelin in the white matter of the brain and spinal cord. Early diagnosis of MS is important, as early appropriate naturopathic approach can easily eliminate the disease. Years or months of delays and drug treatments and other useless approaches only ensure harder job for a naturopath.

Symptoms may differ but early symptoms include bouts of dizziness, extreme fatigue, blurred or double vision, tingling/numbness, loss of balance and coordination, muscular stiffness, slurred speech, tremors, bowel and bladder dysfunction and lots of emotional problems. The following may be factors in triggering and/or maintaining of MS: lack of vitamin D, environmental chemicals, immunizations, infectious diseases, trauma, lack of breast feeding and excessive consumption of cow’s milk during infancy and lack of essential fatty acids, certain vitamins and minerals during pregnancy and childhood. These may result in the synthesis of abnormally unstable myelin which then attracts an attack by the immune system or breaks down naturally due to viral infections or physical or emotional trauma. Of these last factors, the immune reaction is probably the most important. MS is often said to be inherited but there is more and more evidence that this is not the most important factor. Recent studies correlate the risk for MS mortality with the consumption of animal products and saturated fat. A vegetarian diet would be a beneficial addition to a herbal and amino acid approach that works best.

Stress can be strongly associated with MS. Stress can increase blood fat and cholesterol levels and it also weakens the thymus gland and therefore the body’s immune system. Stress will exacerbate symptoms. Psychological factors, in the form of unresolved inner conflicts, can also play a part. Love will help, anger will make it worse. Inability to let go and sometimes falling in love with a disease are also factors I have seen in my clinic over the years and these are not helpful. Reiki would be a useful tool in such cases.

Relief can be achieved by supplementation of Mg, Zn, B6, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, E, Selenium, C, digestive enzymes and so on. A lot of other therapies may also be helpful. These will however not bring a resolution to the problems. Specific liquid extracts of herbs and amino acid neurotransmission, administered under a watchful eye of a trained naturopathic doctor, can typically deliver results that dazzle the sufferer and his/her family and friends. Although bee venom may not deliver healing on its own accord, as addition to high doses of herbs and amino's, it can be a powerful bullet towards the disease.

MS can be arrested and in many cases completely reversed once the body’s chemical imbalance has been corrected and homeostasis restored. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself once the appropriate encouragement to heal is administered. That is what Naturopathic care is about.

Alex Strande, N.D., Ph.D., is a naturopath and a microbiologist. His office is in Santa Monica, California. He can be contacted for questions and appointments at

Fast Healing, INC.
3017 Clairmont dr. San Diego, CA 92117
Tel: (619)607-4211
Fax: (619)607-4216 or (619)607-4215


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Title: Re: Banned naturopaths A.Strande and Barbara O'Neill still advertising their service
Post by: Ayumi on October 19, 2019, 11:29:23 AM
Statement A:

"Aleksander Strande is not a Medical Doctor. As a Naturopath he does not diagnose disease, treat illness, or prescribe medication."

Statement B:

"I took her to Dr. Strande for diagnosis and treatment. Doctor Strande quickly diagnosed her multiple problems and took swift and decisive homeopathic action."

Alexander Strande confesses in public that he is a criminal. He might be called outlawed. Do not feed the dogs!

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Success Stories 2012

July 30, 2012

My good friend was suffering from chemical and hormonal inbalances and she was literally falling apart and not able to function or work, and was days away from being homeless. I took her to Dr. Strande for diagnosis and treatment. Doctor Strande quickly diagnosed her multiple problems and took swift and decisive homeopathic action. I was totally suprised and amazed to see my friend go from a non-functional person to an employed, high-achieving person within 48 hours. Many people in the world pray for miracles, we are luckier, -we have Dr. Strande :-)
Brian Scott

-Houston, Texas

July 19, 2012

Having been born with a large Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma, stage 1, but deadly location, which was diagnosed at 11 months old, our little grandson, G, started us on a cross-country journey of brain tumor treatments. With his second chemo regimen we started adding in natural products to keep him healthier while going thru treatments. Over the years we have sometimes been one step ahead of new treatments that would save him, and sometimes one step behind something coming out in the market for children in his situation. So we were used to searching on our own at times when we were left with no hope. After 5 different protocols of chemo, 1 brain biopsy, 2 shunt surgeries, 1 partial brain tumor resection w/8 weeks of slow recovery w/feeding tube, not able to talk, nor walk on his own, then 6-7 weeks of Proton radiation, G’s tumor was at a standstill finally. However, from the various chemos and the location of all of this in his head, he was left with symptoms of ADD, childhood bipolar symptoms, and generalized anxiety—not from emotional damage but from the physical location of the tumor bed & the improper hormones being produced in his body due to the location. He was still his charming, loving & happy self but could not control himself with those disorder-type symptoms. To top it off, he could not take mood enhancing drugs because the radiation left both sides of his internal carotid arteries, which give blood flow to the whole brain, with 95% blockage in a small area. If they were constricted by drugs he would have a TIA, mini stroke. After one such incident, we (not the doctors) realized it was induced by the drug that had given him peace from his symptoms. We were searching for some natural helps and came across Dr. Strande and consulted with him & started G on the herbals and amino acids. G has terrible food/texture aversions and the only way we could get him to take the herbals was to put them in syringes with lots of strong juice or pharma syrup and bribe with treats afterwards (age 7). Everything that Dr. Strande recommended DID work and we had 18 months of stability for him on the herbals. Even with only getting partial doses each day, the herbals worked to give G and our household peace from his raging symptoms of ADD, ODD, and childhood bipolar issues. He has now grown a lot and is able to take some medicinal interventions that are easier for him to swallow. We do want to thank Dr. Strande and recommend his formulations to anyone who is in a similar situation, child or adult. Even at a reduced dose, everything that we used did work and take care of the problems. Brain tumor patients/survivors have individual and different symptoms, but are rarely without some leftover problems after treatments simply because the brain has been tampered with. I highly recommend Dr. Strande to help you alleviate left-over side effects from brain tumor treatments. Thank You, Dr. Strande, for giving us stability in the aftermath of all of G’s treatments. In fact, a thank you is not enough nor strong enough to express our gratitude that these type of herbals are available through you for us in the United States.
G's mimi & family


July 12, 2012

In January 2011, after losing 6lbs from a virulent flu bug, I decided to continue losing weight and was just about to try yet another weight fad, when I talked to Dr. Strande because he was already treating another family member. Dr. Strande recognized in our conversations that my hormones were not properly balanced and asked what he could do for me or what my overall symptoms were. I told him that even though menopause had been over for 2 years, I still had some imbalances and had some slight gall bladder issues, having to watch my diet plus had tried naturally to get my high triglycerides down for 4 years or more with no success. He recommended a regimen of liquid herbals and amino acids that I stayed on for almost a year and slowly lost not only 20 that I wanted to lose, but went on to lose 40 (which he had recommended 30 to begin with). Someone else could lose much faster, but I probably was not a good patient as I only took usually half of what he said to take therefore lost slower—but it is what was best for me! I am now within 10 lbs. of what I weighed when I was 22-23 years old and the size 6-8 that I should be. I lost slowly but continuously, being able to eat in moderation without changing much of my diet and the first check after my first 6 weeks on the protocol, showed that my triglycerides went from 300 down to 115. I was shocked and glad that my local pharmacy would do the blood checks for a nominal fee, so that I could monitor the changes. By losing the weight slowly, I look much younger than my actual age and I feel so much better without the extra weight around my middle and back shoulders also. I had hidden my weight because I am only 5’2” and most people did not know that I had gotten up to 158 lbs. that winter of 2011. I now weigh in at 116 lbs. and my metabolism works properly, barely any hypoglycemia symptoms anymore, and food cravings are a thing of the past. I am so pleased and feel so happy to have my waistline back, it is most miraculous. I never dreamed I would be this size again until very old age for some reason. I am very grateful that I was able to slim down without any drugs, plus lower my cholesterol to normal levels without statins or other drugs. I also took and still do a couple of times a week, his Instant Energy, which helps keep the metabolism working correctly and am so pleased. It is worth the money to be in shape again and able to maintain a correct weight with my metabolism in working order!!! Thank You-Thank You Dr. Strande!! Keep up the good work!!!!

April 24, 2012

Thank you for your care. I never express my gratitude after I ended my treatment, it was so quick that I let time pass and I didn't do so. After I know about you and experience your herbs I know that there is nothing better than what you offer. When I contact you about my condition it took only three months and my condition disappeared; something that I greatly appreciate and I will live thanking you all my life.
God bless you and your staff and may He continue to bless you with the wisdom to heal people of their illness and give you long life to do it.
Z. R.


February 28, 2012

My Husband and ALS
I want to thank the Lord for people like you. When my husband was first diagnose with als it left me and my family hopeless. After praying and searching the internet, I came across your web site and decide to call. When I spoke with you that day you gave me and my family hope that my husband would be ok . Within the first week of taken the herbs you prescribe for him,he was able to do thing that he wasn't able to do in years. That gave us so much joy and hope. We thank the Lord for you. With the help of JESUS and you DR.STRANDE I'm very confident that my husband will have a future with good health and strength for many more years to come .We love you Dr. Strande and we are so greatful to have someone like you come into our lives,we was lost with words and hope. Please, know that we are truly greatful to have you as a physician that really cares about your patients, this is a very rare anymore. May the Lord continue to bless you with this great work that you are doing.My husband is improving more and more each day. Love Robin and Family!!!!!

-South Carolina

February 27, 2012

Rene's Letter..
When you said, "This isn't a treatment, it's a cure," you were right! You are a doctor that does what he says he will do. Along with the patient, you want to heal the symptoms once and for all. The herbs and aminos have solved the physical symptoms I had, from hot flashes and night sweats, anxiety, upper back pain, heartburn, to weight loss of 63 lbs. You're weekly encouragements kept me going. I was referred to you by a friend and I have referred you to others! Thanks to you and Kristi for all your help!

Much Love,

-Rene from Houston

January 20, 2012

For 17 years, I suffered from painful and swollen joints, painful urination, and constipation. I had gotten accustomed to my disease and was living with my pain. When I met Dr. Strande, I thought treatment would be another long road that leads to nothing but within the first week, I noticed a change that I had never felt in 17 years of taking traditional medications. I have been seeing Dr. Strande for almost 6 weeks now and the transformation is unbelievable! I am able to move around freely and no longer need assistance for getting in and out of bed. Thank you Doctor! I would be lost without you.

January 12, 2012

I am a Jehovah witness pastor from Brisbane, Australia and nobody could cure me from C.M.V virus. The fatigue was debilitating. I couldn’t help my flock; I couldn’t sleep because of pain. Thank you very much for curing me and my daughter, Dr. Strande. Anybody else out there that is feeling the way I was feeling, call Dr. Strande. He will help you if you are willing and dedicated to your health.

January 5, 2012
Comparisons of Cholesterol Testing & Weight for T. B
Date:    2-23-11    4-5-11    6-9-11    12-5-11
Cholesterol:Total    258    254    257    285
HDL    69    73    63    79
LDL    129    157    174    187
Trigs    300    118    100    95
Weight    147.4    143.2    138    128

(hit 128 lbs in early Nov., am now 126 in January! Only gained 1 lb over the holidays, and have lost it!)

Weighed 158 in January 2011, had a terrible flu virus and lost 6 lbs, then started dieting on my own. Started herbals/aminos in February 2011. Have lost 34 lbs since January. Down 3 dress sizes!! I was a very tight fitting 12 and am now sz. 8! and size 8 jeans. I bought some new 10's and they are too loose!!!!

Happy New Year!! T. B

5th Jan, 2012

"Doctor Strande:
You give so much of yourself in the kindness you show and the lifes you touch. Thats why you deserve a heartfelt "thank you" and a wish that all the goodness you share comes back to you. Thank you for being there for me, even when i make an order in the last minute. I can always count on you. Thank you for stopping my pain. The kindness hearts expect no reward and derserve it all the more.

My own little note, just a golden thought: Fame and wealth are worthless any noble path, flawless precept, flawless meditation, flawless concentration, and wisdom are real treasures.

-A. S from Texas

3rd Jan, 2012

My name is Aleksandra. I am fighting breast cancer (infiltrating, intraductal, duck carcinoma) stage four which was spreading to my lymph nodes, liver, and bones. When I met Dr. Strande in the middle of March 2011, I was experiencing severe pain coming from my uterus. These were side effects from the Chemotherapy and Tamoxyfen. I also had a big pulsating tumor in my right ovary and cancer in my left breast and was scheduled to have a hysterectomy. After starting to take herbs, amino acids, and supplements the tumor on my right ovary and the cancer in my left breast have shrank as much as 80%!!! The pain in my uterus completely disappeared within 1-2 days after taking herbs and I also noticed an improvement in my cognition. It was like if the clouds in my head disappeared so I can see and think more clearer!!! The color inside my green eyes appear to be more green and clean like never before; Pure like water. The big dark brown spots around my eyes and hands have started to disappear. Now it is almost hard to tell that it was ever there. There was liquid in my right lung that was causing a persistent cough. As soon as I started taking the herbs, the cough stopped immediately. During the treatment, I experienced slight constipation but the herbs helped to dispel many of the parasites in my excrements.
In the beginning, I didn’t understand this therapy properly, so I was making a couple mistakes here and there but now I know that amino acids are important to get rid of toxins and other junk we accumulate in our bodies over time. I am still on therapy and still have a slight problem with my urinary tract but at least I know I can trust Dr. Strande to help them be gone soon and most importantly, I am alive and well!.

-Aleksandra S., Euless, TX

Fast Healing, INC.
3017 Clairmont dr. San Diego, CA 92117
Tel: (619)607-4211
Fax: (619)607-4216 or (619)607-4215


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Title: Re: Banned naturopaths A.Strande and Barbara O'Neill still advertising their service
Post by: Ayumi on October 19, 2019, 12:03:11 PM
And if he had 100 diplomas, he still is nothing but a vicious fraud.

Here you can see how worthless such diplomas are.

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Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, 1978, University of Lodz, Poland
Master of Science degree in Microbiology, 1979, University of Lodz, Poland
Master of Science degree in Herbal Medicine, 1993, Australian College of Natural Medicine, Brisbane, Australia
Master of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition, 1993, International Academy of Nutrition,
Sydney, Australia
Master of Science degree in Homeopathy, 1998, Australian Center for Homeopathy, Adelaide, Australia
Doctor of Philosophy degree in Advanced Naturopathic Medicine,1998, Hamilton University, Wyoming, USA . Title of Dissertation: “Effective Naturopathic Treatments in Post Viral Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”Dr. Aleksander Strande


Click here to read Dr. Strande's Ph.D. Dissertation, "Effective Naturopathic Treatment in Post Viral Chronic Fatigue Syndrome," in pdf format.


Board Certified Naturopath by Queensland Naturopathic Association, 1993, Australia.
Board Certified Naturopath by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification & Accreditation Board, 1998, Committee on Naturopathic Medical Education, Washington, District of Columbia.
Board Certified Naturopathic Physician by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification & Accreditation Board, 2001, Committee on Naturopathic Medical Education, Washington, District of Columbia.

Additional Licenses, Accreditations and Memberships

International Education EvaluationEvaluation Performed by:

International Education Evaluation, Inc.
363 Ridgewood Avenue
Charlotte, North Carolina 28209
Telephone: 704-334-7085 Fax: 704-334-4013


Aleksander Strande presents from Poland the Dyplom in Biology. In the United States this award equates to the Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and the Master of Science degree in Microbiology. From Norway, he indicates that he completed two years of research in a five year microbiology doctoral program. These two years equate to two years of doctoral study in the United States. From Australia he presents the Diploma of Herbal Medicine which equates to U.S.A. Master of Science in Herbal Medicine. Too, he presents the Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition, which is the equivalent of the U.S.A. Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition. And, finally, he presents the Diploma of Homeopathic Prescribing. This award equates to the Master of Science degree in Homeopathy. The combination of all of his awards equates fully to the profession of Naturopathic Physician.

Click here to read Dr. Strande's Ph.D. Dissertation, "Effective Naturopathic Treatment in Post Viral Chronic Fatigue Syndrome," in pdf format.

Fast Healing, INC.
3017 Clairmont dr. San Diego, CA 92117
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Title: Fraud Barbara O'Neill protests her innocence
Post by: Krik on October 23, 2019, 08:52:55 AM
To "treat" cancer with baking soda is murder. Jail that asshole!

Banned healer breaks silence to protest her innocence

Tuesday October 22, 2019
Written by Losirene Lacanivalu
Published in Health

[FOTO] Barbara O’Neill. 19083043

The naturopath whose Cook Islands disciples continue to practice her prohibited remedies says she is the victim of a Nazi-style propaganda campaign.

A self-professed natural healer learned she was to be banned from advising people on their health while she was running seminars across the Pacific in Rarotonga and Indonesia.

Barbara and Michael O’Neill have written to the Cook Islands News, providing the response she penned to the Health Care Complaints Commission.

She was running seminars here for the Seventh Day Adventist Church, they say, which were also attended by members of the public. In her response to the Complaints Commission, penned in Indonesia after she flew out of Rarotonga, she agrees her health advice is not supported by “mainstream medicine” but rejects the claim it is not evidence-based. “I am writing this response from an overseas country that is classified as a developing country.”

O’Neill says she can treat cancer with baking soda, and advises parents against giving their children the MMR vaccine – a vaccine that is the cornerstone of the Pacific region’s battle against a measles outbreak.

“I am not ‘mainstream’, and have never claimed to be,” she wrote. “You have not produced one single instance of harm to any person ever from my advice. With regard to the vaccine issue ... it is now government policy to promote vaccination, and the mainstream press are 100 per cent on board with a propaganda campaign that would make Goebbels proud.”

Last night, Cook Islands Secretary of Health Dr Josephine Aumea Herman said she was concerned to learn O’Neill had been running health workshops in Rarotonga, and had referred the matter to her chief medical officer Dr Yin Yin May.

“We will follow up on this with her [O’Neill], so in the future she cannot practice healthcare here without the proper registration – which means an annual practising certificate in her country of origin, and other documentation. We must ensure the Cook Islands population remains safe.”

The Ministry of Health has extended its use of the MMR vaccine to six-month-old babies; the high uptake of childhood immunisation here has been hailed as the reason there is no measles here. Now, New Zealand is following Cook Islands’ lead, in a bid to combat its potentially fatal measles outbreak.

Michael O’Neill said on his wife’s visit to Cook Islands, she spoke of the “8 Laws of Health”, that were core to her beliefs. “She believes the body is designed to heal itself and will do so, given the right conditions.”

She ran seminars at the Sinai Hall last month. Shortly afterwards, the Complaints Commission provided her a copy of its draft findings against her.

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The commission permanently barred from providing health services or lectures, concerned she had told terminally ill people their cancer was a fungus that could be cured with baking soda. She also gave dangerous pregnancy advice, the commission found.

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