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Title: Reprise de contact au sujet de la Thérapie-CEASE
Post by: Camille on August 27, 2020, 12:07:23 PM
Bonjour everybody,

Je ne suis pas vraiment nouvelle, j'ai quelquefois échangé ici quelques mails sur divers sujets avec le pseudo avoye ...

Je lis l'anglais, l'allemand, l'espagnol et il m'arrive aussi de me lancer dans des traductions d'autres langues.
Comme traduire en anglais me prend trop de temps, je vais ici écrire en français espérant que quelques uns d'entre vous comprendront.

Il y a quelques temps, à l'occasion d'un échange à propos de l'adresse d'un espagnol (Emilio José Molina) qui s'occupe de prévention contre les dérives sectaires en Espagne, ensuite le membre de transgallaxys qui était mon interlocuteur m'a fait part de ses préoccupations au sujet de la thérapie-CEASE, disant que derrière ces réunions (ou son couvert de ces réunions) ce réunissaient des gens, à ce que j'ai compris, d'extrême-droite, bref, qui seraient des néo-nazis. J'aimerais que mon interlocuteur d'alors (il se reconnaîtra probablement) reprenne contact avec moi pour m'expliquer ça plus en détail, pour voir si j'avais bien compris, et pour qu'il m'explique ça un peu plus.

En espérant que mon message parviendra à son destinataire ...

Avec mes remerciements à toute l'équipe de transgallaxys pour leur travail


Title: Re: Reprise de contact au sujet de la Thérapie-CEASE
Post by: ama on August 27, 2020, 12:17:09 PM
Hello, Camille! I just happened to be here when you registered again. I was away for some time now. Came back some days ago.

I used to translate:

 on: August 27, 2020, 12:07:23 PM
Started by Camille - Last post by Camille
Hello everybody,

I'm not really new, I've sometimes exchanged here some emails on various subjects with the pseudo avoye ...

I read English, German, Spanish and sometimes I also do translations from other languages.
As translating in English takes me too much time, I will write here in French hoping that some of you will understand.

Some time ago, during an exchange about the address of a Spaniard (Emilio José Molina) who works in the prevention of sectarian aberrations in Spain, then the member of transgallaxys who was my interlocutor told me about his concerns about CEASE therapy, saying that behind these meetings (or his cover of these meetings) there were people, as I understood, from the extreme right, in short, who were neo-Nazis. I would like my interlocutor at that time (he will probably recognize himself) to get back in touch with me to explain this to me in more detail, to see if I had understood correctly, and to explain it a little more.

Hoping that my message will reach its recipient ...

With my thanks to the whole team of transgallaxys for their work.


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Title: Re: Reprise de contact au sujet de la Thérapie-CEASE
Post by: Camille on August 28, 2020, 05:25:51 AM
Hello, ama,

Thank you for translating my post into English.

I have been in contact with Peter Coldfire. Of course, he's also a nickname.  He may have been the one who had talked about suspicious things about EASE Therapy. So it is with him that I am trying to get in touch again.

About the CEASE Therapy, I have enough information about it, I know its theories, the people involved, etc. (I also visit the sites of vereniging tegen kwakzalverij of Netheland, SBM de Orac of USA, Quackometer of UK, etc.).

I know that in East Germany, the former GDR; there have been "Ansiedlungen" in small localities of extreme right-wing groups of people ...

The CEASE-therapy is only one of my interests, of course I know the main people involved in charlatanism in France, but my observation goes beyond France because of the international networks.   

My other interests are the New Germanic Medicine and its variants, (French Total Biology, Bioneuroemoción in Spanish-speaking countries), and, for the moment, Lyme disease, because there are groups in Germany, France and other European countries that are outside the scientific consensus on this subject, that is, for Germany, the BCA-clinic of Augsburg and the Deutsche Borreliose Gesellschaft.  In France, the group against the global scientific consensus is grouped around Pr Christian Perronne. Luc Montagnier's chronimed group is also involved.Look at the news on this subject, Christian Perronne is about to have trouble with the Order of Physicians ... A good site on this subject is

I am waiting for your answer, if possible in a private message.

Best regards
Title: Re: Reprise de contact au sujet de la Thérapie-CEASE
Post by: ama on August 28, 2020, 05:58:40 AM
You got a private message.  8)