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Title: Mass murderer Hamer and his accomplices
Post by: ama on June 03, 2007, 07:02:06 AM
Because of Hamer hundreds of persons have died. We know of at least 5 oder 6 persons, who will die in the near future because they believe the idiotic lies of Hamer and his helpers.

We have a list of more than 130 dead:


Man sollte nicht nur an die denken, die wegen Ryke Geerd Hamer tot sind, sondern auch an die, die wegen ihm krank sind und vielleicht schon sehr bald sterben. Natürlich ist es schwer, vorherzusagen, ob jemand tatsächlich sterben wird, aber nach allem, was wir wissen, ist selbst ein rettbarer Fall aussichtslos, wenn die Leute weiterhin dem Hamerschen Irrsinn folgen. Sie werden sterben:

* Die Schwiegermutter von Siggi

* Leni
(Eintrag 16.1.2007)

* Waltraud
(Eintrag 16.1.2007)

* Linda99
(Eintrag 17.1.2007)

* kuklaki, die Ehefrau von stratos
(Eintrag 5.3.2007)

* Freundin von Katja
(Eintrag 26.3.2007)

Wie auch immer es um sie steht, sollte man wenigstens, wenn keine Rettung mehr möglich ist, sie in Frieden und OHNE SCHMERZEN sterben lassen. Man sollte alles tun, um ihnen ein Schicksal wie das von Carmen oder Michaela zu ersparen.

Carmen's fate:

Obituary for Michaela:

Hamer claims that he cares about his patients. And that they can trust him, because he keeps their secrets. WRONG! Hamer is a liar. Hamer broke the privacy of one of his patients:
The only reason why Hamer was not taken into court with that: Because there is no relative of this patient, who already died. The Archivar of the university of Aachen is no relative, so his complaint was rejected by the German justice. WHAT A SHAME!


Hamer claims that Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson verified the "German New Medicine". That is an idiotic lie. Recent recherches revealed that Hamer is driven by plain stupidity, idiocy and greed, greed, greed.

Here is the truth about the case Rabbi Schneerson:


"Hamer for President!" That was the idea of some extreme rightists. And Hamer greedily accepted.

( (
Branchenprimus_Ryke_Geerd_Hamer_und_sein_Kerngeschaeft.jpg (

Look at his hand-written line at the bottom.


Hamer's claims about suvirval rate and verifications are lies. His story about Burgau is nothing but lies. This is the analysis of Burgau:


Hamer bases the figure of his survival rate on 2 sources: Marc Frechet in Paris and his own desaster in Burgau. I analyzed Burgau, see previous post. Aribert Deckers analyzed the Marc-Frechet-affaire:

Result: Marc Frechet was a liar and forger.

Hamer accuses the German justice to have done him wrong when revoking his approbation. The truth is: Hamer ran a clinic of his own. Undisturbed. Just the way he always claims that he wants to, but nobdy allows him to do so. No, Hamer is a liar. He ran the clinic the way he wanted. The result: people died like flies.

The dead bodies were transported at night, so nobody should see it. Most were brought across the border as the patients were French. Antoine d'Oncieu, who was a motor for Hamer in France, had organized collecting patients and money.

Later, in the Chambery law suits, Hamer states, that he received money from the French association "ASAC", sent to Burgau. And before that, Hamer received money for Katzenelnbogen.

Katzenelnbogen is a small town where the Hamer "clinic" was in 1985. We have interviews with some of his employees of that time:

The sound track of the radio broadcast is 31 MB:

Did you know that Hamer went to bed with a patient?


Hamer resides in Spain. Truckloads of ill patients come to him and each leaves about 200 Euros cash. That is the average figure according to what his followers tell. Here is a photograph with more than 100 persons:

( (
BIG_CASH_and_more_than_300_dead.jpg (

Hamer got between 3000 to more than 20,000 Euros per weekend.

He lives like a king in his hideout. And his victims die. Like those on this photograph or those who he "treated" in his clinic "Rosenhof". The German magazine "Stern" uncovered his lies.

Hamer claims and lies are outrageous:
One of the victims was on his bed, dying, but in the front room his wife had to tell visitors that he was doing well. They had no more money to pay Hamer, so Hamer forced them into this "deal".
We have the articles of the "Stern" about this:


In Memory of Christina Connell

Christina Connell died in 2006. She is a victim of the USA/Canada-based quack Laker, who persuades his customers to follow Hamer's idiocy.

A gigantic fraud is committed in the USA by Hamer's copycats:

( (
metamedicine_fraud_with_celebs_2_2.jpg (

Several dozen world famous screen actors were made believe that they support research against breast cancer.
The truth: the screen actors are abused for PR for the murderous "metamedicine", an insane quackery based on Hamer's idiotic lies.

And despite all this and despite the many more crimes committed by Hamer and his accomplices, Ryke Geerd Hamer and Caroline Markolin spit into this article review: (
TSWJ_ArticleLanding.asp?jid=0&ArticleId=1623 (

...and what is the body count for Caroline Markolin!?

Title: Mass murderer Hamer and his accomplices
Post by: ama on June 21, 2008, 07:08:31 PM

To make it absolutely clear, what we are taking about:

This is how it looks like if one dies of breast cancer: