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Title: Jürgen Podeys Riesenblamage bei Randi
Post by: ama on February 12, 2010, 08:01:01 PM
Am Stück, nicht daß es heißt, ich würde da was aus dem Zusammenhang reißen.

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5th January 2005, 01:18 PM
This claim came in (from Lubeck, Germany) in August, 2004.


Dear Mr. Randi,

I read and signed the application. The documents on I become you in the original by Post Office send.

For the answer I settle 5 Euros.

I intend to make the remote healing of incurable illness as test. In addition I need 9 persons, who are also outwardly visibly ill.

3 with incurable shed lichen
3 with incurable cramp veins
3 with incurable thrombose

The treatment should last over well one year, so that I hope that the diseases are reduced to well 80%.

The pro gangs can be examined and accompanied by a physician. They can make films, which document the condition before and after the treatment from all photos gotten sick or. Also I recommend to a general investigation, with which heart acheivement, blood pressure, chair and urine are examined, and whether the persons of still far diseases exhibit. With the fact I wouild like to refer to that I do not only treat the symptoms, but the whole person, thus also different diseases to reduce and the constitution generally improves. That is, over the change of the blood pressure values, heart acheivement, chair and urine the remote healing can be proven laboratory technically, and thus scientifically.

The welfare procedure is not sudden, but runs usually slowly, slowly and unnoticed. Often it comes in addition, to a Erstreaktion into 1. or 2. Month, thus that the gotten sick ones report that you physically and/or psychologically more badly are, or them report, that the medicines any longer do not work many often determine after 5-6 months that the illness reduced. Younger sound fast, with older ones lasts it longer. Generally the formula applies: 1 year illness = 1 month treatment.

Because the healing runs only slowly and nearly unnoticed, don't I know, how they want to determine my welfare ability in the schnelltest? As tap would like I to indicate: If it concers very serious diseases, the treated ones notice, more intensively often than strong Erstverschlimmerung of the symptoms. But to guarantee I cannot do that.

I need a current passport picture from all persons.

A Friendly Greeting, J. PODEY


Well, I guess the Voice Recognition system this applicant bought still has some bugs to be worked out. I'm particularly fond of the substitution of "chair" for what he obviously meant to be "stool".

But, I digress.

I ignored what I couldn't understand and addressed what I could, as follows:


Dear Mr. Pody,

Thank you for your Challenge application and claim letter.

Regarding your proposed test protocol, each of the three illnesses you claim to "cure" are not incurable, as you state in your claim letter. There is no such thing as "incurable shed lichen, incurable cramp veins, or incurable thrombose". Each of these conditions often will cure themselves over time, with no medical attention.

Also, you want the test procedure to last one year, which is approximately what one would expect when waiting for these conditions to resolve themselves without treatment of any kind.

Hence, your claim, such as it now stands, is not a paranormal one, and your proposed protocol would prove nothing. We require much stronger proof than you have proposed.

Your claim has been rejected. However, if you wish to submit another claim that falls within the realm of what the JREF Challenge would require (and propose a protocol that would PROVE that what is taking place actually is paranormal), we are perfectly willing to accept an amendment to your claim, so that you would not need to re-apply.

To that effect, your file will remain open for one year.

Yours, Kramer
5th January 2005, 01:31 PM
Dear Mr. Kramer,

I thank you for your answer.

To communicate I would like you that shed lichen, thrombose, cramp veins are not welfarable. These diseases become worse from year to year, but never better.

You can select also different incurable diseases. Perhaps cancer MCS (multiple chemical incompatibility), asthma, lukemia or the like.

They can let the incurable diseases of a physician, who can supervise also the welfare process determine.

Or are you a LIAR???

A Friendly Greeting, J. PODY


Dear Mr. Pody,

Let's not begin calling each other names. I am not a liar, and I will assume that you are also not a liar. OK?

Regarding your test protocol proposal, it would not be possible to monitor a year-long test, or to insure that the "patient" had not sought medical attention or received additional treatment. Your protocol simply does not conform to the rigorous scrutiny required in order to verify your claim.

You must submit a more simplified test protocol if you truly wish to see your claim tested.

5th January 2005, 01:47 PM
Mr. Pody next chose to send us photographs of happy "patients", along with some before-and-after shots that he hoped would provide proof that his claim was authentic and verifiable.

I think my reply disappointed him...


Dear Mr. Pody,

The JREF does not accept photographs as evidence of paranormal claims.

I must repeat my previous assertion: Any test that lasts one year in which a "cure" is claimed, cannot possibly be verified, unless of course the "patient" was locked in a facility and monitored 24 hours a day for the entire length of the test. This would not be possible, uless of course you yourself are able to pay for such a lengthy hospitalization.

In an effort to move your claim forward and see whether or not it would be worth your time (and ours) to proceed further with this matter, the JREF now requests that you provide us with three (3) notarized affadavits from three doctors/physicians stating that they have each witnessed the treatment and results of your cure, and can provide no medically accepted explanation for it.

Upon receipt of said affadavits, we can look more closely into your claim.



To which Mr. Pody offered the following reply:

If you want to have scientific proof, then I recommend, mean suggestion to accept. I need 9 incurable diseases (or only 3) 3 with shed lichen, 3 with thrombose, 3 with cramped veins. This are incurable diseases which are not healed ever by a physician. Cramp veins become ever more, never less. Or it they make one year for photos before treatment, and photo after the treatment. Then you can the pictures compare and state that for example the Kranpfadern is reduced by 80%. These photos are scientifically recognized, because still nobody healed these diseases.

My webpage:

5th January 2005, 02:05 PM
To communicate I would like that I am merged in the 2.europaweiten remotehealed "EUHEALS" where approx.. 400 distance-healer to be tested. I have 2 patients who suffer incurably gotten sick from chemical incompatibility. The patients become scientific at the medical university in Freiburg (approx. 600 km. distance) tested. The scientific results are published still this year.

To inquire I would like whether you disburse me the millions, if I convey the scientific results of the medical University of Freiburg to you, from which then follow, which I healed the incurable disease?

A dear greeting, Mille Artifex


At this point, with the applicant now signing his emails "Mille Artifex" and utterly ignoring my numerous attempts to explain what would be required (and JREF's rejection of photographic evidence), I sent him the following reply:


Dear Mr. Pody,

The answer to your question is NO. We will NOT disburse the million dollar prize to you (or to anyone) based upon documentation you may submit. Please READ THE CHALLENGE RULES.

First, we attempt to ascertain whether or not your claim is truly a paranormal one. Then, if your claim IS a paranormal one, we attempt to negotiate an acceptable test protocol with you. The JREF then arranges for preliminary testing of your claim, via DEMONSTRATION. No documentation, photographs, theories or hypothesis are acceptable. If the preliminary test results are positive, we then arrange for "final testing" under stricter conditions.

If you pass the final test, you are then (and ONLY then) awarded the Million Dollars. Those are the rules.

Yours, Kramer


I received no reply to this final correspondence.

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