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Title: Bullshit rules: Katholische Kirche ernennt Großmeister
Post by: ama on February 05, 2011, 09:05:09 AM
Was man so per Email kriegt, ...

The new grandmaster of MedOKH - the wave/ particle dualism - NEW virtual doctor
"Kiran - Sao Paulo" <>
Sat, February 5, 2011

The new grandmaster of MedOKH - the wave/ particle dualism - NEW virtual doctor
Dear Friends

here is another one of our bi-weekly editions on news about energy, informational
and spiritual medicine

This time I am proud to be able to present you 3 key articles that have all the
potential to become informational turning point

1. The Catholic Church is honoring our work on informational and spiritual medicine
by initiating Kiran Schmidt into the role of Grandmaster in the tradition of the
Knights Hospitaller

2. In a groundbreaking article Kiran Schmidt explains the Wave-particle dualism, the
Newton-Goethe-spectrum dualism and a new way to accept and apply  dualism as the
very nature of everything

und in DEUTSCH

3. The virtual Doctor software that will be available with Version 6 is presented
here for the first time – a way that time and distance do not limit anymore who can
be your clients

4. All details about the AIM training in Iceland in June 2011 (15 our of 35 places
are already reserved)

5. Informationsübertragung von Lithium mit CoRe auf ein anderes Material von
Wolfgang Beetz

6. Transformations informationnelles von Gabriele

7. and three posts by Willy

about their seminar in france

the need for training with CoRe

and inspiration about using lyrics and music with CoRe


please comment and contribute


Die Katholische Kirche? Wer ist das überhaupt? Irgendoein Provinzpfingstzölibatsochse oder ein Vatikanstaatsprolet, der seinem Wahn freien Lauf läßt?

Warum nicht endlich Jesus 2.0, der richtig übers Wasser gehen kann?

Alles andere ist wirklich kleinkarierter Bullshit, aber echt.


Title: Re: Bullshit rules: Katholische Kirche ernennt Großmeister
Post by: Omegafant on March 15, 2012, 09:24:12 PM


"Papst Ratzinger tritt zurück: Dombuchhandlung Fulda vertreibt Sex-Artikel"

Title: Anwärter für den Darwin-Award
Post by: NoRPthun on August 11, 2013, 11:31:59 AM
Colawarnung totale!

---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: How to use opposition ~ BEaMEr field test
Date:    Sun, August 11, 2013 [...]
To:       [egal]

Not an easy time - the last 3 month – the wind was blowing from all
kind of directions and mostly from the front – however I am very
satisfied I could use it for new discoveries that will be useful for
others . Next posting I will show the 2 major new developments in
software and hardware that came out of these challenges - this time it
is about my new insights that were the result.

1. My personal field test of the BEaMEr

2. How to use opposition

3. A quantum leap form CoRe Coincidence Recognition to Coincidence

4. And a new understanding of the purpose of the healing crisis


Wie läuft es sich denn so ohne Achillessehne...??? Dummheit MUSS weh tun!!!

[Ja, Dummheit MUSS weh tun!!! E.T.]