The Dewayne Lee Smith files, BX Protocol, Delta Institute, Utah


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[1] The members and partners of the lethal BX Protocol fraud gang

[2] 'Dr.' Smith' luxurious house is paid with the blood of dying patients

[3] Dewayne Smith got a kick in the a**

[4] Der BetrĂ¼ger Dewayne Smith mag keine Kritik!

[5] 1/4 of your money for 'BX Protocol' goes to murderous fraud Sherry Tenpenny!

[6] Delta Institute @BX_Protocol is money laundering

[7] Dewayne Smith is associated with 57 domains and needs to be detoxed by police

[8] Dewayne Smith, the 'stupid cow' of Herrington/Salt Lake

[9] Delta Institute @BX_Protocol is lethal fraud. No survivors. All dead!


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