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Author Topic: Ist es jetzt passiert? Ist auch Sony Nazischeiße?  (Read 290 times)


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Ist es jetzt passiert? Ist auch Sony Nazischeiße?
« on: September 06, 2018, 10:03:19 PM »

Die Oligarchie der Verbrecherbanden greift jeden Tag mehr. Nun haben sie ihre schmierigen Finger schon auf jahrhundertealter Musik?

Als Beweisstück zu den Akten genommen.

Håkon Wium Lie @wiumlie

The future is here today: you can't play Bach on Youtube because Sony says they own his compositions

3:39 PM - 5 Sep 2018

Der BoingBoing-Artikel ist von Cory Doctorow. Also scheint er wahr zu sein. Eine Sperre bei youtube konnte ich nicht finden. Aber das werden die nächsten Tage vielleicht ans Licht bringen.

Cory Doctorow / 1:44 pm Wed Sep 5, 2018

The future is here today: you can't play Bach on Youtube because Sony says they own his compositions

James Rhodes, a pianist, performed a Bach composition for his Youtube channel, but it didn't stay up -- Youtube's Content ID system pulled it down and accused him of copyright infringement ( because Sony Music Global had claimed that they owned 47 seconds' worth of his personal performance of a song whose composer has been dead for 300 years.

This is a glimpse of the near future. In one week, the European Parliament will vote on a proposal to force all online services to implement Content ID-style censorship (, but not just for videos -- for audio, text, stills, code, everything.

Just last week, German music professor Ulrich Kaiser posted his research ( on automated censorship of classical music, in which he found that it was nearly impossible to post anything by composers like Bartok, Schubert, Puccini and Wagner, because companies large and small have fraudulently laid claim to their whole catalogs.

Europeans have one week to contact their MEPs ( to head off this catastrophe.

Stop what you're doing and contact two friends in the EU right now and send them to Save Your Internet ( -- before it's too late.

article 13 / censorship machines / confirmed bach-elor / Copyfight / eu / eucd


James Rhodes @JRhodesPianist

Hey ⁦⁦@SonyMusicEnt⁩ - apparently you ‘own’ 47 seconds of my performance of Bach. He died 300 years ago. And I made this recording in my living room. Stop being assholes. You own NOTHING!


3:49 AM - 4 Sep 2018

Das ist James Rhodes' Homepage:

Am 29.9.2018 gibt er ein Konzert in Hamburg. Das ist bereits ausverkauft. Aber bei der Gelegenheit könnten Journalisten (falls es in Deutschland noch welche geben sollte, die diese Bezeichnung verdienen) ihn zu dem Anschlag durch Sony interviewen.


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