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Author Topic: Making letters disappear to save the planet from Trump  (Read 188 times)


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Making letters disappear to save the planet from Trump
« on: September 06, 2018, 08:38:18 PM »

Alfons López Tena #FBPE @alfonslopeztena

特朗普的助手们对他的判断力感到十分担忧,以至于时任首席经济顾问的加里·D·科恩 拿走了总统椭圆形办公室办公桌上一封信——这封信授权美国退出与韩国的贸易协定。特朗普本来打算在信上签名,但他从未意识到信不见了。

Translated from Chinese by Microsoft

"The president behaved like--and his comprehension was like-' a five or six-year student." "Trump's aides were so worried about his judgment that Gary, the chief economic adviser, D. Cohen took the Oval Office desk letter-a letter authorizing the US to withdraw from its trade agreement with South Korea.
Trump had intended to sign the letter, but he never realized that the letter had been lost.

8:16 PM - 5 Sep 2018

Looks like this is not shown in plain English, for whatever reasons.

Do we have to move the servers to China to be able to report about the Hitler 2.0 reborn in the USA?
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