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Author Topic: Barack Obama is on a MISSION: Automatic Voter Registration  (Read 344 times)


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Barack Obama is on a MISSION: Automatic Voter Registration
« on: December 16, 2018, 08:17:54 AM »

This a message from the Progressive Turnout Project:

Progressives Only Petition: Sign to Co-Sponsor the Constitutional Amendment to Pass Automatic Voter Registration →
The best way to beat Republicans is to pass a Constitutional Amendment implementing Automatic Voter Registration.

Why? Because Automatic Voter Registration would spark a MAJOR boost in Democratic Voter Turnout.

So Barack Obama is on a MISSION to get it done:
Make Automatic Voter Registration the new norm across America. - Obama
We're launching a HUGE grassroots petition to pass the amendment -- and we need your signature to get started.
Click to Add Your Digital Signature to Pass the Constitutional Amendment →

Look, Democratic Voter Turnout in 2016 was ABYSMAL.

Why? Because Republicans suppressed thousands of voters (they HATE it when Democrats vote, so suppression is their strategy to win!!)

The result? Donald Trump WON.

That's why Barack Obama is championing Automatic Voter Registration. He knows voting is a RIGHT that should be extended to everyone in our democracy.

So we're IMMEDIATELY initiating a crucial petition to send to Congress and State Legislatures across the country, but we need a groundswell of grassroots:

Listen, if we want to win a Progressive Senate and save our nation from the brink of disaster, we must focus on Voter Registration and Turnout.

Automatic Voter Registration is a common-sense measure to make sure as many Americans as possible can participate in our democracy.
Here's how it works: Anyone with a driver's license or state ID would be added automatically to the voter rolls once they turn 18.

This would reduce barriers to voter registration and make it easier for all Democrats to vote!

So we MUST take action into our own hands. WE NEED YOU TO JOIN US!

Sign our URGENT petition to demand Congress pass a Constitutional Amendment to implement Automatic Voter Registration:

Thanks for taking action,

- Progressive Turnout Project
Progressive Turnout Project
P.O. Box 617614
Chicago, IL 60661
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