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Isabelle möchte nicht viel. Nur leben. Sie möchte ganz einfach leben. Aber sie hat Krebs. Wir haben per Mail von ihr erfahren und dann recherchiert.

Isabelle braucht Hilfe.

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96 Prozent der Bürger wollen Verbot unwirksamer Medikamente

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Reinwald paid 7 Euros for each bottle of "Rerum" and sold it to his dealers for 302 Euro a piece. Enduser price: 529 Euros per bottle.
Now, what do you think about the other "products" by Reinwald and his likes: Do you think they pay more than 7 Euros per bottle?
Can you imagine how badly you are cheated with a totally worthless shit they buy for 7 Euros and sell it to you for more than 500 Euros per bottle?

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Halifax anti-vaxx chiropractor Dena Churchill surrendered her licence in January and entered into a settlement agreement with the college in which she admits the charge of being "professionally incompetent as a result of incompetence arising out of mental incapacity."

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Große Sperraktion gegen Netzterroristen

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Author Topic: Healing Touch: Positively Sharing Energy in a Pediatric Hospital  (Read 60 times)


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Journal of Pain and Symptom Management Volume 54, Issue 2, Pages 259-261 (2017)

Healing Touch: Positively Sharing Energy in a Pediatric Hospital
Meaghann Weaver MD, MPH
Children's Hospital and Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska

Free Full Text:


"The perpetuating beauty of teaching therapeutic touch techniques or massage for children and involving caregivers in Healing Touch as part of pediatric palliative care is the inclusiveness of parents or grandparents in these nurturing care modalities. Therapeutic touch cares not only for patients but also cares for the caregiver."

"By funding the presence of a skilled, experienced Healing Touch practitioner, our free-standing pediatric children's hospital integrates body therapies for pediatric patients and their parents as a standard approach to comprehensive, quality, whole-person palliative care."

"With the recent intensity of admission numbers and acuity in our free-standing children's hospital, our palliative care team decided to treat the hospital staff to a 'Caregivers Matter' Day in celebration of National Palliative Care Month...Thus, the pediatric palliative care team arranged a full-day provision of Healing Touch for staff...we recruited a collection of nurses and therapists with formal Healing Touch training to serve at the Caregivers' Healing Touch stations throughout the hospital."

"In reflecting with Healing Touch practitioners, favorite memories from this special day were as follows:

[excerpts from 2 of the 5 examples:]

"An eight-month pregnant nurse received Healing Touch and agreed for the Healing Touch practitioner to focus on low-back pain after whole body energy field manipulation. The Healing Touch practitioner then received permission to provide a special session for the yet-unborn-baby. The energy field for this little bundle of life was magnetic and vibrant for all in the room!"

"A subspecialist physician, an individual who has traditionally been slow to consult the pediatric palliative care team, received Healing Touch and reported afterward: 'Now I see how this helps my patients. Can this be an electronic order in the electronic medical record for my patients?' We marveled at the shift in receptivity."
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