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Massenmörder, voll voraus!
500.000 Tote in Deutschland!

Corona-Virus Covid-19 wird mindestens 60 Millionen Menschen töten.
Generalstabsmäßiger Völkermord.

Asshole Mark Grenon, the lethal fraud, got a raid by the Department of Justice:
Due to US Dept. of Justice permanent injunction against the Genesis II Church, this site is closed.
Bishop Mark S. Grenon


Mark Grenon is a piece of shit.
Mark Grenon is no "bishop".  He is a vicious criminal. His shit is no church. It is organized crime. It is as simple as that.

And this is only the beginning!

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Author Topic: British mass murderers, carry on!  (Read 1106 times)


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British mass murderers, carry on!
« on: March 14, 2020, 09:09:08 AM »

Great Britain is an island. We are glad about that. Because Great Britain has a new parole:

"The best way to avoid death is to die."

No joke, honestly. No joke. No one laughs.

The Guardian has an article about the latest developments.

The web page begins with

"The Guardian - Back to home"

Is that your new war cry?

Might well be...

The Guardian writes:

Coronavirus outbreak
Coronavirus: science chief defends UK plan from criticism

Patrick Vallance says aim is to broaden peak of epidemic as Jeremy Hunt raises concerns

    Coronavirus – latest news

Heather Stewart and Mattha Busby

Fri 13 Mar 2020 10.31 GMT
Last modified on Fri 13 Mar 2020 12.48 GMT

Patrick Vallance said: ‘This is quite likely, I think, to become an annual virus, an annual seasonal infection.’ Photograph: Simon Dawson/AP

Sir Patrick Vallance, England’s chief scientific adviser, has defended the government’s approach to tackling the coronavirus, saying it could have the benefit of creating “herd immunity” across the population.

Critics including the former health secretary Jeremy Hunt have expressed concern about the decision to delay more drastic measures, such as school closures.

However, Vallance said the government’s approach was aimed at broadening the peak of the epidemic, and allowing immunity to build up among the population.

“What we don’t want is everybody to end up getting it in a short period of time so we swamp and overwhelm NHS services – that’s the flattening of the peak,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.
How can I protect myself from the coronavirus outbreak?

“Our aim is to try and reduce the peak, broaden the peak, not suppress it completely; also, because the vast majority of people get a mild illness, to build up some kind of herd immunity so more people are immune to this disease and we reduce the transmission, at the same time we protect those who are most vulnerable to it. Those are the key things we need to do.”

He added: “This is quite likely, I think, to become an annual virus, an annual seasonal infection.”

Downing Street’s approach, announced by Boris Johnson at a press conference on Thursday, contrasts with that of countries including Ireland and France, where schools are being shut down.

Guardian Today: the headlines, the analysis, the debate - sent direct to you
Read more

Yes, go on reading!

What does that mean? No prevention against the Covid-19. The idea behind that is as tough as the virus itself.

There is no way to prevent the infections. So let the people have it, they will have it anyway. So, why make such a fuss about it? Let them get the corona virus Covid-19, and that is it. We can not prevent the infection, because the infection way is invisible. It comes, it hits, it is gone. Well, not forever. It will come back year for year from now on, like the influenza virus. It will not go away. Sooner or later everyone will get an infection. Face it, that is the simple fact.

So, that is the biological Brexit now. First the political one, then the economical one. And now the biological one.

UK is an island. And we are glad about that.

277000 persons will go over the plank in the very near future.  Carefully selected by fate, it will be the old, the vulnerable, and the ill. For the sake of the treasury this is a good way to solve the pensions problems and the NHS problems. A very neat plan. If the Covid-19 had not come it would have been a brilliant idea to invent it. To chop off 277000 from the expenses burden is a clear cut, and to have it in such a short time is perfect.

You see, kids, there is no way out. Take the earth train. Or leave it.

The United Kingdom will close its doors and say "good bye" to the world.

Yes, it does! Because there is a very simple fact, a fact so tiny, you need an electron microscope to see it: the corona virus covid-19. As long as the national (and geographical) borders are open, the virus can spread. It can spread into the United Kingdom, but it also can spread FROM the United Kingdom to the rest of the world. And there we have a little problem: Britons can infect the rest of the world, no matter how intense the rest of the world already has wiped out the virus.

The United Kingdom is a virus exporter.

I am sure the British government and the politicians are not likely to talk about that.

And so it will be: The British islands export death. All of them.

Responsible for more than 83 dead: Taylor Winterstein, Edwin Tamasese
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