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Author Topic: Liz Parrish’s Bio Viva La Scam™ IS A Pseudoscientific Scam  (Read 599 times)


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Liz Parrish’s Bio Viva La Scam™ IS A Pseudoscientific Scam
« on: September 12, 2021, 02:49:00 PM »

Ist das eine Schwester von Elizabeth Holmes und dem Theranos-Betrug?

Search …
Serious Significant Upfront Cash Inquiries Only

Liz’s Bio Viva La Scam™ IS A Pseudoscientific Scam
Liz Parrish presents one viewpoint as if it were the unanimous opinion of all scientists when just the opposite is true: CRISPR (Clustered Regulatory Interspersed Short Palindromic Repeats) is proven to exist, therefore lengthening Telomeres, utilizing Myostatin inhibition gene therapy, applying the gene follistatin MUST WORK. Thereby attempting to drain the doubting individual into agreement by using fancy scientific terms, pseudoscientific quackery and by ‘psychological contagion’.


Carol Greider, Ph.D., who, along with legendary scientists Elizabeth Blackburn and Jack Szostak won the in Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 2009 for her work establishing telomere biology Dr. Greider isn’t convinced by Bioviva’s efforts, even though they’re based on the foundations she and her colleagues laid down early in their careers.
“We don’t have any compound that will actually elongate telomeres, despite what you can read on many websites,” Greider tells Inverse. “Of course, because we have patients in the hospital dying of these diseases, if there was some sort of a treatment, we would be looking into it. But we have looked into those things that are out there, and it’s basically snake oil.”
The human body is a system that has been fine-tuned over evolutionary time, and everything — including cell death — has its place. The natural tendency for telomeres to shorten over time will eventually lead to cell death, University of California, Berkeley cell and developmental biology assistant professor Dirk Hockemeyer, Ph.D. tells Inverse, but shortening telomeres also prevent cancer. His work suggests that, if you run Parrish’s telomere-lengthening experiment to its logical extreme, what you’ll likely end up with are cancerous tumors.
“Long telomeres are generally associated with cancer, and short telomeres are generally associated with stem cell failure,” he says. It’s not clear whether the relationship between long telomeres and cancer is a casual one, but it does appear that they former helps create the necessary conditions for the latter to thrive.
The simple blood work that Parrish offers as evidence of her lengthened telomeres actually indicates anything. A spokesperson from SpectraCell tells Inverse that the black line represents average telomere length values, determined “at 5-year intervals based on a database of about 12,000 patient results.” SpectraCell Laboratories, the company that analyzed her blood before and after the BioViva procedure, uses a technique called PCR — polymerase chain reaction — to measure telomere lengths, and Greider cautions that this method can show differences in telomere length that don’t really exist.
“If you took a sample from somebody and assayed that sample three times, you’d get three different answers within 30 percent different from each other. So we don’t use that in the clinical analysis to identify patients who are at risk for deadly disease,” she says.
Aging, Not a Disease
Immortality, or even a close approximation to it, is both impossible and undesirable.
Why is it impossible? I’ll cite the laws of thermodynamics. Entropy rules. There is no escaping it. When we’re looking for ways to prolong life indefinitely, I don’t think there’s enough appreciation of the inevitability of information loss in any system in dynamic equilibrium, which is what life is — a chemical process in dynamic equilibrium. What that means is that our existence isn’t static at all, but involves constant turnover, growth, and renewal.
We already have a potent defense against death put in place by evolution: it’s called more death. That sounds contradictory, I know, but that’s the way it works. Every cell replication has a probability of corruption and error, and our defense against that is to constrain every subpopulation of cells and tissues with a limited lifespan, with replacement by a slow-growing population of stem cells (which also accumulates error, but at a slower rate). We permit virtual immortality of a lineage by periodic total resets: reproduction is a process that expands a small population of stem cells into a larger population of gametes that are then winnowed by selection to remove nonviable errors…but all of the progeny carry “errors” or differences from the parent.
In all the readings from transhumanists about immortality that I’ve read, none have adequately addressed this simple physical problem of the nature of life, and all have had a naively static view of the nature of our existence.
The undesirability of immortality derives from the proponents’ emphasis on what is good for the individual over what is good for the population. There’s a kind of selfish appeal to perpetuating oneself forever, but from the perspective of a population, such individuals have an analog: they are cancers. That’s exactly what a cancer is: a unit of the organism, a liver cell or skin cell, that has successfully shed the governors on its mortality and achieved immortality…and grows selfishly, at the expense of the organism. Transhumanists certainly had an ambitious vision for the future — they talked rather blithely about living for billions of years or more, but just their idea of individuals living for 10,000 years seemed naive and unsupportable to me. I don’t think it’s even meaningful to talk about “me”, an organic being living in a limited anthropoid form, getting translated into a “me” existing in silico with a swarm of AIs sharing my new ecosystem. That’s a transition so great that my current identity is irrelevant, so why seek to perpetuate the self?
Scientific disputes
Worst of all, some transhumanists outright what people in the fields they’re interested in tell them; a few AI boosters, for example, believe that neurobiology is an outdated science because AI researchers can do it themselves anyway. They seem to have taken the analogy used to introduce the computational theory of mind, “the mind (or brain) is like a computer”, and taken it literally. Of course, the mind/brain is not a computer in the usual sense. Debates with such people can take on the wearying feel of a debate with a creationist or climate change denialist as such people will stick to their positions no matter what. Indeed, many critics are simply dismissed as luddites or woolly-headed romantics who oppose scientific and technological progress.
Ethical and political criticism
Transhumanism has often been criticized for not taking ethical issues seriously on a variety of topics, including life extension technology, cryonics, mind uploading and other enhancements leading to eugenics. Francis Fukuyama (in his doctrinaire neoconservative days) caused a stir by naming transhumanism “the world’s most dangerous idea.” One of Fukuyama’s criticisms, that implementation of the technologies transhumanists push for will lead to severe inequality, is a rather common one.
One of the most common concerns is the abuse of hypothetical future brain implant technology by governments, militaries, coorporations or any other nefarious acting groups & individuals. The premise of having implants and surgeries which could alter your brain and personality, threaten your mental autonomy & privacy, and/or allow strangers to potentially read or control your thoughts and behavior, is not something that would appeal to most sane individuals. Being forced or pressured to receive unwanted surgeries and implants in the future due to societal pressure to keep up with “enhanced” individuals is another major concern. Many transhumanists either ignore these concerns or insist that their vision of the future is the “right” or “natural” path of humanity, regardless if many people fear or disagree with it. They often present their future cyborg vision of humanity with a very forceful, “Resistance is Futile” undertone. Rather than viewing them as “utopian idealists”, many people view their vision for the future as a dystopian nightmare.

Liz’s Scam’s Worth Nothing: Here’s Why
CRISPR (Clustered Regulatory Interspersed Short Palindromic Repeats) lengthening Telomeres, utilizing Myostatin inhibition gene therapy, applying the gene follistatin MUST WORK. If not the foundation for Liz and Bio Viva La Scam© “PseudoSciences” entire theories that “aging is a disease that can and will be cured“ crumbles into dust of pseudoscientific quackery. Just as Antonio Regaldo from MIT said; “A New Low In Medical Quackery.”

To Parrish, aging MUST BE a deadly disease, one that can, should, and will be overcome by scientists who are willing to go outside the boundaries of conventional academic research. Bio Viva La Scam© and her entire scam are dependent upon it.

© 2020 - Bio Viva La Scam ™
The Pseudoscientific Scam To Make You Think You’ll Live Forever.
Bio Viva La Scam ™ Will Tele Mere You Anything, Just Give Liz The Money™
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Re: Liz Parrish’s Bio Viva La Scam™ IS A Pseudoscientific Scam
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2021, 10:25:54 PM »

Wie man es auch dreht, die Geschichte ist krass.

Search …
5 Stages Of Grief & The First Stage Of Being The Mark Of A SugarBaby
I first met Liz Parrish in late 2012. My wife of 35 years, Patti, had died from Lymphoma on December 13, 2009. I was distraught, depressed and beginning to learn just what true grief is all about. What I didn’t yet know was there are five stages of grief, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I also didn’t know there were the Liz Parrish’s out there. Seeking those typical who have reached stage three, bargaining, that was me and those experiencing bargaining are Liz’s specialty.
After experiencing the denial and anger of Patti’s death by mid year 3 post death I was determined to begin a new life and do whatever necessary to insure nobody would undergoes first what Patti had with a blood cancer, the endless chemo, radiation therapy and the drugs like Neulasta made to help the debilitating hours which turn to days trying to eat a meal, hold your food down and experience any semblance of a normal life. For those with blood cancers little of this occurs. I also hadn’t dated in 38 years and had just become aware your friends didn’t hook you up anymore with other widowed or divorced friends or potential matches, it’s all done online on “dating sites.” Here I was at age 53, a lifetime succesful Musician, Songwriter, Manager, Producer, Executive Producer and Promoter unskilled in the new world of online dating. Fearful, I decided to “get back on the horse” slowly and begin with after some brief research. I’m not naive but before truly attempting to enter this online dating world I decided with my reputation and reasonably large net worth this would be a good place to start. I thought I’d be in control. My first encounters were what you would expect, prostitutes, mostly far younger then me who liked to or were convinced this was not prostitution, they had lots of names. “Beginning Models, Friends With Benefits” and of course “SugarBaby’s.” Not in my wildest thoughts did I consider it could be more nefarious then that. Then one day the site matched me with an attractive woman closer to my age but still younger who listed her interests as Music, Art and “Stem Cells.” This woman called herself “Liz” and of course turned out to be Liz Parrish. I had spent the prior year studying and donating to The Bedford Stem Cell Foundation, CIRM, The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine in order to meet world renowned stem cell experts like Dr. Hans Kierstaad, and the more I donated and studied the farther up the ladder I got, all the way to the man responsible for mapping the human genome, Craig Venter. My study and these preeminent experts had me convinced the answer I sought were known as IPS or Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. Pluripotent stem cells are self-replicating, derived from human embryos or human fetal tissue, and are known to develop into cells and tissues of the three primary germ layers. “Self-replicating” means the cell can divide and to form cells indistinguishable from it, perhaps induced to attack and kill cancer cells as well as others. Hence the term Induced Pluripotent Stemcells. Liz and I began speaking on the phone. At first I thought this too good to be true, a 43 year old attractive, intelligent sounding woman with identical interests. Prior to our first meeting I even accusingly asked her “which of my friends put you up to this? Your profile of desired hpoful matches fit mine too perfectly. Anyone can list art and music but “stem cells?” She assured me she was real and her interest in stem cells came from the youngest of her two children having been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. She told me she lived outside Seattle on Bainbridge Island and that she was divorced. That was lie # 1, she also said her “ex-husband,” Chris, was involved in the children’s lives and she wasn’t seeking a new daddy for the kids just some interesting company who could help monetarily as it was the middle of the economic crash, so she had been “stuck on this Island” and her “ ex-husband” had lost his job with Adobe and was free lancing in numerous tech positions. When she told me where she lived I told her of numerous musicians from that area I knew including Courtney (Love) and Dave (Grohl) mostly acquaintances but that I was very friendly with Mike Starr, the original bassist in the band Alice In Chains. She said she had met Mike once to which I replied “this, you, it’s all to good to be true.” I forgot the old saying “if it looks too good to be true, it is.”

Time To Close The Deal
After a dozen or so phone hours I suggested “SugarBaby” and I meet and as a gentleman I offered to fly to Seattle and even take the ferry to Bainbridge. Her reply, “oh no, you’ve got homes in San Francisco, L.A, and even S Florida. Let me come get off this Island and get a breath of fresh air, away from everything, hear some new music, hear the music you’re working on and eat some healthy but tasty meals.“ I was ecstatic and offered her a round trip first class ticket to San Francisco which she immediately accepted and for our first trip I decided it best and proper she have her own nice Air BnB apartment near my building in the upper Haight. She had told me she could ”only stay the weekend” which I though a bit odd for a grown woman sounding so anxious for some freedom, but I agreed and wired her $1,500.00 for any expenses she might occur and promised her more if necessary. On her way down she sent me a text which included a picture of herself in the ladies room at Seattle Airport, doing her makeup, wearing a thick black trench coat for warmth but looking like a deer caught in the headlights. The picture is in the pictures section of this website. I texted her back, “scared?” To which she answered “no but a little nervous.” Sounded perfectly natural. I promised her there was nothing to be nervous about, I had a nice private flat arranged for her to stay, my chauffeur and I would pick her up at SFO Airport and depending if she were hungry we could go directly to dinner or if she were tired she could go directly to bed, as I had a meeting with my Jr partner who was Producing the current album we were working on to hear that days takes from the studio. She immediately said she’d “eaten already but she loved to hear the music and if I had or could pick up some wine that would be great.” Remember this was San Francisco with Napa and Sonoma an hour to the North, everyone has a wine collection particularly me as I’m somewhat of an oenophile. A couple hours later Liz arrived, I was awaiting her on the concourse where those who arrive pass on their way to baggage claim. I had my chauffeur circling until I called him to meet us at the Virgin America arrival curb. We recognized one another immediately, gave each other a short, friendly hug, she had just one carry on bag and my chauffeur drove us first by her place so she could see all was above board and to give her the keys. Little did I know it was I who should have been afraid. Off to my place we went to meet my partner / Producer Fred. I had some French Brie and a plate of various cheeses prepared and a bottle of my friend Ric Formans Cabernet decanted and aerating and a second bottle of Merlot prepared plus a cellar full of Chardonnay and a little Sauvignon Blanc at the perfect temperature. We arrived, got comfortable, through that days cuts on the Bose Stereo and I offered both Liz and Fred some cheese and wine. I poured everyone a glass, Fred began wolfing on the cheese because he had worked in the studio for 10 hours plus has two young children of his own and Liz went directly for the wine. No cheese. None. Zero. She was literally gulping her first glass down while I slowly sipped mine, it was a bit tannic, it needed more air. One “rule” I like to mention to strangers if and when they’re lucky to hear my newly produced music is “you listen with your ears” they’ll be plenty of time for comments later, even if only out of politeness. Liz Parrish is anything but naturally polite. Whilst Fred and I quietly listen to the subtle parts we new he had worked on that day, Liz was finishing her 2nd glass beginning to pour her third whilst commenting how a “little more bass here and bringing the drums out front there could be an improvement.” Fred and I just looked at each other and politely mumbled “uh huh, perhaps.” Most of Liz’s Comments were irrelevant, off point, and about things that are easily fixed if necessary which these were not but also they were regarding things that are usually dealt with on final mastering. At this point her third glass of wine was about gone, Fred was 1/2 way done with his first and only glass and my 1st glass was 1/4 gone & tasted just ready to enjoy, slowly, as a fine Claret should. I didn’t want to embarrass her as she was clearly already tipsy so I said “Liz, perhaps a little cheese and I’ll open another bottle as it looks like WE’VE about finished this one. She said “no, no cheese but I’d love more wine,” to which I replied by offering her a few choices and she said “you chose.” I had a nice, costly bottle of Château Pétrus which I wasn’t about to open for someone who upon first appearances seemed to be an impolite potential alcoholic so I chose a bottle of Duckhorn Vineyards Merlot which Liz 1/2 way finished by the time I had completed my first glass of Forman Cabernet and had just begun working on my second. The Merlot disappeared quickly, Liz WAS now drunk and I asked her if all was ok? She said she was a bit tired (drunk) from the flight and I took her down the hill to her apartment, said goodnight and asked if she wanted to get up and go out for breakfast to which she answered, slurring, “I’ll call you in the morning and we’ll decide.” Great I said and hustled back up to my place and Fred. We were both fairly speechless until he said, “she was obviously nervous and drank a bit too much.” To which I began laughing and said “you think?” as well as “sorry about her not being able to shut her mouth and all the criticism” If you knew Fred’s talent, history and musical lineage you’d be laughing too but it’s not germane to the story. He said “forget it, she was drunk and I know what we’ve got.” He headed home to his wife and kids in an Uber leaving me alone to ponder just what I had gotten into. The balance of the weekend was uneventful with 2 exceptions, the first being Liz the next morning (Saturday) apologetic for getting drunk saying “I’ve been locked on that Island so long and I just wanted to relax, I’m sorry I overdid it, this isn’t the regular me, you’ll see.” I told her no big deal it happens to us all and then Sunday early afternoon, hours and hours before it was time to even think about leaving for SFO she said she wanted to buy her children some gifts which I thought nice. I offered to go with her but she declined but she did accept another $1,000.00 when I said get them something from me. We went over the time frame, I had us an early dinner reservation at Delfina’s and off she went giving me a kiss on the cheek. By the time she returned it was too late for Delfina’s but even more strange, she hadn’t spent a penny the entire weekend which means she has $2,500.00 from me with which to buy gifts and she returned with a few T-Shirts and some colorful socks for her daughter. $100.00 bucks tops, probably 1/2 maybe less. I took her on a chauffeurEd ride to SFO so we could discuss if we would see one another again and she said absoluTelycenas, why not? I said great, made sure she got to her gate safely, asked next weekend, sooner or later? To which she answered probably the weekend after next. The things which bothered me were her getting drunk immediatel, her criticism of the music which not only had she talked through but was far too drunk to make any valid critique, $2,500.00 for a couple of T-Shirts and why only weekends. Something wasn’t adding up and I was determined to find out what. Prior “dates” went far differently. The girls tried to get me drunk, which never happens and they usually sent nude photos suggesting for the right amount of money………and these were far younger, far more physically attractive women. But I had gotten that out of my system, was hoping for something deeper and Liz IS a very attractive middle aged lady. A little too much makeup for my taste but no big deal. We spoke numerous times over the following week and I told her I had convinced Dr. Kierstaad to take us on a tour of his lab and talk and she said she’d work on getting away for longer maybe Wednesday nights last flight down until Sunday giving us more social time, a Show and a nice extended time with one of the world’s leading stem cell experts. This seemed to make her happy but she did say a longer time would require more money for “the baby sitter, etc” to which I said of course. Things didn’t sound nearly proper at this point so I called my business lawyer and had him have his private investigator do some background research on Mrs. or Miss or s. Parrish. It turns out she wasn’t divorced as she said and as a matter of fact her and her husband live together in a nice house on Bainbridge Island. When I went to make and pay for her round-trip first class flights from Seattle to Los Angeles along with her Beverly Hills hotel suite and 1st Class flights from LAX back to SFO finally ending with her flight from SFO to Seattle I some to a friend at Virgin America’s Reservations, a manager. I was a Virgin America and Virgin Atlantic Gold member with over 1,000,000 frequent flyer points and when you reach that level Virgin gives you a special number to call and your own “personal” reservations manager to speak with. They no longer do this as Richard has sold Virgin America to Alaska Air but that’s irrelevant to the story. When I spoke with my friend to make the flight reservations she recognized Liz’s name. Ironically she also happened to live on Bainbridge Island and told me there were actually two people named Liz Parrish who lived there. One was a realtor she knew, married. Once I began describing Liz to her she immediately said no it’s not that one. The other she didn’t know but said she would find out. I already had the P.I’s report and knew she was still married so prior to the next trip I confronted Liz who said technically they were still married “for the children’s sake.” I asked “do you live together?” Liz answered “oh, no no,” when I told her I was staring at both her and Chris’s drivers license which are easily obtained via public records if they didn’t live together why did it show the same address. She admitted they did live under the same roof “ for the children sake “ but did not sleep in the same bed which if she were being truthful meant she was trying to tell me her and I might be in the same bed soon. Indeed on the next trip after giving her $5,000.00 we did stay together in my San Francisco house but not in L.A. where we had separate bungalows at The Sunset Marquis as well as one night we spent at a very special locale with only 10 Bungalows in Beverly Hills of which few are aware. My Chauffeur In L.A, Philippe had drinks with us at Bar 1200 in L.A, within the Sunset Marquis where I ran into Steve Tyler and Brad Whitford From Aerosmith. This excited Liz to know and confirm I was indeed friendly with every one I had previously mentioned to her plus many others. Apparently this also encouraged Liz to again get drunk, this time on hard alcohol. I only drink wine so I watched Liz again get drunk at Bar 1200 now with $7,500.00 of my money in her pocket as I picked up the check for everything. Not once did she offer anything beyond staying with me in San Francisco and soaking up as much booze and cash as she could. Liz was extremely rude to the graduate student researchers at Dr. Kierstaad’s lab and it was becoming clear to me stem cells or not her interests in the middle and medicine were far different from mine. I had made arrangements for Liz to meet Craig Venter in La Jolla on her next trip of course on me but by now I was having her followed when she left me while traveling on my dime and she never went where she claimed. I got word to Craig we couldn’t make it and I was sorry. By now I had handed Liz at least $15,000.00 in cash and including the cost of all the 1st Class flights, hotel suites and Bungalows, food, gifts, etc I spent in the vicinity of $50,000.00 on her, perhaps more. We only saw each other twice more, once in San Francisco and again in San Francisco and then we went to South Florida. In San Francisco I have it documented she went to an attorneys office who specializes in 501(c)(3) corporations with tax-exempt status which I later found she used my funds to obtain and found her first unsuccessful venture, BioTrove Investments. Finally in South Florida where I put us up in a luxury 5 star waterfront hotel called The Pier 66 where I’m pretty well known she ordered room service breakfast and then rented a car and ran up to the pseudoscientific fraudulent debunked Life Extension Foundation telling me she had booked an early flight out and had to run forgetting I had booked her flight, 1st Class on Virgin for $2,200.00 on their last flight of the day. She never spoke with me again, never saying thank you for anything. Not the 50 grand, not the flights, chauffeured transportation and not for introducing her to Hans Kierstaad, Aerosmith and numerous other. In my opinion after spending weeks with her Liz Parrish is a parasite. Her tax exempt corporation Biotrove Investments belongs to me and I advise anyone who crosses her path to watch their back, carefully. I haven’t decided to sue or not, my counsel says we’ll probably win but it will be embarrassing and costly and we probably won’t collect when we do win. Bill Andrews, Fossel and the other true scientists have distanced themselves recognizing she’s a liability. The only one who still speaks to her are the trust fund baby, Aubrey “the beard” de Grey. I’m pretty sure I know why, it’s not difficult to guess. Take a look at him, for a man who thinks he’s going to live forever I guess he expects to do it with the appearance of a caveman, have you seen him? The best I can do is warn others, her “partner” Dr. Jason Williams used to run a company called precision stem cell until the FDA got onto him and shut him down after being reported by bioethicist Dr. Leigh Turner exposed his questionable activities. Williams, a radiologist has a long history of questionable activities, read the links below;
In 2012, University of Minnesota Professor and Bioethicist Dr. Leigh Turner wrote an open letter to the FDA raising concerns about Texas stem cell company, Celltex.
At days end that’s what it comes down to ethics and Liz Parrish has none.

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Court News: Elizabeth Holmes found guilty
« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2022, 07:02:23 AM »

Court News: Elizabeth Holmes found guilty
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