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Author Topic: In Vorbereitung für eine Klage  (Read 130 times)


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In Vorbereitung für eine Klage
« on: November 10, 2022, 09:11:45 PM »

In Vorbereitung für eine Klage zitieren wir hier vorab aus einem Buch über die Bekämpfung der Pocken in Indien.

Tata Industries were very proud of their city. A showplace of India, it had won several national awards as one of the most progressive in the country. The administration of the city was entirely in the hands of Tata Industries, and they were distraught that their city had become the focus of such unpleasant international attention. When top management was informed that the TISCO doctor had failed to detect one of the largest hidden smallpox epidemics, Tata and WHO entered into an agreement to quell the epidemic in Tatanagar. WHO provided technical guidance, Tata gave material, manpower, and management, and thus began one of the most ambitious urban campaigns in the Indian smallpox program. Within seventy-two hours, 50 doctors, 200 paramedical supervisors, 600 search workers, fifty vehicles, and other facilities were mobilized and the campaign started.

Den Volltext des Buches haben wir hier archiviert:

The Management of Smallpox Eradication in India

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