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Der Bundes-Lebensmittelschlüssel


Es gibt eine große Datenbank, die in Karlsruhe unterhalten wird: den Bundes-Lebensmittelschlüssel. Leider sind schmierige Raffkes und Gierschlunds der Heiligen Deutschen Kaiserlichen Obrigkeit der Meinung, sie dürften dafür abzocken.

In den USA gibt es die amerikanische Lebensmittel-Datenbank zum kostenlosen Download:

USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

This page provides access to Release 18 of the USDA
National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference. You
can either view the data here or download the data files and
documentation in several different formats for use on your
computer. An onlinesearchis also provided so you can
look up the nutrient content of 7,146 different foods directly
from this home page. Search programs for the PC and PDA
are also available.

Marke: 3000

Heute sieht die Webseite so aus:

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Standard Reference 11 to 28

Standard Reference 28


Page Reports -for each food item in SR28 by food group
Download Databases

   Full Version

SR28ASC.Zip (6.0 MB; ISO/IEC 8859-1) -ASCII file format suitable for import to RDBMS system

--Patch file released on May 2016 SR28upd0516.Zip
SR28DB.Zip (17.6 MB) -Access database
   Abbreviated version- Contains data for all food items but not all nutrient values--starch, fluoride, betaine, vitamin D2 and D3, added vitamin E, added vitamin B12, alcohol, caffeine, theobromine, phytosterols, individual amino acids, individual fatty acids, or individual sugars are not included.  These data are presented per 100 grams, edible portion.  Up to two household measures are also provided, allowing the user to calculate the values per household measure, if desired.

SR28ABBR.Zip (1.2 MB; ISO/IEC 8859-1) -ASCII file format suitable for import for many programs
SR28ABXL.Zip (2.9 MB)-Excel file format
Suggested Citation: US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. 2016. Nutrient Data Laboratory. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 28 (Slightly revised). Version Current: May 2016.
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Last Modified: 4/1/2020
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