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Das beste Fake der letzten Jahre ist wieder da!


Das Thiomersal-Fake:


Supergut. Umwerfend. Genial.


Das Original ist verschwunden, weil Geocities auf brutales Webhosting umgeschaltet hat, für richtig viel Geld, und die bis dahin kostenlosen Sites gelöscht hat...

Aber in den Archiven dieser Welt ist zum Beispiel zu lesen:

Der Thiomersal-Fake war eines der schönste Vergnügen der letzten Jahre. Wir haben Lachtränen in den Augen, wenn wir daran denken, wie die Impfgegner darauf reingefallen sind.

Hier ein Ausschnitt aus dem Tagebuch des Fakers:


Donnerstag 15:05
Ich schreibe dem Betreiber des Forums, der auch den Fake zum Download

--- Code: ---...................................................................
Hallo Herr Txn,

Sie bieten hier ein Paper zum download an: 

"Mono-isotopic Mercury and its Applikation - internal
use only"

Sie sind leider Opfer meiner Bierlaune geworden- ich
habe schon Frau YYY gebeichtet, daß es sich
um einen Fake handelt. Bitte entfernen Sie den
Schrott, ehe noch jemand verwirrt wird - oder mich die
schwarzen Hubschrauber holen :-)

Sie verstehen doch Spaß?

--- End code ---
Antwort um 19:01: Er glaubt mir nicht. Ich müsse ihm mehr bieten.
BITTE? Den Unfug glaubt er sofort, Zweifel meldet er erst an als jemand
den Fake  outet, und jetzt kommt die große Skepsis?

Txn ist niemand anderer als Hans Tolzin.

Die ganze Website über das Thiomersal-Fake:


Einsame Spitzenklasse. Das MUSS man einfach lesen.

Bei Geocities nicht mehr. Aber aus den Archiven.

{Welcome} First- There are NO vaccines with radioactive Thiomersal http://web.archive.org/web/20091027021140/http://de.geocities.com/zurueck_2006/fake/en/thiomersal.htm made from toxic waste! It was a fake, an urban legend, a protest against gullibility. I know for sure, because I made the whole thing up.
If you are interested, there are links to the history, the fake itself and a diary of what happened. Finally you find my conclusions and links to similar sites, but also serious information.
You wont find links to the sites I critizize. Neither do I want to expose persons nor do I want to increase their publicity.

{July 1st 2005} We are online!
{July 19th 2008} English translation.

{How to write a good fake ... } My plan was to write what people expect. Decorated with half-truth, formal fuss and a good web legend. Thiomersal http://web.archive.org/web/20091027025802/http://de.geocities.com/zurueck_2006/fake/en/thiomersal.htm offered itself as a good starting point.
Alas, I am an engineer, not a physician or biologist. So I had to move things away from biology towards technology. My glorious idea was the invention of a technology to create 'invisible' thiomersal.
Still, I needed the help of some experts- Thank you, you know who you are :-)
By the way- if you read http://web.archive.org/web/20091027025802/http://de.geocities.com/zurueck_2006/fake/en/thiomersal.pdf the paper and dont believe its just a fake, here is proof.. http://web.archive.org/web/20091027025802/http://de.geocities.com/zurueck_2006/fake/en/img/tasse.jpg my good old coffe mug from ALDI (german wal-mart) .. stainless steel. Good for a 'detector protection cap'- what a laugh!

(continue left..)

{Thiomersal} Its a mercury compound which was used as a preservative for vaccines. That does not sound good- nobody wants to have heavy metals injected. But as it was used in tiny quantities and nothing else was available, its use was justified- in the past. Today, we have other means which we should use. If you are going to have your child vaccinated, ask your physician about it. He has been trained, can you say the same of the author of a web site?
Alsa, some producers made a mistake, traces of thiomersal were found in vaccines and the whole topic came up again. The risk of thiomersal, however, is exaggerated ridicously, especially the connection to autism, even is mass media continue to write about it.(If you dont believe me, believe the neutral swiss?).

{... dirty details} The paper claims the Thiomersal content is monitored only by mass spectrometry http://web.archive.org/web/20091027030257/http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_spectrometry - thats (not plausible), and by using heavy Hg isotopes the peak will be shifted outside the monitoring window. (This is true only for very special circumstances.)! If only one sample is measured by, eg, AAS http://web.archive.org/web/20091027030257/http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atomic_absorption_spectroscopy , everything will be revealed. A unnatural isotopic content would be a smoking gun.
Now, to get these isotopes, you just put aluminum foil in your machine, push a few buttons.. wait a minute? Many countries in this world go to great pains to isolate (uranium)-isotopes and we just use some aluminum foil? Hello? Seen the news recently? So it's BULLSHIT, too. Isotopes are isolated by other means, and you could simply buy them.
But that the mercury is from toxic waste, that it is RADIOACTIVE- thats just what people want to read. But it is bullshit,204Hg is NOT radioactive http://web.archive.org/web/20091027030257/http://www.webelements.com/webelements/elements/text/Hg/isot.html )...-
Finaly, there is the pompous headline 'DO NOT STORE ON NETWORKED COMPUTERS', and a 'MD5 v2 authenticity fingerprint ...' completely made up!
I'm very proud of the end: D2O is really used, but T2O definitely not: It has a half life of a few years, so it is highly radioactive- so it cannot be hidden, there are detectors everywhere where people work with radioactivity- like in hospitals. I think that everybody who claims he can run a news letter with vaccination info should instantly realize these and other blunders!

(continue left..)

{Camouflage is everything} So there is enough reason to question the credibility of the paper. Read it yourself, there is a link to it in pdf format to the left.
But how to present it? Just mail it? Anonymously? Nobody believes that. So my first idea was to store it in a public yahoo briefcase, as if by accident.
So I created this Yahoo identity, put a few dislikeable details in the profile and started to write some postings in bulletin boards. But nobody cared for me, and I almost forgot about it myself.
{Jolly mood} But one evening, I had a beer, surf the web a little and- kazoom. I find an article in Salon about thiomersal! Out of my jolly mood, I email the link to my guinea pig, together with my fake paper. The rest is in the diary. http://web.archive.org/web/20091027030554/http://de.geocities.com/zurueck_2006/fake/en/log.htm

{Do you believe everything?} If you surf the web for some time, you quickly realize you can not trust all sites- not even ones which are well made. These people http://web.archive.org/web/20091027025759/http://www.trepan.com/ want to convince you its a good idea to have a hole drilled in your head. Well. Lets hope its just a fake..
However, there is a site in Germay containing the following wisdom: AIDS does not exist, virus/bacteria neither or rather they dont make you sick,Cell phones make your head bumpy http://web.archive.org/web/20091027025759/http://www.kaplan.rult.de/ , salt/ sugar/ iodine/ fluorine is sent by the devil and homosexuality is a disease (this has been removed, the author was sued I think)
You may belittle people that spent their money for questionable salt from the himalayas, but there is more at stake: Because bacteria are bullshit, they conclude that antibiotics and vaccinations are no good. They will contort your chakra, and BIG PHARMA will make a lot of money! So- raise hell! Fight city hall! Write to your congres man, collect signatures, organize meetings...
This is sick. Children must be vaccinated. Even today, here in germany, children die of "harmles" diseases like measels, are infertile as grown ups because of mumps, are crippled because of their mothers rubella- completely unneccesary!

{Fury} Maybe you understand now why I am so furious: How long do we have to wait and they demand the representation of their crazy ideas in school, like creationists do today? We have a german quack doctor, Ryke Geerd Hamer, who has followers which demand that he should hold a chair. This man is responsible for the death of numerous patients and was in prison for it. But never mind, we have inventors of scalar waves or maybe you google for "Protsch von Zieten"- Hamer would fit well.
{Theory and Experiment..} So my little theory was that this web site is bullshit. It's all half-truth, a contortion of facts. There is not a little bit of know-how or at least common sense to check things. What does a good scientist do with a theory? He tests it by experiment to see whether his theory has any merit. My experiment was to intentionally create scientific sounding gobbledigob and check the reaction. Where will this lead us?

{What happened, so far}

    Sun, 26 Jun 2005 21:21
    The following email I write to the adress of an vaccination-sceptic site, together wiht a link to an salon article (this article is bullshit, so I wont give it here) and my fake paper in pdf format:

    It cannot be concealed any longer- the scandal reaches mainstream media:


    God have mercy on me!

    Sun, 26 Jun 2005 21:44
    I recieve a thank you, together with an offical PDF from the german Paul-Ehrlich Institut. They found Thiomersal in Thiomersal-free vaccines- a real scandal. Now they presume a connection.. No questions as to where I got this TOP-SECRET insider information are asked. Later I find out that they frantically send the fake to "experts"- but do not wait for their response. IMPORTANT: I sent the paper just once, until I revealed the fake. You call that 'controlled experimental conditions'.
    Mo, 27 Jun 2005 22:59
    First posting in the BB of the reciever. I am not asked if I agree, I am not mentioned as source, not even that it was just an anonymous email!
    Di, 28 Jun 2005 00:48
    The fake goes online: It is presented for download on a server linked to the BB, together with other documents- some official ones from the german federal agency of health. No mention of its dubious content and sources. I am not asked if I agree. Enthusiasm: 'If this is real, the consquences are not conceivable !'
    And if not! Who takes the consequences then?

(Links gehts noch weiter..)

{What happened, so far}

    Di, 28 Jun 2005 13:23
    I dont want to lose control. I write the following email:

     Please forget it. It was late and I had a beer. Dont
    publish it or reference it, this will only cause trouble,
    believe me.


    (I knew then it had been posted already..)
    Di, 28 Jun 2005 14:03
    Reply recieved. No info about the posting, no questions regarding accuracy or sources.
    Di, 28 Jun 2005 19:05
    I shift to the next gear:

    Miss Xxxx-xxxxx

    You already published it! Without asking! That is no good style.
    Out of my jolly mood, I sent you one of my papers, and you
    pass it on, without asking or simply informing me!

    I better shut up.

    Di, 28 Jun 2005 20:55
    Reply recieved. First doubts regarding the accuracy, but they cannot say themselves- high school is long over, no expertise. The lady likes to recieve papers with technical information and runs a web site with information for parents- information that can be vital. PLEASE??
    Next they thank me, but my assistance in verifying it is not required- they have own experts. Finally, I am asked to send further papers, if I have them. No offer to put the paper offline.

(continue left..)

{What happened, so far}

    Wed, 29 Jun 2005 12:53:43
    I write a new letter and try flattery:

    You had my number in not time, right?
    It was too easy. I should have picked somebody else, one of the
    less sophisticated vaccination sceptic sites. What a pity.
    Of course you are right, its just a joke, really!
    Put the paper offline and erase all references to it in your BB,
    unless people get confused. Best, erase it on your PC, too.

    Sorry, I was in a jolly mood.

    You do have a sense of humour?

    I expect they wont believe me.
    Wed, 29 Jun 2005 13:19
    Reply. Pity, reason seems to be victorious. She admits she has been had, after all. I didnt expect this, but I like it. But yet another attempt to get more papers from me.
    Mi, 29 Jun 2005 14:28
    A user 'Tuberkel' (Hey? I thought bacteria dont exist?) quotes the paper in another BB. No sources.
    Mi, 29 Jun 2005 15:19- ca. 19.00
    The fake get revealed. ACUTE discussion, believe and non-believe are in balance. The paper gets a notice on the server 'Attention: The accuracy of this document is unclear!'. Please? It's BULLSHIT!
    The person that outs the fake gets abused for the delay: She ought to have warned yesterday. Next, people dont believe her- she just tries to protect EVIL BIG PHARMA. (The lady holds a chair in biology).

(continue left..)

{What happened, so farr}

    Mi, 29.6.2005 23:57
    A real 'physicist' http://web.archive.org/web/20070205172259/http://brot-bernd.de/bernd/intim.htm enters the scene. He realizes correctly that isotopes can be separated magnetically. He obviously knows, that commercially available Isotopes are separated by other means. But he does not add one and one together. Maybe his computer is broken down? But then, how does he do his postings?
    The mood has changed- now the paper is expected to be accurate. I feel like Anakin Skywalker- give me two jet engines and I build the best pod racer ever ..YEAH!
    Thursday, on the BB
    the discussion gets more violent. The lady realized its just a coffee mug. Unbelieve averywhere.
    Thursday 15:05
    I write the maintainer of the BB, who also offers the paper for download:

    Hallo Herr Txn,

    You offer a paper for download: 

    "Mono-isotopic Mercury and its Applikation - internal
    use only"

    Alas, you have fallen prey of my jolly mood- I already
    confessed to Miss YYY its just a fake. Please remove the bullshit,
    unless people get confused- or the black helicopters get me :-)

    You do have a sense of humour?

    Reply at 19:01: He does not believe me. PLEASE? He believes the bullshit at once, doubt sets in only as the fake is revealed, and now comes the serious sceptisism?

(there is still more to the left..)

{What happened, so far}

    Thursday, 20.00-23:00
    The physicist still adds one and one. He gets three: The stupid means to camouflage the Hg-content he explains by claiming that 'they' know exactly how it is measured. Everywhere in the world. Always the same. At the NIH, at the PEI, at ... everywhere. And if you have to have samples without Hg, why start the dangerous deception in the first place? The bogus claim that 204Hg is redioactive, he explains by claiming there must be 203Hg, too. 203Hg is very short lived and must be made by nuclear reactions. So they intentionally want to poison their customers. Thats a case for the Clark-Kent letter. Dr. Vogelpfeif, its your turn (Note: This is a reference to an infamous german news letter and a well known internet kook). At least, he flatters me: "the paper is very well written, by somebody who knows exactly what he is doing" I never saw a real mass spectometer in my life. Google is cool, isnt it :-) The isotopes of Hg http://web.archive.org/web/20091027030751/http://www.webelements.com/webelements/elements/text/Hg/isot.html I also got from the web.

And on and on and on.. if you fancy and have the time


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