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In memoriam Christina Connell



In memoriam Christina Connell


Christina Connell ist ein Opfer der "Metamediziner", einer Gruppe von Raubkopierern, die den Wahnsinn Ryke Geerd Hamers kommerziell ausschlachten.

Christina Connell starb im März 2006. In Memory of Christina Connell

Christina Connell war Musikerin. In dieser Webseite wird über ihre Musik erzählt:

Christina Connell
Location: Carthage, Missouri, United States
Genre: World » Traditional Scottish Folk


A childhood listening to bagpipes, Scottish legend Jean Redpath, and the
Boston Symphony have strongly influenced this Folky-Celtic-Classical
artist. The artist, a prize-winning hammered dulcimer player as well as a
classically trained symphonic musician, combines the elegance of classical
phrasing with the robustness of folk melodies. Listeners have described
her music both as calming as well as energizing--sort of like yoga, only,
for the ears.

The CD, Dennis' Waltz, is for solo hammered dulcimer, music you
might hear played by harp at a wedding or in a soundtrack for a movie
about the Ozarks or Europe in the 1800's. There is a grander sound on the
CD, Thistle Dew, which sounds a bit more like background music to a
pastoral scene in Braveheart or a cheerful tune in the Lord of the Rings.

It is a group of swashbuckling, joyful, nostalgic and melodic folk gems,
superbly orchestrated. It is music for the heart, magic for the soul.

Christina Connell has performed and recorded as a musician around the
world. In her teens, she performed French horn professionally with  
orchestras in Albuquerque, West Palm Beach, and New Haven, CT.

After graduation from the Yale School of Music with a Masters in Music
performance, she performed with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, the Iceland
Symphony, the Adelaide Symphony (Australia), and the Green Bay Symphony.

She also recorded solos and chamber music for Icelandic radio. She was
offered a Fulbright Award to study horn, as well as a Scandinavian-American Foundation

She turned to folk music in the late 90’s, and started to make her own
arrangements and compositions. She competed and won the Okalahoma State
Championship on hammered dulcimer in 2003, and has taught and played at
Summerfest and Stringfling in Missouri, and the Indian Territory Dulcimer
Club in Tulsa.

A Scottish family background and a great admiration for the richness of
Celtic music influenced her choice of music, especially on the CD, Thistle
Dew. Her classical and orchestral background is evident in the
arrangements on both Thistle Dew, and Dennis’ Waltz (solo
hammered dulcimer), both released in 2004.

She is also currently president of the Ozark Wilderness Dulcimer Club and
plays in the group, Homemade Jam.

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