Der Kampf gegen die internationale Pillenmafia > Kampf der internationalen Pillen-Mafia!


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The snake-oil dealers are murderers.

Let's paint them with tar and feathers!

[And read some books on orthography...  8)  ET]

Omegafant: (health fraud and quackery) (guide to questionable theories and practices) (skeptical guide to acupuncture history, theories, and practices) (guide to autism) (guide to intelligent treatment) (legal archive) (chelation therapy) (skeptical guide to chiropractic history, theories, and practices) (guide to health-related education and training) (guide to dental care) (guide to questionable medical devices) (guide to weight-control schemes and ripoffs) (guide to the fibromyalgia marketplace) (guide to homeopathy) (guide to trustworthy health information) (guide to an equitable health-care system) (guide to infomercials) (guide to the mental help marketplace) (multi-level marketing) (skeptical guide to naturopathic history, theories, and practices) (activities of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) (nutrition facts and fallacies) (guide to the drug marketplace and lower prices) (National Council Against Health Fraud archive)  (guide to telemarketing scams)  (consumer health sourcebook)

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