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Hi, all,

what I am telling you now is unbelievable, I know, but it is the plain truth as you can find out for yourself.

We live in Germany and observe a death sect which has caused hundreds of dead. The sect follows the insane ideas (called "Germanic New Medicine" or simply "New Medicine") of Ryke Geerd Hamer, a criminal psychopath.

We have several dozen web-pages, most of them being in German as this is where the craze started.

In our domains in the WWW we cover several languages. We also have a huge site in Italian:

A very large page with nearly 700 links is

auf Deutsch: Die Todessekte:

in English: The Death Sect:

en francais: La secte de la mort:

le forum en francais pour la site "La secte de la mort":

Wiki "Neue Medizin" in English, French, German, Italian + other languages

in Italy the journalist Journalist Ilario D'Amato writes the "Dossier Hamer":

On the memorial wall I made a post for the hundreds of dead. For two victims we have obituary pages:



Michaela died in november 2005. Her death was EXTREMELY cruel. The photographs in the obituary are not for the faint at heart...

The other victims also died a very, very cruel death. One of the reasons is that Hamer claims that morphine would kill them immediatley. So his victims are in panic and do not take analgetic medicaments...

Hamer has several groups of copy-cats. One group calls itself "meta-medicine". One central of this group resides in the USA. On their web-site they advertise with several dozen world famous screen actors like Geena Davis, Ben Kingsley, etc.




We started a thread in our forum TG-1 about this.

The point is: the screen actors are abused, and they do not know it. The meta-mediciners made them believe that the screen actors would make PR for cancer research. But that is not true. If you look at the web-pages of the meta-mediciners you will see clearly, that they base on Ryke Geerd Hamer. And NO ONE survived.

In spring 2007 we made interviews with former employees of Hamer, who in 1985 had a clinic in Katzenelnbogen near Cologne, Germany. The reports are incredible. The bodies of the cancer patients were brought across the French border at night, so that nobody should see it.

Here you can read and hear the interviews: http://www.deathsect.com

One of Hamer's accomplices was Antoine d'Oncieu, a French, who organized the plot in France and started an association ("ASAC") there. d'Oncieu organized the money collecting and the activities in France. Of this group ASAC some persons were sentenced in a trial in Chambery. Hamer was sentenced to three years. He should have been sentenced to death for what he did!

The French authorites let him out in february 2006, after half the duty. Hamer fled back to his hideout in Spain, where he left in spring 2007, and since hides in Norway.

We tried to get in contact with the agents of the screen actors, but they blocked. We tried to get in contact with the spokespersons of the screen actors, but they blocked.

So, for years now, the meta-mediciners have world famous screen actors make PR for them, FOR FREE. And these world famous screen actors do make PR for an insane criminal and his not insane, but fully criminal copy-cats. NO ONE survived, but we found 150 dead so far, and we are very much afraid that is AT LEAST 2x or 3x as much.

And in Italy the investigating attorneys found 15 dead.

I ask you to please help us to spread this news to the fan-clubs of the screen actors. As the spokespersons block the information, we have to find other means to get in contact with the actors directly to for once and all times stop the PR for the murderous Hamer death sect.

If you think that what I say can't be true: go ahead and find out. Several German and Swiss TV stations had reports about Hamer and death cases. In Italy the state authorities found 15 dead so far. In our forum TG-1, in the domains and in the Wiki you can see the details.

We are in contact with journalists in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and Norway. We would like to get in contact with journalists in other countries.

Please, do help us to prevent that more people fall victim for the murderous Hamer death sect and its copycats, like the meta-mediciners.

More than 300 dead.

Many of them had a fate like this:

... or worse...

And those screen actors are making PR for that...

[Bild-URL gefixt. Yulli]

Die United Nations schmücken sich mit Geena Davis. Und schon wieder alles nur Schmu und Pfusch von a bis z.

This is Google's cache of http://www.un.org/News/briefings/docs/2010/db100628.doc.htm

Spokesperson's Noon Briefing

Department of Public Information • News and Media Division • New York

Daily Press Briefing by the Office of the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General

The following is a near-verbatim transcript of today’s noon briefing by Martin Nesirky, Spokesperson for the Secretary-General.

Good afternoon, and welcome to the briefing.

**Secretary-General’s Statement on UNRWA

I have a statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

The Secretary-General condemns the vandalism last night by masked armed men at an UNRWA summer games facility in the Gaza Strip.  He is very concerned that this is the second such incident in a month. Such attacks are an assault upon the well-being of Gaza’s children, 250,000 of whom attend UNRWA’s summer games for recreation and education, as well as a respite from the difficulties of everyday life in the Strip.

The Secretary-General calls upon the de facto authorities to combat any incitement against United Nations operations, and ensure the safety of UNRWA and other UN personnel and programmes, serving the most vulnerable in Gaza.  He calls for those responsible for these incidents to be brought to justice.

**Secretary-General at ECOSOC and G-20

The Secretary-General addressed the high-level segment of the Economic and Social Council this morning, following his return from the G-20 Summit meeting in Toronto.  In both places, he emphasized the need to build the global economic recovery from the ground up.

The Secretary-General argued at the summit that we cannot balance budgets on the backs of the world’s poorest people, and we cannot abandon our commitment to the most vulnerable.  In Toronto, he focused on three areas of investment that can yield high and immediate returns:  jobs; a green recovery; and health and health systems.

In his remarks to the press, after the Economic and Social Council meeting, the Secretary-General also said that he was encouraged by the level of voter turnout in Kyrgyzstan and that it took place in an orderly manner, without the difficulties seen in recent weeks.  This clearly demonstrates the aspiration of the people of Kyrgyzstan for peace and stability, he said.  And he added that the United Nations will continue to support Kyrgyzstan and its people as they prepare for parliamentary elections later this year.

** Kyrgyzstan

Staying with Kyrgyzstan, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reports that the situation on the ground during yesterday’s referendum appeared to be calm, with no security incidents reported by afternoon.

Displacement numbers are still unclear, however.  OCHA says that a reported 150 refugees remain in hospitals on the Uzbek side of the border.  The official number of refugee returns remains at some 75,000, while the overall estimated number of internally displaced persons in Kyrgyzstan remains at 300,000.

Yesterday, a cargo plane chartered by the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) arrived in Osh.  It was carrying 800 family-sized tents and 7,000 blankets.  Another emergency airlift will take place today, carrying 40 tons of aid, including jerry cans, plastic sheets, kitchen sets, blankets and a portable warehouse.

Relief aid on the two flights will help 30,000 people.  Shelter agencies have established a distribution mechanism to ensure that the aid items reach the displaced and returnee population during the next few days.

**Security Council

At 3 this afternoon, the Security Council will hold a formal meeting to hear a briefing on the work of the 1737 Committee, which deals with sanctions on Iran.

After that, the Council will hold a formal meeting, followed by consultations, on the Peacebuilding Office in the Central African Republic (BINUCA).  In his latest report on that Office, which is available online, the Secretary-General calls on the Government of the Central African Republic and all political parties to work to follow up on the recommendations of the political dialogue held in December 2008, including those on security and on armed groups.

The Council’s formal meeting and consultations on the UN Disengagement Observer Force in the Golan Heights (UNDOF), which had been scheduled for this morning, have been rescheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

** Eritrea

Despite the Government of Eritrea’s longstanding positions on Somalia and Djibouti, it has recently taken a number of steps towards constructive engagement with its neighbours and the wider international community.  This is what the Secretary-General says in his report on Eritrea, which was requested by the Security Council when it imposed sanctions on Eritrea in December 2009.

The Secretary-General also underscored that the long-term peace and stability in the Horn of Africa required a comprehensive approach to address the conflicts in the region.  In this respect, progress in implementing the decision of the Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission and normalizing relations between the two countries would significantly contribute to promoting stability in the entire region, he says.

**Press Conferences Today

Some press conferences:  at 12:30 p.m. today in this room, Geena Davis, the Academy Award-winning actress and founder of the non-profit organization “The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media”, will speak to journalists here.  That’s following the opening of, as we mentioned earlier, the 2010 ECOSOC high-level segment.

And also at 12:30 p.m., Derviş Eroğlu, the Turkish Cypriot leader, will speak to correspondents at the stakeout position on the 2nd floor of the North Lawn Building.

**Press Conferences Tomorrow

And press conferences tomorrow here:  at 11 a.m., the Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development, Jomo Kwame Sundaram, and the Director of the Development Policy and Analysis Division, Rob Vos, will hold a press conference on the launch of the annual World Economic and Social Survey 2010.

And at 1 p.m., the United Nations Office for Partnerships (UNOP) will hold a press conference entitled “Women Empowerment through Sport:  Civil Society Serving Gender Equality and the MDGs”.

And then at 2:30 p.m., there will be a press conference with Paavo Väyrynen, the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development of Finland, in conjunction with the ECOSOC high-level segment which is taking place from 28 June, so from today, until to 2 July.

So, that’s what I have.  Questions, please?

**Questions and Answers

Question:  Martin, the United Nations is recognizing, rightly so, I would say, the anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda has happened.  In few weeks, on 11 July we’re going to have a fifteenth anniversary of Srebrenica genocide.  How will that day be remembered at the UN, and whether the Secretary-General will address, in what kind, shape of form that day?

Spokesperson:  Let’s find out.  I’ll find out and come back to you.  Okay.

Question:  And also as a follow-up to that then.  Will anybody from the United Nations system go down there?  There are reports, for example that very high officials from all over the world will attend in Srebrenica, including, which is not confirmed, but [ United States] Vice-President [Joseph] Biden.  So my question is:  who will attend from UN that event?

Spokesperson:  Let’s find out.

Question:  On Friday, India detained a ship bound for Pakistan from Bangladesh, which was carrying some weapons, which were being delivered back to the Pakistani troops in Karachi. And the reason for that was that Pakistani troops needed those weapons for their peacekeeping operations in Liberia.  This is the story.  Now, India has detained that ship because it has explosives.  Do you have any reaction to that?  Because it was a UN consignment going back to Pakistan.

Spokesperson:  Again, I don’t have any details on that.  We’ll have to look into it.  I’m sorry, I don’t have anything on that.  I’m sure my colleagues will help me.

Question:  Another thing, I just want to follow up on the attack.  Has anybody any information on who are the perpetrators of this particular crime?

Spokesperson:  Which particular crime?

Question:  On this Gaza, the Gaza games.

Spokesperson:  No.  Well, we’d very much like to know, and we expect the de facto authorities in Gaza to act pretty promptly to find those responsible and bring them to justice.  It’s very clear that this is an attack on children and on their ability not only to have some respite from the real difficulties that they face with everyday life, but also is a chance for them to take part in summer games and to receive further education, which they’re already receiving, many of them, through UNRWA schools in Gaza.

Question:  Are there any indications that those perpetrators could be, or maybe they are, the same who did the similar attack in May?

Spokesperson:  We don’t know that.  All we know is that these were masked armed men who attacked this summer games camp.  But we don’t have any further details.  I know my colleagues on the ground have been, from UNRWA, have been extremely forthright on their views on this, and this is reflected also in the Secretary-General’s thoughts, which I’ve just relayed here.  And it’s really important that the de facto authorities there not only bring those responsible to justice, but also ensure that this kind of thing doesn’t happen in the future.  They really need to be able to combat any incitement of this kind.

Question:  Does the United Nations have any reaction to this plan being presented by Pakistan for a political settlement in Afghanistan about which President [Barack] Obama commented yesterday and so did the CIA chief?

Spokesperson:  What was the last part, again?

Question:  I said yesterday President Obama and the CIA chief commented about this plan being promoted by Pakistan to bring about a political settlement in Afghanistan.

Spokesperson:  Well, I know that my colleagues at the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan will be looking into that.  And I am sure that if they have something for us, they will let us have it quite quickly.  But we don’t have anything right now.

Question:  But does the United Nations have any information whether President [Hamid] Karzai met Sirajuddin Haqqani, the main Taliban chiefs?

Spokesperson:  We’ll have to ask the Mission in Kabul.

Question:  I wanted to ask, I heard the statement both by Mr. [Miroslav] Jenca and then reiterated by the Secretary-General this morning about the referendum in Kyrgyzstan.  I was wanting to ask:  what is the UN’s estimate of the turnout of ethnic Uzbeks?  There are some reports that, for example in the border town of Suretash, only a hundred to 4,000 people were able to vote.  So, I’m just wondering, what does the UN statement mean when compared to such low turnout numbers reported for ethnic Uzbeks?

Spokesperson:  Well, reported by whom?

Question:  Associated Press.

Spokesperson:  Right.  Well, there are a number of things here.  First of all, the UN is not observing, and the UN is not counting votes or voters.

Question:  Then why are they praising?

Spokesperson:  Let me finish, first of all, to try to answer your question.  First of all, there is the Central Election Commission.  That’s the body which is compiling the figures.  So, the figures on turnout will be coming from the Central Election Commission.  And I checked their website before I came here; it’s in Kyrgyz and Russian, and there are very detailed figures by each province or district showing the turnout and absolute figures in each case.  And of course, overall figures.  And that’s the first thing.  So I would encourage you to take a look at that.  And the second thing is, perhaps more helpfully for you in English, as well as Kyrgyz and Russian; the OSCE’s [Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s] office for democratic institutions and human rights has put out a fairly detailed overview in a statement of its preliminary findings and conclusions.  This is, as I said, this is preliminary findings, as you might expect, given this is less than 24 hours after the vote itself.  But they are quite detailed, and as Mr. Jenca and the Secretary-General have said, they have taken note, and the Special Representative of the Secretary-General has taken note of this preliminary assessment by the OSCE and others where it’s clear that there were some shortcomings.  That’s clear.  That’s obvious.  But what they believe is, and this is the assessment that this was largely transparent.  And the turnout; again, it’s for the Central Election Commission, firstly, to give those figures.  The turnout that seems to be evident, not only from the Central Election Commission in concrete numbers, but also from the more anecdotal evidence, if you like, of the international observer, that there were long-term observers that would tend to suggest that this was a sizeable turnout.  And most importantly, that it was peaceful.  There weren’t any violent incidents.

Question:  Just a quick follow-up.  If these were the two bases for the UN’s praise of the election, does the Central Election Commission — apparently you’ve read them in Russian — are these turnout numbers done by ethnicity or simply by geography?

Spokesperson:  Not by ethnicity.  It’s done by geography; by the region.  Yeah.

Question:  Does the UN have a particular concern or, I don’t know, maybe “duty” is the wrong word, to the ethnic Uzbeks who were being targeted by violence, left the country, many of them had their ID cards ripped up — is that something, does this statement today mean that they feel, that the UN feels, that the turnout and the ability to vote of the ethnic Uzbeks of southern Kyrgyzstan was sufficient, from the UN’s point of view?

Spokesperson:  What we’ve said is that it really does demonstrate the aspiration of the people of Kyrgyzstan for peace and stability and democracy.  That’s what we’ve said.  That’s the first thing.  The second thing is that we’re not suggesting that this is the end of the story, and that somehow this is perfect.  It was not.  There is work to be done, and the United Nations will continue to provide the technical support that’s required, not least by the Central Election Commission, so that they can improve further and not least so that when we get to the parliamentary elections at the end of this year, they will be in better shape to ensure that it’s as inclusive as possible.

Question:  One last one on this, and thanks a lot.  I think I had asked last week whether you could confirm what a UN official had told me — which is that the Constitution that was voted on and approved over the weekend on Sunday outlaws political parties based on ethnicity.  And if so, that’s why I guess I’d be concerned, I’m wondering if the UN sees any connection between a group being targeted by violence, probably if the Associated Press can be believed, having a lower turnout than other groups and, therefore, in the future being prohibited from organizing around, I guess to protect their rights on the basis of their minority status.  Were you able to confirm that that is in the Constitution?

Spokesperson:  Not personally.  But I am sure that my colleagues in DPA [Department for Political Affairs] can help me with that, and also my colleagues in Bishkek.

Question:  Martin, a month and half ago approximately, when I asked you on the issue on the name of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, you put it that the UN will not input any kind of time limits for the negotiations.  And it was sort of news.  In the meantime, we had a new development just last week from the European Union showing a great deal of optimism that in a week probably a high official, I cannot quote him who was that, but it was a high official, that in a week probably we will have a solution.  Yet, when we talk to [George] Papandreou, Prime Minister of Greece, he also regretted somehow that we did not have a time limit for this talk.  Now, my question is, when Mr. Papandreou met the Secretary-General, did the Secretary-General express the same view, that somehow that more speed or speed up or that even a time limit?  I don’t like to put any words to anybody’s mouth.

Spokesperson:  Well, we don’t have anything beyond the readout that we’ve already given, except to say it in general terms, not specifically in that meeting, that we’ve been clear and repeatedly clear on the need for the two countries involved to come to an amicable agreement.  This involves compromise and this involves obviously the help of the UN Special Adviser in this particular case [Matthew Nimetz].  And so, we don’t really have anything further to add at this point.  Yes, we’ve seen the media reports on the pace or otherwise of the negotiations to find a settlement to this, but nothing concrete.

Question:  Just a quick follow-up.  Do you share that kind of optimism that probably very soon we will have a solution?

Spokesperson:  As I’ve said, we don’t have anything concrete.  We’ve seen the reports, and this is clearly something that the Secretary-General keeps a close eye on, not least because this is something that has been going on for quite a long time.  But to put a time limit on it, I don’t think it’s helpful.  Okay.

Question:  In Guinea-Bissau, last Friday, the military leader who was the head of the coup last April was named for the top military post in the country, Mr. [Antonio] Indjai.  This was something that the UN, the US, and the EU [European Union] is trying to prevent from happening.  And I want to know what possibly will be the consequences of this action.

Spokesperson:  Okay.  Well, I couldn’t hear the question fully, I am afraid, because the microphones are in the lower half here.  But if I have understood it correctly, it’s not for me to comment on what the United States and the European Union think about these matters.  But I can speak for the United Nations when I have some guidance, and I don’t have it now.  Okay.  I will need to find out.  Thank you.

Question:  Martin, on this Pakistani ship, basically this ship is Panamanian.  The ship that was detained by India in Calcutta was a Panamanian ship, and the Pakistan Government has protested officially about that ship that was bound from the United Nations back to Pakistan.

Spokesperson:  Yeah, I heard what you said the first time as well, but I’ll need to find out.  I don’t have anything for you on that, okay.  All right, just one more question, I think.

Question:  Sure, well, let me slip one in here.  Just, because the Secretary-General was going to the DRC, I guess today, and Mr. [Alan] Doss’s tenure expires on Wednesday, given that this OIOS [Office of Internal Oversight Services] report on Mr. Doss has been on the Secretary-General’s desk for some time now; does he intend to rule on it before Alan Doss leaves UN service?  And if not, does OIOS have any jurisdiction over Mr. Doss, and what would be the possible penalties if a finding of incorrect action were found?  And if he is not going to rule, what does it say about accountability in the UN system?

Spokesperson:  That’s many for the price of one there.  But I don’t have an answer for you on these.  I’ll need to see what I can find out.  As far as I know, the answer that I’ve given before still stands.  I don’t think there is any change on where it’s located.

Question:  On the election in Burundi, it’s said…

Spokesperson:  I said one question.

Question:  I think you said one answer, not one question.

Spokesperson:  That’s a bit strange, Matthew, but what about Burundi?

Question:  Tomorrow on the Burundi election, would you have something to say…

Spokesperson:  I would be fairly certain that we would have something to say on Burundi, and indeed on Guinea as well.  Yeah.  I’d be fairly certain about that.  Thank you very much.

* *** *
For information media • not an official record


Geena Davis supports death sect / Open Letter to the Screen Actors Guild

Quote from http://www.deathsect.com :

The Fraud of the Metamediciners
Mega-Scandal in the American Film-Industry

Material about the meta-mediciners you can find here:
Die Metamediziner:

The meta-mediciners gain a foothold in Great Britain, Germany, Norway, and the
USA, where they defrauded at least 2 dozen screen actors. The meta-mediciners
made the actors believe that the meta-mediciners are engaged in breastcancer
research. The screen actors, among them celebrities like Geena Davis and Ben
Kingsley, are abused with their names and photographs taken for the PR of the

PICTURE: Screenshot of the web-site healbreastcancerawards.org,
with fotographs of 20 film und TV actors

I informed the American Screen Actors Guild, also some spokespersons of the
actors. If they will realize the goings-on ... is another question... One more
if they will admit to have brought their clients, the actors, into this
situation. Because it is not the actors themselves, but their agents and
spokespersones, who are responsible for these things.

Open Letter to the Screen Actors Guild
Screen Actors Guild
5757 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036-3600
Tel: 001-(323) 954-160-0    Main Switchboard
                      -6729 Agency Department
Screen Actors Guild

Bremerhaven, Germany, March 9th., 2007

Dear Sirs,

I ask you to please help me in a very serious and sad matter: a case of
fraud in which world famous film actors are victims.

In the web-page


you can see some of the victims:   


Geena Davis
Ben Stiller
Rosie O'Donnell
Ben Kingsley
Alfre Woodard
Tommy Lee Jones
Paula Abdul
Harold Perrineau
Allison Janney
Lourdes Benedicto
Antonio Sabbato jr.
Kathy Griffin
Mario Lopez
Lisa Vidall
Terri Polo
Laura Innes
Jon Seda
Tyler Hilton
Kendall Payne
Andy Dick

The actors are abused for PR. They were made believe that they do something
good: that they are helping to fight cancer. But the truth is that an
international group of criminals is abusing them as public PR tools. The
group deals with "meta-medicine". (There are several versions of this word.)
You can see it at the bottom of that very web-page:


Copyright © 2006 Heal Breast Cancer Foundation
News    Privacy Policy  Disclaimer    Contact Us    META-Medicine

The background behind "meta-medicine" is the "Germanische Neue Medicine"
("New German Medicine") of the criminal psychopath Ryke Geerd Hamer.

Ryke Geerd Hamer was a medical doctor, who lost his approbation in 1986 as
his patients died because of his murderous nonsense "treatment". There are
media articles about him since the beginning of the 1980ies.

This is his biography, written by one of us: http://hamer.wordpress.com/

For some years now I investigate and publish about Hamer and his death sect.
Hamer has a network of helpers, many of whom being ill with cancer
themselves. They believe him --- and they die. So far I could find 130 death
cases related with Ryke Geerd Hamer and his scene.

As the Hamer scene denied that even ONE person died because of Hamer's
madness, I tried to find the victims and made a list:


I had found 87 dead, when some weeks ago I was given material about 43 more
dead: patients who died in the time about 1982, 1983.

There are 2 large groups of dead, the one mentioned with 43 patients and one
with 50 in Austria, mainly in the time from 1990 to 1995, when Hamer's
"center" in Burgau was closed by the justice and he fled to Spain (where he
still is). The material of that time in Austria is with the Austrian
Ministry of the Interior in Vienna. (The attorney office department(s) in
Vienna refuse any comments, but forward to the Ministry of the Interior.)

I have more than 2 dozen web-pages about Hamer in my web-site, the most
important being the obituaries for Michaela Jakubczyk-Eckert (who died in
november 2005) and for Christina  Connell. I do very intensive
investigations, so I have no time for translating the pages - nearly all are
in German. The obituary for Christina Connell is in English:


Mrs. Connell was a musician and lived in Carthage, Missouri. She died in
march 2006, a victim of

   Ilsedora Laker,
   c/o Herbs and Health Holistic Centre,
   6022 Yonge St.,
   Toronto, ON M2M 3V9

   Ilsedora Laker
   3 Willer Ave.
   Ajax ON L1T 3P4
   Phone: 905-427 2790

which are a base in the USA and in Canada with http://www.newmedicine.ca

I am in contact with Mrs. Connell's son Stephen and her husband Dennis. I am
also in contact with families of other victims in Belgium, Switzerland, and

The fotographs in the obituary for Michaela


(that is the English version) show much more than words ever could what a
cruel crime is done to the ill. Now, imagine that these patients are
forbidden to take medication against pain... Hamer makes them believe that
Morphium would kill them rightaway...

Hamer makes the ill believe that their dieing is their healing. The worse
the situation is, the worse the pain becomes, the more the ill believe that
they are near to health. And so they die.

The families are under such a pressure that they break. For years these
people are not able to talk about what happened - even with families of
other victims.

And now look at the "Gala" with the world famous film actors being abused
for this crime....

I have contacts with journalists in TV and in print media.

This is one of the reports about deaths caused by Hamer, boardcasted by the
SWR in 2002:


A report by the RBB in 2005:


Some weeks ago there was one by the "defakto" TV magazine of the Hessischer

There also is an expert statement by the Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft:


We collected a lot of material during the last years - and I can give you
material and contacts to the media here and in Austria. In France is an
association against sects, the UNADFI:


France is the most active country: Hamer was sentenced to prison for 3 years
(by far not enough!) and was kept in prison for half of that time. The
UNADFI played an important role in those law-suits.

To ease your investigations I uploaded 2 archives:


They contain

   a) material about the sites as they are now
   b) material from the web-archive to show earlier pieces of proof

The best to do is to download the files, each in a directory on HDD, unpack
it there and the do a full-text search, mainly because of entries in the
meta-tags. In case you need help, please let me know.

Please pass on this information to the actors and their agents. I suggest to
have advice of lawyers. The dimension of what happened and still happens is
beyond imagination... We must take action so that such a thing will not
happen again.


     The "Meta-Mediciners", a deadly sect disguised as "medicine"



Complain with Facebook:

Complain with The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media: 

OLD URL: http://www.thegeenadavisinstitute.org/about_us.php

NEW URL: http://www.thegeenadavisinstitute.org/about/

Madeline di Nonno,  we are not going to let you get away with that.

Quote of http://www.healbreastcancerawards.org/


Open Letter to Madeline di Nonno
Subject: Geena Davis supports a death sect!
From:    "Aribert Deckers" [...]
Date:    Thu, June 24, 2010 17:37
To:      "Madeline Di Nonno" <madeline@seejane.org>


the following is a fax I sent to Arnold Schwarzenegger yesterday. In this
text you can see some key facts.

What is not in the fax: In UK a person with the name Richard Flook is the
key of the marketing. Here you can see him in a video:


Show this to any serious psychologist or psychiatrist and hear what he
says to this crime done to a mentally ill person.

Here are some more links:


Aribert Deckers

---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Sacramento, CA 95814
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Bremerhaven, 22.6.2010

Dear Sirs,
I ask you to please help me in a rather unusual matter: I need the
personal help of Mr. Schwarzenegger to forward warning information to 20
screen actors, who are deceived by a gang of dangerous impostors, who call
themselves "meta-mediciners". I tried to get in contact with the actors,
but could not get through to them. This is why I ask for help now.

The background:

For 10 years now I investigate and write about the quack scene of Ryke
Geerd Hamer, a former medical doctor, who lost his license. Hamer got
known worldwide because of the affair of Olivia Pilhar, a little Austrian
girl, who in 1995 had a huge liver cancer of about 6 kilograms. Her
parents fled with her to Spain and had Hamer "treat" her. Hamer claims
that cancer is caused by conflicts, and if the conflicts are solved, the
cancer goes away from itself. This idea, of course, is insane.
Olivia was saved by the Austrian authorities, which intervened and ordered
scientific medicine to be applied.
Others were not so lucky. Hamer and his followers are responsible for
hundreds of dead.
My list of cases of death rose to 150 entries in spring 2008
( http://www.ariplex.com/ama/ama_ham2.htm ), and since then 20 more cases
were found. And these are only the cases that we got to know about.

Hamer's "Germanische Neue Medizin" is deadly dangerous, no matter which
disguise it has.
There is an expert statement by the Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft:

The victims die under EXTREME cruel conditions and pain, like Michaela
Jakubczyk-Eckert, who died in 2005. The fotographs of her obituary


(caution, very graphic pictures)

show much more than words ever could what a cruel crime is done to the
ill. Now, imagine that these patients are forbidden to take medication
against pain... Hamer makes them believe that Morphium would kill them

An other victim of the Hamer scene, Christina  Connell, a US citizen, was
a musician and lived in Carthage, Missouri. She died in march 2006:

The "meta-mediciners":

One group of Hamer followers calls itself "meta-mediciner". THE base of
"meta-medicine" is Ryke Geerd Hamer's "Germanische Neue Medicine" ("New
German Medicine").

The "meta-mediciners" are pirate-copiers: they copied Hamer's charlatan
stuff, mix it with a lot of other nonsense, and target medical doctors and
naturopaths as their prey. Their advertising is very tricky and very
aggressive. By now their reach is from the USA (their base is in Venice in
California) over Europe (Great Britain, Germany, Norway, Poland,
Italy,...) to India.

In spring 2009 the Norwegian TV station TV2.no got alarmed by the growing
number of "meta-mediciners", who showed up in the area around the
Norwegian town Bergen. TV2.no found several cases of death caused by the

Over the years several TV reports have been made about Hamer and the Hamer
scene, the latest ones by

   * Radio Canada (French language zone)
   * TROS radar, Netherlands
   * rbb Kontraste (Germany)
   * Bayerischer Rundfunk (Germany): "Report München", "Kontrovers extra"
   * TV2.no, Norway

Some reports still are online.These are some by "Radio Canada" on
"biologie totale" and other Hamer scene groups:


These are the latest by the "Bayerischer Rundfunk":



and these are by TV2.no:

46-åring døde av kreft etter behandlingsnekt | TV 2 Nyhetene -

– Norge har et kvakksalverproblem | TV 2 Nyhetene -

- Det er mord | TV 2 Nyhetene - [ Translate this page ]

Kreftsyke sa nei til behandling | TV 2 Nyhetene -

Kvakksalver saksøker staten | TV 2 Nyhetene -

TV 2 vant i PFU | TV 2 Nyhetene -

Tre av fire alternative behandlere bryter loven | TV 2 Nyhetene -

During my investigations for TV2.no I found 300 persons, who are
commercially active Hamer followers.

Whilst Hamer could claim for being insane, his followers and copy-cats can
not do so. They are active only for reasons of profit, and their marketing
is very intense. In the USA the "meta-mediciners" had got in contact with
screen actors in 2006/2007. They made the actors believe that the
meta-mediciners are doing breast cancer research.

But fact is: The "meta-mediciners" do not have any kind of "research"!
They only copy Hamer's nonsense that cancer is caused by conflicts.

Because of this the cancer is NOT treated in an effective way and the
situation for the cancer patient becomes lethal. Several cases of death
CAUSED by "meta-mediciners" were found.

These are the screen actors who are abused with their names and
photographs being used for the PR of the "meta-mediciners":

- Geena Davis
- Ben Stiller
- Rosie O'Donnell
- Ben Kingsley
- Alfre Woodard
- Tommy Lee Jones
- Paula Abdul
- Harold Perrineau
- Allison Janney
- Lourdes Benedicto
- Antonio Sabbato jr.
- Kathy Griffin
- Mario Lopez
- Lisa Vidall
- Terri Polo
- Laura Innes
- Jon Seda
- Tyler Hilton
- Kendall Payne
- Andy Dick

Here you can see one of the abusive PR-actions:


Screenshots of the web-site http://healbreastcancerawards.org
,with fotographs of 20 film und TV actors:




The crucial point is that - although the "meta-medicine" PR web-site is in
the USA - all the people in the other countries SEE this web-site and are
made believe, that - as the screen actors support that "meta-medicine"- it
must be working medicine and be good.

But it is deadly.

Please, Mr. Schwarzenegger, forward my warning message to these actors.
And please help us to stop such deadly fraud.

Thank you,

Aribert Deckers



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