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Bremerhaven, june, 10th., 2007

To: Ventegodt, Søren  
    Andersen, Niels Jorgen
    Merrick, Joav      

Dear Sirs,



you state:

(marks made by me)
TheScientificWorldJOURNAL (ISSN 1537-744X)

Article Details                                  
Title: Rationality and Irrationality in Ryke Geerd Hamer’s System for Holistic Treatment of Metastatic Cancer
     Authors:          Ventegodt, Soren ; Andersen, Niels Jorgen; Merrick, Joav      
     Journal:         TheScientificWorldJOURNAL    
     Year:         2005    
     Volume:         5    
     Page Range:          93-102    
     Article Type:          Review Article    
     Handling Editor:         Hatim A. Omar    
     Domains:          Child Health & Human Development ,  Holistic Health & Medicine ,  Medical Care ,  Oncology      
     DOI:         10.1100/tsw.2005.16    
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     Keywords:          quality of life, QOL, human development, holistic medicine, public health, holistic health, cancer, Ryke Geerd Hamer, alternative medicine, complementary medicine, consciousness-based medicine, Denmark    

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The aim of this paper is to examine if the “medical laws” found by the German physician Ryke
Geerd Hamer are substantiated by contemporary holistic medical theory. He developed a
psychosomatic theory after a personal emotional trauma that he believed resulted in his
subsequent development of a testicular cancer.

From our analysis, it is clear that the two most fundamental principles of Hamer’s work, the
psychosomatic “iron law of cancer” (Hamer’s first “law”) and the principle of pathogenesis
being reversed into salutogenesis (Hamer’s second “law”), are well-established principles of
holistic medicine today.

Hamer’s understanding of symbols in medicine, virus and bacteria, and the evolutionary
process itself (Hamer’s third, fourth, and fifth “law”) differs a great deal from both traditional
and contemporary holistic medical theory and we did not find them substantiated. Hamer’s
understanding of cancer metastasis was built on these failing principles and therefore not
substantiated either. Altogether, it seems that Hamer’s thinking was basically sound as the
most fundamental principles of his work were built on an understanding very similar to holistic
medical thinkers of today. We found his postulate that metastatic cancer patients can be
healed or their health improved by using his system of holistic medicine likely to be true, at
least for some motivated patients. This must be tested scientifically, however, before being
accepted. His presentation of his system and work has been idiosyncratic and highly
provocative, which has alienated him from the whole medical community.    

Hamer's commercial exploiter Helmut Pilhar, who nearly lost his daughter because of his uncomparable  insanity, "translated" your statement and forged it by using incorrect translation or even by cutting out essential parts. The analysis of this fraud you can see here:


Now, you accept 2 of the 5 points of Hamer:

(marks made by me)
From our analysis, it is clear that the two most fundamental principles of Hamer’s work, the
psychosomatic “iron law of cancer” (Hamer’s first “law”) and the principle of pathogenesis
being reversed into salutogenesis (Hamer’s second “law”), are well-established principles of
holistic medicine today.



A. Woodring wrote:

A. Woodring
Posted 14th
September 2006

"We found his postulate that metastatic cancer patients can be healed [...]
by using his system of holistic medicine likely to be true [...]."

Show me one patient who has been cured from his metastatic cancer
by using Hamer´s system.

It is a cynical theory and in the end, when it won´t work always
the treating "old school" physicians a responsible for the death
of the patients because they treat their pain with morphin or
disturb the healing process by telling the patient that he has a
carcinoma, which causes a new emotional trauma and prevents healing.

Hamer has already spent a few years in a french jail for practising
medicine while his approbation as a physician was withdrawn years
ago from german authorities. As I asked, show me one he saved - the
victims are well documented. In addition, Hamer had a,
neo-fascistic view, that the jewish doctors treat their patients
after his system, and a jewish conspiracy protects it from
being used by non- jewish physicians for non-jewish patients.

Søren Ventegodt answered:

(marks made by me)
Søren Ventegodt
Posted 14th
September 2006

With reference to A. Woodring’s comments below, The
authors are in no way supporting a fascist, anti-Semitic, or
Nazi position, neither philosophically nor politically. But, it is
important to differentiate between a man's scientific
contribution and his political attitudes; if we only accepted
scientific contributions from people who shared our view of
the world, science could soon be a dull enterprise.

Dr. Hamer has made an important contribution to holistic medicine
because he seemingly has shown the world that even very sick
cancer patients can sometimes be cured.

We know of spontaneous remissions of cancer - many cases actually
from Dr. Úlrik Diges research in Denmark - but we do not yet know
how to induce such remissions (please see our papers on
Clinical Holistic Medicine and Cancer in
TheScientificWorldJOURNAL and TSW Holistic Health & Medicine).

Dr. Hamer's work seems to point importantly in this direction.

When it comes to Dr. Hamer's merits our paper on his work presents
what we found of documentation for the efficiency of his cures.
This was actually sufficiently convincing for us to bring it to
a wider attention through this article. Our interpretation of the
documented material is not quite as positive as Dr. Hamer's own view.

Please go though the material yourself and see if you can find
errors in our presentation of the data. We will be most happy to
correct any errors or misunderstandings on our side. Sincerely yours,
The Authors

We have proven facts:

1. There is NO patient ever who was healed by Hamer's "German New Medicine".

2. Most of those who believed Hamer, died an unimaginably cruel death.

We have witnesses and we found more than 130 dead related to Hamer:


To show you the terrible fate of these poor patients, here are the stories of

Carmen (died 2004)

Michaela Jakubczyk-Eckert (died 2005)

Christina Connell (died 2006)

3. Hamer is a liar and a forger.

We can track down his lies and forgeries. During the last years we piece for piece could take apart his lies and show the truth.

Most of our work can be seen here:


and here:


We can show that Hamer's claims about the efficacy of his method are nothing but insane lies. Hamer bases his claims on 2 fundaments: Marc Fréchet in Paris and his own "clinic" in Burgau.

I analyzed Marc Fréchet's claims and found them to be lies and forgeries:


Hamer's story about his success in Burgau is a pile of lies from a to z:

Now, Mr. Ventegodt, Mr. Andersen, Mr Merrick, DO show us your findings on the efficacy of Hamer's "German New Medicine", because YOU would be the only ones on earth who ever have seen them.

I dare to say, that you, Mr. Ventegodt, Mr. Andersen, Mr Merrick, have nothing to show but your imagination. Or should I say wishful thinking?

What you did - and still do - has no place in medicine as it is a severe threat to the life of patients.

So, for once and for all times: get your fingers out of medicine, get out - and do never come back!

Aribert Deckers
Langmirjen 45
D-27578 Bremerhaven
Tel/Fax : +49-(0)471-805146

Now the war is on. The ignitor bomb exploded right in the middle of intellectual nowhere...:


Posted 10th June

Now we are getting to the point. This is an Open Letter to Mr.
Ventegodt, Mr. Andersen, and Mr. Merrick, published today,
june 10th., 2007:


Dr. med.
Mag.theol. Ryke
Geerd Hamer
Posted 11st June

(originally posted 30 May 2007) Dear Gentlemen: Since I have
been so often ''commented on'', allow me, for once, to have my
say. For me it is incomprehensible that professors who have
ostensibly spent much time to thoroughly acquaint themselves
with German New Medicine would write such fuzzy, confused
nonsense and on such low level to boot. Yet, they do know that
the "Iron Rule of Cancer", as it was called back then, and the
Law of the Two Phases of all Meaningful Special Biological
Programs have universal acceptance, as Professor Merrick has
recently confirmed. Of course they have universal acceptance
because already since 1984 they are commented on in the
Talmud and are compulsory for all Jews. Admittedly, at that
time we had only those two Biological Natural Laws. As Chief
Rabbi Denoun of the Lubavitsch movement assured me in 1986
in Paris, this verification had been carried out at that time by
Rabbi Dr. med. Menachem Mendel Schneerson known as the
Rebbe (spiritual leader). Together with his staff of Rabbinical
physicians, most of whom had previously and later taken part in
a series of my seminars in Chambery, he discovered that the
New Medicine (now German New Medicine) was without any
doubt accurate. Based on these findings, he wrote the
accompanying commentary in the Talmud. However, since then
German New Medicine has 3 further Biological Natural Laws
that logically derive from the first two Natural Laws. Yet, these
are questioned - see discussion between Merrick, Ventegodt,
Ranshaw, Waltering, Woodring and Castillo, Markolin
[continue my comments below]

Dr. med.
Mag.theol. Ryke
Geerd Hamer
Posted 11st June

(originally posted 30 May 2007) (continued) It is mind-boggling
to see that a bunch of mature professors cannot achieve in
many months what one can accomplish in three days (according
to the testimony of Professor Voigt, Dean and Neuroradiologist
at the University of Tübingen, 1986 in court), that is to verify
the 5 Biological Natural Laws - through reproduction on the
next patient's case. I really have trouble to grasp all this
nonsense: 1. that there are no such things as Hamer Foci and
that these are all artifacts. Any competent radiologist with CT
equipment can establish within a few minutes what is a Hamer
Focus in conflict activity and what is an artifact (they too exist,
after all). All he would need to do is to shift a patient''s head 5
cm from the center line of the apparatus. An artifact always
stays in the middle line of the apparatus and shows through all
layers. The Hamer Focus on the other hand always remains at
the specific brain location where it biologically belongs
[continue below Hamer comment part 2 - 6]

Dr. med.
Mag.theol. Ryke
Geerd Hamer
Posted 11st June

(originally posted 30 May 2007) Hamer comment part 2. that
something is wrong with the figure of 6000 survivors (of 6500
patients) that had passed through the Burgau Centre. In the
meantime, I have been fortunate to obtain copies of all patients'
records from the Office of the District Attorney of Vienna
Neustadt. It is absolutely correct that more than 90% of the
desperately ill patients survived 4-5 years. By myself I surely
could never have verified this. 3. that, according to Professor
Joav Merrick, the "Jewish Intellectual" Aaron Antonovsky
published already in 1985 (4 years after Hamer and 1 year after
my book "Cancer. Disease of the Soul", 1984) his Pathogenesis
and Salutogenesis - and that this should be considered
contemporary with Hamer. Also, Rabbi Sabbah of Marseille,
the chief robber of my intellectual property, attended my
Chambery seminars at least 20 times between 1984 and 1990.
Subsequently, he "re-discovered" German New Medicine -
without ever acknowledging my authorship. And it was this
character who initiated a bogus court case against me, together
with his friend, the highest-ranking Rabbi in France and judge
in Chambery, François Bessy (friend of the former French
President Sarkozy). Their accusation was that 10 years earlier I
was supposed to have instigated 4 patients into German New
Medicine, solely by their reading of my books - a few days
before their death by Chemo - despite the fact that I had not
been in France in 13 years. The sentence: 3 years of
incarceration. Time and time again, I was urged to recant and
surrender German New Medicine (to the Rabbis?). This
happened in the largest and most brutal prisons in Europe,
Fleury-Merogis, administrated by Jews. [continue Hamer
comment part 3]

Dr. med.
Mag.theol. Ryke
Geerd Hamer
Posted 11st June

(originally posted 30 May 2007) Hamer comment part 3. the
incessant chitchat about anti-Semitism. When all the Jew of this
world may (even MUST) practice German New Medicine and
they then have a 98% chance to survive ... and when Dr.
Schneerson decreed in 1984 that non-Jews should be prevented
from enjoying the benefits of German New Medicine and
(should) succumb to 98% because of Chemo and Morphine - to
the tune of 1500 per day in Germany alone ... well, why call this
anti-Semitism when my non-Jewish fellow countrymen and
women also want to survive with my "German" New Medicine -
not just the Jews? Is it uttering anti-Semitism when one
expresses this wish and even claims it as one''s right? I am
neither racist nor anti-Semitic. I cannot be bribed. I am only the
tribune of all patients - Jews and non-Jews alike. We all have
the right to have our health restored with German New
Medicine. But when I see that Jews have perpetrated the most
horrible crime in world history, then I have something against
those Jews who pretend everywhere to be the persecuted victims
- even when you and your friends would like to see me
incarcerated once again for "inciting the public" (prosecuting
attorney Cottbus) - to see me muzzled because I am exposing
this crime for what it is. [continue Hamer comment part 4]

Dr. med.
Mag.theol. Ryke
Geerd Hamer
Posted 11st June

(originally posted 30 May 2007) Hamer comment part 4. It is
also an indecency trying to indiscriminately throw German New
Medicine into the same pot with so-called holistic or
complementary medicine, using the rationale: "... it has so many
aspects [of it] in accordance with established knowledge of
holistic and complementary medicine". You simply cannot mix
these, doing this is in fact very dangerous for the patients!
"German New Medicine" has existed for the past 26 years and
so far it has been officially and publicly verified 30 times. It is a
coherent and logical system that comprises not a single
hypothesis and it is, for all intents and purposes, in itself
complete. One should really no longer doubt that German New
Medicine is scientifically accurate - not after 30 verifications -
because otherwise the Jewish fellow believers would hardly
practice GNM on themselves with 98% success. But all that is
even worse: The explicit order of the World Chief Rabbi
Schneerson that the New Medicine should be denied to
non-Jews (as I was told in 1986 by Rabbi Ben Denoun-Danow
Josue in the presence of a witness) reduces this "messianic"
World Chief Rabbi to the level of the worst mass murderer of all
time. You see, not only did all Rabbis in the world follow his
commandments, but all the Jewish oncologists, head physicians
and professors had also been instructed to conceal the
discoveries of GNM vis-à vis their non-Jewish patients. The
same goes for all chief editors of the press and other media who
furthermore conducted a historically unequalled knowledge
suppression campaign against German New Medicine in general
and against me in particular (miracle healer, charlatan, etc.),
and this also includes all judges, attorneys, and authorities who
collectively co-support this crime. [continue Hamer comment
part 5]

Dr. med.
Mag.theol. Ryke
Geerd Hamer
Posted 11st June

(originally posted 30 May 2007) Hamer comment part 5. The
problem - or rather that of the Jewish denomination - is that in
the meantime we have come to know about these collusions. Of
necessity, that could create a global anti-Semitic sentiment,
something they themselves will have to answer for because the
Israelis could, due to their covert prohibition of German New
Medicine, end up to be shunned by all of humanity for centuries
to come. Thus they not only would have to fear the relatives of
the victims but also the "Army of the Dead". Since all Jews,
including also (Rabbi?) Prof. Merrick, have for 23 years very
well known that "German New Medicine" is accurate, and that
the brothers and sisters in faith survive their cancer with
German New Medicine at a rate approaching 98%, it comes
down to fraud and "mass murder" (as Prof. Niemitz formulated
it in his testimony). One could also call this a "veritable
extermination". As a theologian I know the Talmud and
particularly the passages where the hate against the rest of
humanity comes to the surface; but I also know that in the
Talmud the gravest penalties are prescribed for those whose
murder and fraud become known and who have thereby
violated the respect and reputation of all Jews in the world.
[continue Hamer comment part 6]

Dr. med.
Mag.theol. Ryke
Geerd Hamer
Posted 11st June

(originally posted 30 May 2007) Hamer comment part 6. Do you
think even for one moment that one could prevent the
disclosure of this crime against billions of non-Jewish patients
by continuing to hush up the truth, falsify German New
Medicine, slander or even murder me? It is only a question of
time until the ever-expanding resentment of patients or relatives
against the fellow believers results in the latter ending up in a
tailspin. Personally, I would have thought Jews to be more
intelligent. Gentlemen, even if you pretend to be compelled
sooner or later to verify German New Medicine for its accuracy
- I would be surprised if you have the courage to include my
present deliberations in your discussion forum. A wise man told
me: You are the only one, who can say it, You are the only one,
who may say it, and, You are also the only one, who MUST say
it. Sincerely, Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer Specialized in
Internal Medicine, banned from practicing for the past 21 years,
because of refusal to renounce the "Iron Rule of Cancer" and
"non-conforming to conventional medicine".


Søren Ventegodt
Posted 11st June

Dear Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer Thank you so much for your
contribution to the important discussion of your work on this
web-site. Please understand that we try our best to assume a
neutral, objective and scientific position, just evaluating your
work according to known theory and experience in the field of
complementary and holistic medicine. I am so happy to see that
you wrote: "I am neither racist nor anti-Semitic. I cannot be
bribed. I am only the tribune of all patients - Jews and non-Jews
alike." Because this is what medicine is about, is it not: helping
our patients, not discrimination anybody for political, financial
or other reasons? But then, when you write: "We all have the
right to have our health restored with German New Medicine."
I feel somewhat concerned. Holistic medicine wasn't invented by
us; it is a long tradition going all the way back to Hippocrates. I
recently found time to read the about 57 books of "Corpus
Hippocraticum" and it already describes the holistic laws of
healing - including the two first of your five principles - and that
was about 2300 years ago. So from my perspective, and please
forgive me for that, you have been courageous and successful
enough to re-discover these fundamental laws of healing. But
they were also known by Hahneman, Heering and other fine
doctors a hundred years ago, who used these laws to create the
medical system of homeopathy. Freud built psychoanalysis on
them. Antonovsky also re-discovered them - and he called the
holistic healing salutogenesis. And our group did also
re-discover them (I wrote my first draft of a hypothesis on the
possibility of holistic medicine and existential healing in 1986, at
that time a university student, and felt like discovering a new
planet! I used the phrase "quality of life as medicine"), not
knowing in the beginning that this was old knowledge.
(continued below)

Søren Ventegodt
Posted 11st June

(continued) Dr. Lindström might have discovered the laws of
healing, even before he understood that Antonovsky had found
them. Dr. Merrick and Dr. Omar also found these laws
independently of the literature, just from their own clinical
experiences, I believe. We were all - as you were - astonished
over the powers and efficiency of these laws, when taken to
holistic medical practice. And some of us were admittedly sad to
learn that we were not the brilliant pioneers that we believed
ourselves to be for a while, but only good doctors with sound
medical reason able to find again the ancient roots of holistic
medicine. Many of us and other doctors working today with the
principles of holistic healing have had at times even severe
problems because we followed our hearts and not mainstream
medicine. We received critique by colleagues, who did not quite
understand our work, for not following the ordinary,
established path of biomedicine. But our sufferings, no matter
how severe and how unjust, must never turn into pride, and
blindness for what other fine men before us have accomplished.
I feel that it is important for the sake of medicine itself that we
understand and acknowledge that wisdom has a sad tendency to
be forgotten and dispersed, and most luckily also a tendency to
be re-found by devoted men and thus to reappear. Thus the
original medicine is once again, but in a new form and a new
wrap, brought to the society that is open for it and to the people
who believes in it and desperate needs it. So I sincerely wish for
you, Dr. Hamer, in the deepest respect for your work, that you
will acknowledge that you are just another doctor in this
ancient line of holistic doctors, who seeks and finds once again
back to the roots of medicine, for the sake of all the patients
that needs us to do so. Sincerely yours, Søren Ventegodt,
MMedSci, EU-MSc of complementary, psychosocial and
integrative health sciences 6 June 2007


Graham V Lees
Posted 11st June

Research in Dr. Hamer’s work has been extremely difficult, as
none of it has been published in Medline indexed journals. If
you go to www.pubmed.gov today there is only one hit if you
search for "Ryke Geerd Hamer", and it is this paper in TSWJ.
Naturally the first Medline-indexed scientific paper on Hamer is
raising debate about his work, and this is how it should be, and
we are happy for it. But the debate about Dr. Hamer in this blog
is now heated up and in many ways not at all scientific but mere
opinions and seemingly undocumented accusations. As
publisher I am supposed to peer-review and cancel all
non-scientific and invalid remarks on TSWJ’s website. As the
number of comments has grown immensely, this is no longer
possible for me. I therefore have to choose between deleting all
remarks or letting them all stay. I have, for the sake of free
speech, chosen to let all comments stay on the website, and let
the debate be totally free. I have also restored earlier comments
from Dr. Hamer which I earlier deleted. They are now out of
sequence but dated in the text. Dr Hamer’s comments posted on
2 June 2007 should be taken in the context of MY deleting of
his comments (it was not Dr. Merrick’s decision). (continued

Graham V Lees
Posted 11st June

(continued) I am also making the article Open Access so that
people can actually read it before commenting on it. I request
that every participant in the debate reveal his or her true
identity including profession and professional qualifications –
this goes for "ama” as well. May I remind everybody that there
are laws regulating what you are allowed to say about each
other? I request every participant in the debate to be honest and
truthful, and to discriminate strongly between what are facts
and what is opinion. And, finally, I request that Dr. Hamer
makes a review for us of all the studies made trying to validate
or falsify his treatment – but only including studies not made by
himself – to be published in TSWJ. Just claiming that
something works is not enough in science, please document it
thoroughly. If you want to submit a paper documenting your
own work to TSWJ we will be most happy to receive it for
peer-review; naturally it must meet scientific standard. So,
please let the debate go on, in a decent and respectful way. We
are all seeking the truth for the benefit of medicine and all
future patients. And Dr. Hamer might have discovered
something significant. I am not qualified to judge. I hereby
declare that the comments on this website do not reflect the
opinion of the Journal or the authors of the Hamer paper, but
only the author of the comment. Graham Lees, PhD Founding
Editor & Publisher 11 June 2007

And from Graham Lees I received this email:

Return-Path: <gvlees@thescientificworld.com>
Reply-To: <gvlees@thescientificworld.com>
From: "Graham V Lees" <gvlees@thescientificworld.com>
To: <ama[bat]ariplex.com>
Cc: Søren Ventegodt <sv@livskvalitet.org>,
"'Joav Merrick'" <jmerrick@internet-zahav.net>
References: <NET5Z4B6LBCTPfi8ORF0000006b@net5.hotchilli.net>
Subject: RE: Your TheScientificWorld Comment - ID# 471
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 09:52:08 +0300
Organization: TheScientificWorld

Dear Ama (Aribert Deckers?):  
Against my better judgement I am not deleting your comments.  
I have no idea who you are or what your qualifications are or why you are so
passionate about all of this, but your comments are probably libelous and I
would appreciate it if you would temper your criticism and not confuse
opinion with fact.  I am sorry I do not read German well enough to
understand your comments.  
Have you actually read the paper?  I am making it Open Access so you and
others can read it.  
Perhaps you ought to collect your thoughts and write a proper letter to the
Graham V Lees PhD
Founding Editor & Publisher
 <http://www.thescientificworld.com/> TheScientificWorld: a new way of
thinking, a better place to publish
Corpus Alienum
Säflaksintie 70
02400 Kirkkonummi
+358-400-440-374  Skype: gvlees

From: editor@thescientificworld.com [mailto:editor@thescientificworld.com]
Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2007 2:37 PM
To: ama[bat]ariplex.com
Cc: editor@thescientificworld.com
Subject: Your TheScientificWorld Comment - ID# 471
Dear ama

Thank you for commenting on the article entitled Rationality
nding.asp?id=0&ArticleId=1623>  and Irrationality in Ryke Geerd Hamer’s
System for Holistic Treatment of Metastatic Cancer. published by
TheScientificWorld. The text of your comments is:
Now we are getting to the point. This is an Open Letter to Mr. Ventegodt,
Mr. Andersen, and Mr. Merrick, published today, june 10th., 2007:

They are caught in the quicksand of their own frivolous abuse of scientific names and titles and universities.

Yes, NOW we are getting to the point...


PS: My name and my profession are irrelevant. You may even consider me a 5 year-old sitting on a gnu in an African kraal.

In science it is not names and titles that counts, it is facts.



That is the end:

The confession of Ventegodt and Merrick


Søren Ventegodt
Posted 25th June

Dear colleagues,
We are happy that our paper on Hamer’s methods has received
so much attention, but also unhappy that the discussion at times
seemed to be less than open, objective, scientific and fair.
We do believe that it is a fact that cancer often spreads to other
organs (it metastasizes), but things are really not simple in
medical science as every type of cancer has its own individual
pattern of spreading to other organs. Why is this so? Till this
day nobody seems to be able to explain that strange fact. So
Hamer could be right to speculate, and he has his right to make
an alternative hypothesis, even if it seems strange, controversial
and hard to understand. What would science be without
creativity and free thoughts unbound by rigid and traditional
Until we know for sure what is going on in the body and how it
manages its biological information, it seems a little arrogant
just to neglect even the strangest hypothesis. And please
remember that in science we often see that the strangest theory
becomes truth in the end – just think of how Bohr and
Einstein’s strange ideas was received in the world of physicists in
the last century.
The book by Hamer in Norwegian [used as the basis for our
discussion of his work] on his medical principles is a collection
of interviews made in a very smart, sober, scientific, and
convincing way. It is short, crisp, and businesslike, and
therefore good for scientific discussion and critique. It also
seemed to us that there was at least some hard evidence that
Hamer actually did help a low percentage of the cancer patients
that came to him with metastatic cancer and no hope of cure.
That finally convinced us to write the paper on Hamer.
(continued below)

Søren Ventegodt
Posted 25th June

(continued from above)
As we do not read German, we cannot do the extensive review of
the Hamer-material that is needed to make a fair scientific
evaluation of his scientific and clinical work. And maybe that is
not our job either.
As the issue of complementary treatment of cancer seems really
to interest and concern many people, we do hope that a
competent person or group of people with an intimate
understanding of both complementary and holistic medicine
and the German language, will take the next step into shedding
light into this complicated issue.

Thank you for your kind interest in our work and forgive us, if
you in the end will find that we have done a
less-than-perfect-job with the Hamer-paper.

Sincerely yours,
Søren Ventegodt and Joav Merrick

For two years now, Ventegodt, Andersen, and Merrick shine in the light of their article. It was sold for 42 Euros a copy. And it made patients believe that Hamer is right.

How many patients were persuaded by the article and this way fell victim for Hamer and/or the murderous gang of copy-cats?

Now that they are caught, Ventegodt, Andersen, and Merrick AND Lees have nothing more to say than:

Thank you for your kind interest in our work and forgive us, if
you in the end will find that we have done a
less-than-perfect-job with the Hamer-paper.

Ventegodt and Merrick are professors. They teach students.

Ventegodt and Merrick are medical doctors. The treat patients.

But HOW? How can this bunch of incompetent, ignorant, arrogant impostors TEACH?

How can they dare to treat patients?

The REAL crime isn't their stupidity when writing the article. No, their crime is in what they did since, despite all the warnings and critique they received.

I consider Ventegodt, Andersen, and Merrick and Lees plain criminals.

And I do not let them get away with it...



Ventegodt and Co. changed the web address. Now it is




Könnte es sein, daß Hamer recht hat mit seinen Anschuldigungen? Könnte es sein, daß medizinische Versager wie Joav Merrick in Israel tatsächlich hochrangige Posten in Regierungsnähe oder -auftrag haben? Dagegen wäre selbst Drakula als Chef der Blutbank harmlos.



Homepage of Joav Merrick

Joav Merrick, MD, MMedSci, DMSc, is professor of pediatrics, child health
and human development affiliated with the Zusman Child Development Center,
Division of Pediatrics, Soroka University Medical Center, Ben Gurion
University, Beer-Sheva, Israel and the Kentucky Children’s Hospital,
University of Kentucky, Lexington, United States, the medical director of
the Division for Mental Retardation, Ministry of Social Affairs,
Jerusalem, the founder and director of the National Institute of Child
Health and Human Development. Numerous publications in the field of
pediatrics, child health and human development, rehabilitation,
intellectual disability, disability, health, welfare, abuse, advocacy,
quality of life, public health and prevention.

Motto in life

"Keep trying and never give up.........if your idea is right you will make
and realize it in the end"

Research interests

Child health and human development, pediatrics, disability, intellectual
disability, holistic health and medicine, public health, quality of life
and global health issues

Awards and honors

Received the Peter Sabroe Child Award for outstanding work on behalf of
Danish Children in 1985 and the International LEGO-Prize (“The Children’s
Nobel Prize”) for an extraordinary contribution towards improvement  in
child welfare and well-being in 1987

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Israel

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) in
Israel was established in 1999 as a virtual research institute under the
auspicies of the Medical Director, Ministry of Social Affairs in order to
function as the research arm for the Office of the Medical Director. In
1998 the National Council for Child Health and Pediatrics, Ministry of
Health and in 1999 the Director General and Deputy Director General of the
Ministry of Health endorsed the establishment of the NICHD. Further
information from the following links:

NICHD-IL-Publications 1999-2006

NICHD Publication statistics-2006


Curriculum vitae of Joav Merrick

Short curriculum vitae

Full current curriculum vitae

Publication statistics-2006

Books published by Joav Merrick

A full list of books written, edited and chapters in books can be found at:


Recent books published by Joav Merrick

Book-2005-Philosophy behind quality of life

Book-2005-Quality of life and health

Book-2006-Global quality of life theory, research and methodology

Book-2005-Suicidal behavior in adolescence

Book-2006-Adolescence and alcohol

Book-2007-Positive youth development

Book-2007-Alcohol and suicide

Editor-in-chief of the following journals

International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health

International Journal on Disability and Human Development

TSW-Child Health and Human Development

TSW-Holistic Health and Medicine

International Journal of Child Health and Human Development

International Journal of Child and Adolescent Health


Journal of Pain Management

Consulting Editor and Brief Research Report Editor

Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities

Editorial Board Member

The International Journal of Nursing in Intellectual and Developmental

Internet Journal of Pediatrics and Neonatology

Journal of Religion, Disability and Health

Professor Joav Merrick, MD, MMedSci, DMSc
Specialist in Pediatrics, Child Health and Human Development
Medical Director
Division for Mental Retardation
Ministry of Social Affairs
POBox 1260
IL-91012 Jerusalem, ISRAEL
Tel: 972-2-6708122
Fax: 972-2-6703657
Mobile: 972-50-6223832
E-mail: yoavm@molsa.gov.il (for contact in Israel and Hebrew)
IL-71945 Neve Tzuf, ISRAEL

Tel: 972-8-9201918
Fax: 972-8-9201917
E-mail: jmerrick@internet-zahav.net (for international contacts)
Website: www.nichd-israel.com
Kentucky Children's Hospital, University of Kentucky, Lexington, United

Daß Ryke Geerd Hamer schäumt angesichts so einer Karriere, die ihm, Hamer, versagt blieb, nimmt nicht wunder. Ihm, Hamer, wurde sogar die Habilitation verweigert.

Was ist das für eine geisteskranke Welt, in der Ryke Geerd Hamer, ein krimineller Psychopath, noch immer frei herumläuft, und seine Abkupferer mit seinen Wahnprodukten sogar internationale Bilderbuchkarrieren mit viel Geld, Ehre und Macht anhäufen?

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