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Updates vom CDC
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Die Links sind in DIESER Seite:

Dies ist nur ein Schnappschuß vom 16.6.2007.

Deswegen für den neuesten Stand
Bitte immer diese Seite anklicken:

Welcome to the Vaccines and Immunizations website.

Vaccines & Immunizations
Vaccines Home > News and Media Resources > 2007 Immunization News
News and Media Resources:

June 2007
 June 15, 2007, Vol 56
Lyme Disease -- United States, 2003-2005
This report summarizes surveillance data for 64,382 Lyme disease cases reported to CDC during 2003-2005, of which 59,770
cases (93%) were reported from the 10 reference states.
May 2007
 May 18, 2007, Vol 56
Household Transmission of Vaccinia Virus from Contact with a Military Smallpox Vaccinee -- Illinois and Indiana, 2007
This report summarizes the epidemiologic and environmental investigations conducted by local, state, and federal public health
authorities in Illinois and Indiana to determine the source of exposure and to identify and monitor other persons at risk for vaccinia
virus infection...
e Family Practice News  May 15, 2007 (Vol 37, Issue 10)
Under a Third of Asthmatic Kids Got Flu Shots in 2004-2005
Less than one-third of children with asthma between the ages of 2 and 17 years received the influenza vaccine during the
2004-2005 influenza season...
 May 11, 2007, Vol 56
Progress in Hepatitis B Prevention Through Universal Infant Vaccination -- China, 1997-2006
This report describes China's progress in increasing coverage among infants with hepatitis B vaccine (HepB) and timely
administration of the HepB birth dose...
 May 11, 2007, Vol 56
Notice to Readers: Update on Supply of Vaccines Containing Varicella-Zoster Virus
Merck expects to continue to meet demands for Varivax and M-M-R II to fully implement the recommended immunization
 May 4, 2007, Vol 56
Vulvar Vaccinia Infection After Sexual Contact with a Military Smallpox Vaccinee -- Alaska, 2006
On October 10, 2006, an otherwise healthy woman visited a public health clinic in Alaska after vaginal tears that she had first
experienced 10 days before became increasingly painful...
April 2007
 April 20, 2007, Vol 56
Human Rabies -- Indiana and California, 2006
This report describes two recent patients with rabies who were treated using therapy similar to that used for the first documented
survivor of rabies in Wisconsin patient...
 April 20, 2007, Vol 56
Notice to Readers: National Infant Immunization Week -- April 21-28, 2007
During this week, hundreds of communities throughout the United States are expected to participate in NIIW-VWA by sponsoring
activities emphasizing the importance of timely infant and childhood vaccination...
 April 13, 2007, Vol 56
Progress Toward Poliomyelitis Eradication -- Pakistan and Afghanistan, January 2006-February 2007
This report updates a previous report and describes polio cases and eradication activities in Pakistan and Afghanistan during
January 2006-February 2007...
 April 6, 2007, Vol 56
Compendium of Animal Rabies Prevention and Control, 2007
The recommendations in this compendium serve as a basis for animal rabies-prevention and -control programs throughout the
United States...
 April 6, 2007, Vol 56
Elimination of Measles -- South Korea, 2001-2006
This report describes the activities and summarizes the results of a plan which enabled South Korea to announce in late 2006 that
interruption of indigenous measles transmission had been achieved...
 April 6, 2007, Vol 56
Notice to Readers: Addition of Novel Influenza A Virus Infections to the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance
System, 2007
On January 9, 2007, the Executive Committee of the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE) approved an interim
position statement, adding novel influenza A virus infections* to the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System (NNDSS)...
e Family Practice News  April 1, 2007 (Vol 37, Issue 7)
Cervical Cancer Vaccine Still Effective at 5.5 Years
The investigational cervical cancer vaccine Cervarix remained highly effective through 5.5 years in preventing cervical
intraepithelial neoplasia lesions associated with human papillomavirus strains 16 and 18...
March 2007
 March 30, 2007, Vol 56
Progress Toward Poliomyelitis Eradication -- Nigeria, 2005-2006
This report summarizes new approaches and overall progress toward polio eradication in Nigeria during 2005-2006...
 March 23, 2007, Vol 56
Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus Vaccine
This report summarizes the epidemiology of HPV and associated diseases, describes the licensed HPV vaccine, and provides
recommendations for its use for vaccination among females aged 9-26 years in the United States...
e Family Practice News  March 15, 2007 (Vol 37, Issue 6)
'Stopgap' Avian Flu Vaccine Is Backed for Stockpiling
An inactivated H5N1 influenza virus vaccine that a federal advisory panel has recommended for approval would, if approved,
become the first vaccine for avian influenza licensed in the United States...
e Family Practice News  March 1, 2007 (Vol 37, Issue 5)
Intussusception Rates Deemed No Greater Than Expected From Rotatech
The number of intussusception cases following administration of the rotavirus vaccine thus far does not exceed the expected
background rate...
 March 16, 2007, Vol 56
Surveillance for Acute Viral Hepatitis -- United States, 2005
This report describes the burden of acute hepatitis attributed to infection with HAV, HBV, or HCV and summarizes trends in the
incidence of these diseases through 2005...
 March 16, 2007, Vol 56
Postmarketing Monitoring of Intussusception After RotaTeq™ Vaccination -- United States, February 1,
2006-February 15, 2007
This report presents data from the first year of postmarketing monitoring for intussusception after RotaTeq vaccination in the
United States...
 March 12, 2007, Vol 56
Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus Vaccine
This report summarizes the epidemiology of HPV and associated diseases, describes the licensed HPV vaccine, and provides
recommendations for its use for vaccination among females aged 9-26 years in the United States...
 March 9, 2007, Vol 56
Influenza Vaccination Coverage Among Children with Asthma -- United States, 2004-05 Influenza Season
The findings in this report, based on 2005 NHIS data, include the first national estimate of influenza vaccination coverage in
children with current asthma...
 March 2007 issue (Vol. 13, No. 3)
Human and Animal Vaccination Delivery to Remote Nomadic Families, Chad
Vaccinating persons and livestock in hard-to-reach rural communities remains a serious challenge and calls for innovative, specially
designed strategies. In Africa, the ability of human and veterinary health systems to deliver services is constrained...
 March 2007 issue (Vol. 13, No. 3)
Matrix Protein 2 Vaccination and Protection against Influenza Viruses, Including Subtype H5N1
Priority is being given to developing vaccines that offer broad protection against multiple influenza subtypes, including H5N1. We
therefore evaluated M2-based vaccine efficacy against divergent challenge viruses...
February 2007
 February 23, 2007, Vol 56
Notice to Readers: Supply of Vaccines Containing Varicella-Zoster Virus
CDC received notice from Merck & Co., Inc., that it has lower amounts of varicella-zoster virus (VZV) than expected...
 February 23, 2007, Vol 56
Measles Among Adults Associated with Adoption of Children in China -- California, Missouri, and Washington,
July-August 2006
On August 15, 2006, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services was notified of a measles case in a Missouri resident
who had recently traveled to China. The patient had traveled with a group of 11 families seeking to adopt children from three
orphanages in Guangdong Province...
e Family Practice News  February 1, 2007 (Vol 37, Issue 3)
Cancer Society Backs HPV Shot for Middle School Girls: No hard advice given for ages 19–26 years
The ACS guidelines concluded that there are not enough data to recommend either for or against universal vaccination of females
aged 19–26 years in the general population...
January 2007
 January 11, 2007, Vol 56
Notice to Readers: Satellite Broadcast: Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases 2007
CDC and the Public Health Training Network will present the satellite broadcast/webcast series, Epidemiology and Prevention of
Vaccine-Preventable Diseases...
 January 5, 2007, Vol 55
Erratum: Vol. 55, Nos. 51 & 52 for the MMWR:
Recommended Immunization Schedules for Persons Aged 0-18 Years -- United States, 2007
The ACIP periodically reviews the recommended immunization schedule for persons aged 0-18 years to ensure that the schedule
is current with changes. The changes to the previous childhood and adolescent immunization schedule, published January 2006,
are as follows...
 January 5, 2007, Vol 55
Notice to Readers: Tenth Annual Conference on Vaccine Research
CDC and 11 other national and international agencies and organizations will collaborate with the National Foundation for Infectious
Diseases to sponsor the 10th Annual Conference on Vaccine Research...
 January 2007 issue (Vol. 13, No. 1)
Model for Assessing Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Strategies
We present a transmission dynamic model that can assess the epidemiologic consequences and cost-effectiveness of alternative
strategies of administering a prophylactic quadrivalent human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine...
 January 2007 issue (Vol. 13, No. 1)
Vaccine Effectiveness Estimates, 2004–2005 Mumps Outbreak, England
The United Kingdom and United States have recently experienced large outbreaks of mumps, which raises concerns about vaccine
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