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EDIT: 24.8.2008
CAUTION: Ventegodt and Co. changed the web address. Now it is


The weblog of the "'Scientific' World Journal" really is a mess. The text limit is a pain and the layout a catastrophy.

Here are the pieces of proof of today, june 20th., 2007, in chronological order (do compare with the original, insane weblog!):

Posted 12th June

Dear Dr.Soren Vendegodt,
If these holistic laws have existed for 2,300 years, why do patients
nowadays and always only actually receive nothing but chemotherapy,
radiation therapy, and hormonal treatment, etc? Why did nobody teach me
these laws during my medical studies?
If Dr. Hamer is just the next doctor that found these laws, why all the
theater around him all these years? Why the persecution? For what? For
finding existing laws? If many doctors have found the laws to be correct
why are not doctors using them everywhere since???
Can you answer just WHY?
Thank you in advance, Emanuel Moehring


Peter Beimer
Posted 13th June

Lieber Herr Graham Lees, ich freue mich, daß Sie die versehentlich
gelöschte Stellungnahme von Dr. Hamer wieder eingestellt haben und möchte
Ihnen und Herrn Dr. Søren Vendegodt herzlich dafür danken, daß Sie hier
eine sachliche und dem Thema angemessene Diskussion ermöglichen.


Søren Ventegodt
Posted 19th June

Dear Dr. Emanuel Moering,
Until about 1900 organic chemistry had not been sufficiently developed to
give us all the drugs we have to day; the biochemical revolution during
the 20th century gave us penicillin and receptor-specific designer drugs,
and these drugs dramatically empowered the doctor to significantly impact
the state of the patient. So around 1950 most doctors came to believe that
the psychological and social dimensions of medicine were of much less
importance than biochemistry when treating a patient. This caused a major
shift in the focus of medical science, and medicine turned from being
"holistic medicine” - looking at the person as a whole - into
"biomedicine", treating with drugs.
So from 1950 the medical faculties of the universities of the world almost
abandoned psycho-social strategies and biomedicine was given all the
prestige and money for research.
The priority of the money for research meant a slow scientific development
of issues relevant for holistic medicine and holistic health awareness
like psychosocial medicine, quality of life, and sense of coherence. Only
around 1990-2000 had enough evidence gathered to document that lifestyle,
health attitudes, happiness, and philosophy of life might be extremely
important for a person’s health. In this period the use of complementary
and psychosocial medicine - now becoming "alternative" - simply exploded.
To day there are more consultations with complementary medicine than
biomedicine in the USA, and this development is also happening in Europe
(continued below)

Søren Ventegodt
Posted 19th June

(continued from above)
But strong financial interests and a strong lobby have allowing industry
and industry-friendly people to impact the policymaking of many European
governments. Recent laws have made many types of complementary medicine
illegal - comp. the fight around homeopathy used to day by more than 10%
of the doctors of the planet. Its medical practitioners have in some cases
been sent to jail, or have lost their license, or their jobs. One recent
way that complementary medicine has been repressed is by demanding that
treatment results must be documented in the same way as the pharmaceutical
companies are documenting their results - that is controlling against
But as a psychosocial intervention mostly is sheer placebo - the positive
effect of a shift in patient’s consciousness towards being positive,
constructive and present - this design is robbing the holistic medicine of
its fruits. Testing homeopathy the way penicillin is tested is going to
kill this old and noble art, as the developing a person’s character - the
essence of homeopathy in my understanding - is sheer placebo. But
nevertheless it seems to be highly effective medicine and has been so
since Hippocrates and his students introduced the scientific
character-medicine 2300 years ago. Most interestingly, the science of
holistic medicine is now beginning to understand WHY this is so healthy to
step into character as a person (comp. our seven papers on Life Mission
Theory as one example of theory shedding light into this complicated
(continued below)

Søren Ventegodt
Posted 19th June

(continued from above)
To solve the problem of documenting the effect of holistic medicine our
group has turned an old design for documenting the effect of a medical
treatment - also going back to Hahnemann and further back to Hippocrates
- into science. We have called this method the "Square curve paradigm".
The idea is that you measure the state of physical and mental health of a
chronic patient - as this is experienced by the patient - before and after
the treatment, and if there is a significant and positive difference i.e.
a treatment effect, you measure the patient’s state aging after one year
or so.
If the effect is still there - if the patient feels cured by your
treatment - and if you agree as a doctor - you can say that you have
helped the patient. A temporary improvement is of little value, and an
improvement that you appreciate as a doctor that is not appreciated much
by the patient is of little value.
I would personally like all kinds of medicine - biomedicine, holistic
medicine, and complementary medicine - to be tested this way, using the
patient’s own experience of being cured as the key to documenting success
of treatment. I really like the concept of evidence-based medicine very
much - especially because I am working with holistic medicine where every
therapist seem to think that there own method is superior while it often
is not - because only by scientific investigation we can approach the
truth in a useful manner.
So, Dr. Emanuel Moering, this was a long answer to your question. And it
was my personal view on the matter, not really a scientific one but more a
philosophical and political perspective. But I still hope you can agree to
at least a part of it.
Sincerely yours,
Søren Ventegodt


Posted 19th June

Dear Dr.Soren Ventegodt,
Thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunately,i do not see an exact
answer to my questions. Your answer takes a direction related only to
holistic medicine.
I, as a medical student, do not study holistic medicine, nor it is taught
at the University. I am not very keen on holistic methods. Holistic
medicine is also not welcomed by my medical professors ...
But If holistic medicine is approved and recognized nowadays and earlier
as you maintain, for what is Dr. Hamer persecuted and why do NO holistic
practitioners know "his" laws and NO practitioner at all is ALLOWED to
use them on their patients?
It is a simple question; it does not need a long explanation.
Thank you in advance.

Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.
Posted 20th June

Dear Dr. Ventegodt: If Dr. Hamer is, as you write, “just another doctor in
this ancient line of holistic doctors, who seeks and finds once again back
to the roots of medicine, for the sake of all the patients that need us to
do so”, WHY has Dr. Hamer then been ridiculed, persecuted, and
criminalized for over 25 years? WHY was he stripped of his medical license
(in 1986) if he only applied to his patients holistic laws, which have
existed for 2,300 years? WHY are the authorities so adamant not to
reinstate his license even though his medical findings have never been
disproved? (see section about “administrative fraud”, comment Hamer, June
19). On the other hand: WHY do those who “use” (plagiarize!) his
discoveries and mix, i.e. dilute them with other modalities under trendy
names like “alternative”,“complementary” or “integrative medicine” receive
official recognition while Dr. Hamer continues being ostracized? Is there
a hidden agenda somewhere? Dr. Hamer’s German New Medicine is much more
than just a holistic medicine (a sequel from Hippocrates to Hamer, as you
suggest). Dr. Hamer’s medical discoveries are based on UNIVERSAL natural
They are founded on the understanding of diseases as innate meaningful
special biological programs, including a natural healing phase (provided
the related conflict can be resolved). But just like the old orthodox
medicine, the modern alternative-integrative-New Medicine cocktail is
trying to “cure” an already healing organism, abiding the lucrative
doctrine that diseases are caused by external or internal hostile agents
that have to be “killed” with every possible means. (continue below)

Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.
Posted 20th June

(continued from above) During this debate, we should always be aware that
because of the ongoing suppression of GNM and its take-over since the mid
1980s, millions of patients have died needlessly, and thousands continue
to die unnecessarily every day. “For the sake of ALL patients” (to quote
your own words), one can only hope that Dr. Hamer’s HUMANE MEDICINE will
very soon be endorsed and promoted by EVERYONE, including those who are in
a position to combine scientific objectivity with a true sense of
responsibility. The well documented 90% success rate of German New
Medicine can no longer be denied (for evidence see comment Hamer, May
27). Sincerely, Caroline Markolin


Dr.med.Mag.theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer
Posted 19th June

Dear Dr. Søren Ventegodt: Your letter, for which I thank you, was indeed
cordial but I am dismayed that either you have not understood anything
concerning German New Medicine - or you pretend that you don't have a
clue. In his expert opinion, Professor Niemitz calls traditional medicine
an "amorphous hodgepodge of unproven hypotheses". Holistic Medicine
is even more than that: namely an amorphous pudding mush of untold
more unproven hypotheses which you want to see solidified. Holistic
Medicine is a medicine in name only – it has no system at all. In
contrast, German New Medicine is a Natural Science without a single
hypothesis, and it is verifiable with astronomical exactitude with the
next best available patient. So, what does GNM have to do with this
amorphous brew of Holistic Medicine such as Acupuncture, Siddha, Yoga,
Aromatherapy, Tai-Chi, etc., or with the homeopathy of Hahnemann who
wanted to "cure" 95% of his patients in their healing phase with droplets
and beads? Absolutely nothing! In the 90's, his disciple Körbler stole my
2nd Biological Natural Law and sold it as "New Homeopathy", in such a way
as to give the impression that Hahnemann (Khanemann) actually knew already
about it. What you and your friends want to accomplish seems to come in
three parts: 1. To hush up the issues of billions of worldwide victims and
their responsible mass-murderers. 2. To purposely stir German New Medicine
into the unscientific mush of holistic medicine. This way, everything
which in GNM is so crystal clear becomes nebulous again, i.e. German New
Medicine gets systematically diluted.
Of course this is applicable only for non-Jews because, as I already
mentioned, Jews have already been practicing pure German New Medicine for
at least 23 years. 3. In your efforts to contest my copyrights you
actually end up stealing German New Medicine for the Jews along the lines
of: German New Medicine was a Jewish discovery. (continued below)

Dr. med. Mag.theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer
Posted 19th June

(continued from above) You also rejoiced a little too early when you wrote
in your paper: "Hamer is now 70 years old and his professional life
finished." To this I can only say: You wait and see - others my age, and
even older, managed to become Prime Minister or President. Maybe you and
your friends really thought that I would not "survive" the concentration
camp in France, or maybe you counted on me, or were even certain, that
while jailed I would assign the exclusive rights to German New Medicine to
judge Bessy (the highest rabbi in France) and his friends.
But you don't know me. Not even 10 years in jail would have prompted me
to commit such an act of treason. Just a single thought of the 1500
patients that are slain daily in Germany alone would have sufficed to
prevent me from ever becoming such a traitor. Even when (fellow believer?)
Robbi Schon revoked my license to practice Medicine 21 years ago, because
of my "refusal to recant the New Medicine" and “to convert to traditional
medicine", the administration in Frankfurt (Reg. Dir. Diefenbach) has
recently confirmed to me in a personal conversation that this had been an
injustice equivalent to administrative fraud. Nobody should have had the
right to strip me of my license to practice Medicine without proof of the
non-validity of German New Medicine. But now this license cannot be given
back to me, notwithstanding the fraud, because it would constitute proof
that traditional medicine is bogus. (continued below)

Dr. med. Mag.theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer
Posted 19th June

(continued from above)Mr. Ventegodt, let's not pretend that German New
Medicine has to be verified once more, maybe with the help of the
indefinable holistic brew, despite the fact that such verifications have
been conducted scientifically and officially some 30 times. Is it you or
Prof. Merrick who would conduct this verification of German New Medicine,
although you know nothing, and WANT TO KNOW NOTHING about GNM and the
scientific verification criteria on the next arbitrary patient’s case? And
then you advise me to document my success cases... Please - why not just
simply acknowledge that German New Medicine is an exact science. It has no
predecessors and functions just as exactly with patients who are dying
(when they panic or get relapses) as it does with patients who survive. It
simply always works and that applies to ALL 5 Biological Natural Laws. And
when you write: “Other medical principles Hamer identified and called
“medical laws” unfortunately lack the content and structure that is
normally expected from medical science as they do not acknowledge and
incorporate the established knowledge of immunology, toxicology, and other
medical fields.” I never mentioned "medical laws".
They don't even exist - there are only medical hypotheses. I only talk of
Biological Natural Laws which do NOT exist in conventional medicine.
And neither is there such a thing as medical science - except the
scientific German New Medicine - or have you ever seen scientific
knowledge regarding immunology - these are all just hypotheses. The name
alone is an effrontery and feigns seriousness. If you expected to find
with German New Medicine a scientific medicine that would acknowledge the
established so-called "knowledge" of traditional medicine and would agree
to be combined with the nonsensical hypotheses, then, similar to your
holistic mish-mash, it would certainly not be a discovery. (continued

Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer
Posted 19th June

(continued from above) So, let's drop the pretenses. Prof. Merrick and
you, along with your fellow believers would not use German New Medicine
since 23 years if it had proven to be incorrect. Don't underestimate the
non-believers, they are not dumber than the Jews, even if they are
good-natured and have a conscience for ALL of humanity. Dr. Ventegodt - no
offense – but have you ever heard of truthfulness and honesty? Why don't
you and Prof. Merrick have the courage to say: "Yes, German New Medicine
is correct - we have been practicing it for 23 years and with a 98% cancer
success rate. It is regrettable that we have to follow the Talmud and
Rebbe Schneerson's directives to withhold German New Medicine from
Non-Jews. We see our error and agree to make amends!" If you would give
such honest testimonial for your religious community, then in the future
practically nobody would have to die of cancer any more. With best
regards, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Posted 20th June


Tot durch Ryke Geerd Hamer

Die Totenliste mehr als 140 Tote...


Menschen starben. Sie starben wegen Hamer. Doch seine Anhänger
hörten nicht auf zu behaupten, daß es durch Hamer keinen einzigen
odesfall gäbe.  Hamer's Anhänger verbreiten Lügen, angetrieben
durch kriminelle Psychopathen und skrupellose Geschäftemacher,
wie Hamer selbst.

Auch als Sören Wechselbaum starb, bei dem es ohne jeden Zweifel
klar war, daß er wegen Hamer gestorben war, und daß er hätte
gerettet werden können, wenn er NICHT auf Hamer gehört hätte,
logen Hamer's Anhänger in unverminderter Härte weiter.

Deshalb begann ich 2002, die mir bekannten Todesfälle in dieser Liste


Weiterhin ungeklärt sind ZUSÄTZLICH die von Hamer selbst
zugegebenen durch die Staatsanwaltschaft ermittelten
500 TODESFÄLLE in Zusammenhang mit Burgau, Österreich

Man sieht an der Liste, dass es sowohl raeumlich als auch zeitlich
sehr grosse Luecken gibt, so in der Zeit von 1983 bis 1990, unter
anderem aus Hamer's "Klinik" in Katzenelnbogen. Das bedeutet,
dass es sehr viel mehr Tote gibt.

Wir befuerchten, dass es selbst bei vorsichtigster Schaetzung
MINDESTENS 300 Tote sind.

Die Todessekte des Ryke Geerd Hamer ist die mit Abstand
gefaehrlichste Sekte der letzten Jahrzehnte. Man darf dabei
vor allem eines nicht vergessen: dass Aerzte und Heilpraktiker
beteiligt sind, die zum Teil auch ohne Nennung des Namens
Hamer dessen wahnsinnige Ideen in Geld umsetzen.

Menschenleben spielen fuer sie keine Rolle.


Posted 20th June

No Tribute for Ryke Geerd Hamer


Aribert Deckers

In my text "Die Bestialität des Ryke Geerd Hamer"
("The Bestiality of Ryke Geerd Hamer")
( http://www.ariplex.com/ama/ama_ha53.htm ) I commented these two passages:

(textmarkers by me)
Und Sie verkündeten mir, dass meine germanische Neue Medizin
in Zukunft nur noch für Juden vorbehalten ist, die damit zu
98% überleben dürfen, während meine deutschen nichtjüdischen
Landsleute und alle Nichtjuden dieser Welt gezwungen werden
sollen, weiter die idiotische jüdische
Gutartig-Bösartig-Religionsmedizin mit ihren 5000 Hypothesen
zu erdulden, an der man zu 98% an Chemo und Morphium stirbt
Dass aber Ihr Weltoberrabbiner Schneerson ausdrücklich
angeordnet hat, dass man diese (meine germanische) Neue
Medizin allen Nichtjuden gegenüber verschweigen müsse -
genau so haben Sie es mir berichtet! - das macht meines
Erachtens diesen "messianischen" Weltoberrabbiner zum
schlimmsten Massenmörder der Weltgeschichte.
Die Anordnung des Weltoberrabbiners haben nicht nur alle
Rabbiner der Welt strikt befolgt, sondern alle jüdischen
Großlogenmeister der B'nai B'rith haben ihre kleinen
Logensklaven Chefärzte und Professoren angewiesen, den
Massenmord an den Nichtjuden strikt durchzuführen, [...]

Posted 20th June


Denn seit 20 Jahren praktizieren alle Juden dieser Welt auf
Geheiß ihrer Rabbiner die Germanischen Neuen Medizinr,
während alle Nichtjuden gezwungen werden, die dumme alte
Schulmedizin mit ihren 5000 Hypothesen zu praktizieren und
sich zu 98% mit Chemo und Morphium umbringen zu lassen. Die
dumme sog. Schulmedizin ist eigentlich eine jüdische
Medizin. Alles ist eingeteilt in "gutartig und bösartig". Es
ist der wahnsinnige Kampf der Talmud-Zionisten in ihrem
religiösen Wahn alle Nichtjuden der Welt umbringen zu

It is Hamer's bestiality to declare dieing as healing.

There are a lot of text passages like those above, in which Hamer attacks "the jews".  
Now I found that in relation with Rabbi Schneerson, who Hamer refers to again and again, there are some really strange things... To analyse them we started with collecting some of these passages. (See the findings in the appendix.)

The pieces found are horrifying, but do not give much clues about the backgrounds. But whilst investigating in a telephone conversation a remark led me to a factum one normally does not get to know. I admit, it took a day before I found the solution.

* * *

Background of my investigations had been the bizarre adressing of the Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson as "Dr. med.". Hamer even calls Schneerson expressis verbis a "Mediziner".

In biographies or hints concerning his professional education I never found anything about a study of medicine, not even about practising as a medical doctor. As far as I know, Menachem Mendel Schneerson is called a mediciner and given the title "Dr. med." solely by Hamer.

Posted 20th June

How can this be?

Here as an example a biography (and surely no critical one, look at the file name!):
(textmarkers by me)
home : index : Judaea : Messiah : article by Jona Lendering ©
Later Messiahs (7)
Menachem Mendel Schneerson
Menachem Mendel was born in 1902 in Nikolayev in
Ukraine - then a part of tsaristic Russia - as the son of an
aristocratic mother and a teacher who was to become
the chief rabbi of Yekaterinoslav (Dnepropetrovsk) in
1907. Menachem proved himself to be a clever student
of Mosaic Law; when he was twenty-one, he met the
spiritual leader of the Lubavitch movement of Chassidic
Judaism, rabbi Yosef Yitzchock Schneerson. The two
men became closely related, moved to Poland - outside
the newly founded Soviet Union - and soon, the young
man was the Lubavitcher rebbe's son-in-law.
Later, Menachem Mendel Schneerson and his wife
settled in Berlin, where he studied mathematics. After
the Nazis had come to power in 1933, they had to move
again, this time to Paris, from where they were forced to
flee in 1940. They finally settled in New York.

Posted 20th June

In 1950, rabbi Yosef Yitzchock Schneerson died; next
year, his son-in-law became the new spiritual leader of
the small Lubavitch community. Under Menachem's
direction, rabbis were sent out to educate the liberal
Jews, who, according to the Lubavitcher rebbe, had to
be brought back to traditional Judaism. Social service
programs contributed to the success of these missionary
activities. In the 1980's, the Lubavitcher movement had
some 200,000 members worldwide.
Some of his followers believed that the Lubavitcher
rebbe was the Messiah, a claim that Menachem Mendel
Schneerson has neither rejected nor supported. In his
own words:
"We stand poised at the threshold of a spiritual
revolution, a world filled with divine knowledge,
the time of the Messiah. A single good deed on
your part can transform the world."
After the end of the Cold War (1989) and the Second
Gulf War (1991), he frequently spoke about the
messianic age of peace, enticing his follower to prepare
for the coming of the Messiah.
In 1994, he died. No successor was appointed because
most of his followers expect his early return.
Asher Lämmlin (c.1500)
Isaac Luria (1534-1573)
Hayyim Vital (after 1542)
Sabbathai Zwi (1626-1676)
Jacob Frank (1726-1786)
Moses Guibbory (1899-1985)
Menachem Mendel Schneerson (1902-1994)

There are several rabbis with the name Schneerson. So, for identification one must always use the full name including all prenames.

The names at the end of the biography are the names of the rabbis of the "Lubavich Jews". There are only 7. And it shall be only 7, because after the death of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson it was decided, that he shall be the last Lubavich Rabbi.

Posted 20th June

There are "some" peculiarities with these Lubavich Jews. The gap of more than 100 years between Jacob Frank (1726-1786) and Moses Guibbory (1899-1985) is one of the harmless ones.

I did not believe that Menchem Mendel Schneerson was a medical doctor. The only note concerning his study was, that he had studied mathematics. And some sources say he later worked as an engineer.

And then there was this phonecall, in which in on of the Chabad centers I asked for an authoritative answer about what Menachem Mendel Schneerson REALLY had studied and as WHAT he REALLY had worked. I doubted that he had been a medical doctor. There came the anser, yes, but..., he had healed, one had to see this in a spiritual way.

Now, that really does it: a rabbi heals ill persons. Of gurus we know these stories, Jesus was working in this metier - and now the Menachem Mendel Schneerson, too...

Obviously there was and is a cult about Menachem Mendel Schneerson which outstands many others back by far.

This also is shown in a newspaper article, the important part of which I quote:

(textmarkers by me)
I do not believe that Rabbi Menachem Mendel
Schneerson, who died in 1994, was the
Moshiach, or Messiah, but it is clear that the
Rebbe was, in the words of Rabbi Norman
Lamm, a leading Orthodox rabbi, "an
indomitable leader, a preeminent scholar and a
truly creative visionary of organization."

Posted 20th June

Rabbi Sholom Riskin, a leading Israeli rabbi,
in a New York Jewish Week article, said that
Rabbi Schneerson was "truly the great leader
of this past generation."

It does not say: "I KNOW, that Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson was not the Messiah", no, there is written: "I do not believe that Rabbi Menachem Mendel
Schneerson was the Messiah."

There are worlds in between...

This text passage reminded me of the telephone conversation and so gave me THE hint for the real goings-on between Hamer and Schneerson.

Fact is: Hamer wrote letters to Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Hamer quotes his own letters. If he really did send them, I do not know. But it  complies with his psyche.

Fact is: Menachem Mendel Schneerson did not answer Hamer's letters. Hamer complains about that.

A fact which I had overlooked until now: Hamer claims that Menachem Mendel Schneerson verified Hamer' "German New Medicine". That is as impossible as a methodist pope. So, what had happened? And above all: From where did Hamer get to know about the "verification"?

In his tirades about the evil jew Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the "Weltoberrabbiner" (the world top rabbi), Hamer remarks that a "Rabbi Denoun" had told him that, in the year 1986, in april, on the 27th. day, between 9.oo pm and midnight:

Sie können ja nicht ableugnen, auch nicht durch Schweigen, was Sie mir
am 27.04.1986 zwischen 21 00 Uhr und Mitternacht über Ihren
Weltoberrabbiner Dr. med. Menachem Mendel Schneerson verraten haben.

Posted 20th June

Addressee of this pamphlet is a "Rabbi Denoun". First of all this name is wrong, and second I now talked with this man.

When I told him about Hamer's escapades, he was irritated.

Fact is: Hamer was called for help as someone was ill with cancer and the family in their desperation grasped for any straws. One had told them about Hamer, so they asked him. Hamer really came. One saw each other once. That was all. Except for 2 letters by the "sister of Hamer", who later asked the family for a confirmation that Hamer had helped the man ill with cancer. They did not answer.

But to tell Hamer that Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson had verified Hamer's GNM? Irritation. The only thing, which could eventually might have been: that Hamer possibly had seen pictures of Menachem Mendel Schneerson on the wall. And else? Nothing!

My first thought had been that someone had pulled a fast one on Hamer. And that Hamer as usual built one of his lie fortresses. But no, here was a family, they had called him, one saw each other once, and that's all.

1986, that is 21 years ago. A long time and each detail of the talk one surely cannot remember - the more because of the sorrow and worries for the deadly ill brother. I believe that during the time Hamer had been there, some words have been spoken - and, perhaps, with some few, irrelevant sentences about who is the person on the pictures. And that he is the spiritual leader of the Lubavich Jews.

Exactly THIS is the ignitor. Schneerson had written about the connection between body and soul, about healing of diseases. And - as is in many religions - that "the spirit" heals. And above all: that the belief heals.

The point here: that the psyche works on the body. THAT is Hamer's idea. HIS! But here it is proclaimed by a foreigner. By a RABBI! His, Hamer's, the greatest medical man of all times, HIS IDEA!!! THIEVES!

Hamer wants obeisance. Of all people by a religious leader.  Of all people by an ultra-orthodox jew. Of all people by a jew, who see themselves as THE  chosen people in the universe.

Schneerson did not write about Hamer's insane ideas. It suffices for Schneerson writing about psyche. Immediately Hamer puts in HIS version, as he also does with others: that they verified HIS rules 1 and 2 (and so on).

Posted 20th June

Hamer puts words into other peoples' say.  His followers in their naivet´e  believe that these others expressis verbis name Hamer and his ideas. But this is not so!

Schneerson writes about the psyche and Hamer makes this a "verification".

We know about cases like Ernst August Stemmann, who not only is one of the most important devote supporters of Hamer, but also one of the best known epigones, who even copies Hamer word for word. Hamer is happy, as someone is conform with his ideas (hurray, a verification!) and angry, as the "Räuber" (thieve, Hamer's words) does not pay the tribute to THE GENIUS.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson does not pay tribute to the greatest of all medicine men. He even does not answer his letters...

And then there is the utmost impertinence: The god of the Menachem Mendel Schneerson is not the god of Ryke Geerd Hamer - and  the god of the Menachem Mendel Schneerson, in the world where the spirit heals, heals only HIS chosen people. Ryke Geerd Hamer is not one of them.

He, Ryke Geerd Hamer, is outside the door...

Hamer must have been foaming in tantrums...

The situation is so bizarre, so utmost mad --- it is killingly funny.

* * *

The "verification" by the "Weltoberrabbiner" Menachem Mendel Schneerson plus the paranoia, the jews would TAKE the "Holy Medicine" (see "Medicina Sagrada" in Spanish) for them alone, is an example out of the storybook of psychiatry: the little sausage, cockalorum Ryke Geerd Hamer, in his limitless self-overestimation and greedy crave for recognition, lies bolts bent.

No anti-semitisme, but ungraspable imbecility, pure jealousy about food.


Peter Beimer
Posted 20th June

Wenn jemand wie ama der Meinung ist, daß durch Hamers Germanische
Neue Medizin Menschen umgebracht werden und er Totenlisten anlegt,
dann möchte man vor solch hilfsbereitem Menschenfreund den Hut ziehen
und ihn unterstützen. Nach einigem Nachdenken wird man sich aber
fragen, warum ama den umständlichen Weg geht, überall gegen Hamers
Anhänger zu hetzen, anstatt den einfacheren Weg zu gehen, sich für eine
amtliche Prüfung von Hamers Naturgesetzen einzusetzen. Offenbar
befürchtet er, bei einer Prüfung könnten diese Gesetze bestätigt und ihm
dadurch die Geschäftsgrundlage entzogen werden. Oder glaubt er etwa, die
Schulmediziner hätten eine Bestätigung Hamers zu befürchten und
würden sich deshalb einer Überprüfung verweigern? Glaubt er darum, es
wäre aussichtslos, sich für eine amtliche Prüfung einzusetzen?
Verständlich wäre eine solche Haltung schon, besonders in Anbetracht
dessen, daß Prof. Merrick und seine Mitautoren bereits von der Richtigkeit
der beiden ersten Hamerschen Gesetze ausgehen. Anscheinend glaubt ama
selbst nicht an die Fundiertheit seiner Todeslisten, sonst hielte er es nicht
für nötig, sie durch eine Antisemitismuskampagne zu flankieren. Ich
wiederhole deshalb meine Frage vom 7. Juni: Meint er etwa, die
Chirurgen sollten wieder auf Hygiene verzichten, falls sich herausstellen
sollte, daß Semmelweiß ein Antisemit war?


P. C. Zeller, MD
Posted 20th June


Sir, I refer to the article on the Hamer Medicine (Rationality and Irrationality etc.) by Ventegodt and al. published in The Scientific World Journal.

In my opinion, as a longterm physician and scientist (for more than sixty years) and university teacher this article should never have appeared in a publication that calls itself scientific.

The whole paper is solely based on a small book containing interviews with Mr Hamer, a booklet in norwegian language and that no one knows in the rest
of Europe.

Everything Mr Hamer says there is considered by the authors as the truth and nothing but the truth.

The authors did not check the facts, which would have been easy, as Mr Hamer has left a trace of fraud, crime, blood and tears throughout the whole of Europe.

This certainly is not Good Scientific Practice – it simply is unacceptable.

Already the title of the paper is misleading: there is no “Hamer System for Holistic Treatment of Metastatic Cancer”.

According to Mr Hamer “Metastases do not exist – they are nothing but an invention by stupid doctors, who then kill their patients with morphium”.

According to Mr Hamer “Brain tumors also do not exist”; they cannot exist because their existence would not fit in his system of psyche-brain-body. I remind you of the voluminous works on cancer by DeVita, Zeller/Zur Hausen (oncology) or Noltenius (brain tumor pathology). Hamer maintains that all this (collected and scientifically
tested knowledge) is rubbish.

P. C. Zeller, MD
Posted 20th June

The authors write that Hamer had developed a “testicular carcinoma and that he cured it by his system”. This is not true – Hamer underwent surgery in a Munich clinic. No one knows for shure that it was a carcinoma – as to that we have only his word. In his first (?) book he writes that in exactly that clinic he studied the case reports of other cancer patients and from there got the idea for his system.

When Mr Hamer gives figures, you can never trust him, as the figures change every time according to the necessity of the argument, and the figures are never realistic.

Do the authors really believe that Mr Hamer “received his experience from working with more than 10,000 patients”? Where are the data? Why can’t Mr Hamer come up with only one well documented case of a healed patient?

Mr Hamer publishes a lot in the Internet, his so-called “verifications” (see the Pilhar pages) but never hard testable data.

Considering this aspect it is cynical when Ventegodt and al. write (p. 99) that “seven survivors out of fifty is a success rate of 15%(sic!).” This number found the authors in a publication by the (Swiss) SCAC, but they cite it in a way that creates the impression the authors had checked the Spiegel article themselves, what they did obviously not. This ist not Good Scientific Practice.

As the article dates from 1995, it certainly would be interesting to know if these seven patients survived a relevant amount of time after the investigation – or died they die shortly after?

P. C. Zeller, MD
Posted 20th June

I would like to add a word concerning this “success rate”.

When we are talking about the Hamer system, we are not talking about patients with
advanced metastatic cancer in a hopeless premortal state! As a matter of fact, we are talking about patients with a freshly diagnosed cancer, but still in a good state of health – patients who would have excellent chances with modern scientific cancer treatment. It is these patients that the Hamer sect tries to shanghai – in the end, as a consequence of the factual non-treatment, there is the moribund and dying patient often brought into in clinic, so that they can say after his death in hospital, that he was killed (with morphium or cortisone) by the scientific medicine. Just read Hamer’s first book.

To make you understand, what you have done: On the Internet the Hamer followers now proudly announce that the first two laws have been verified by two university doctors and scientists.

I fear, Mr Ventegodt, that initially you believed to draw advantage out of the seemingly Hamer popularity for your own ideas and propagation of ‘holistic medicine’, but now it is the other way round: Hamer makes YOU a supporter of his own deadly system.

Graham Lees, the publisher of the "scientific" journal, wrote me an email, which I received today:

From: "Graham V Lees" gvlees@thescientificworld.com
To: [honeypot][bat]ariplex.com
Subject: RE: Your TheScientificWorld Comment - ID# 521
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 19:48:56 +0300

Dear ‘ama’:
We are changing the rules for this ‘blog’. 
See last article in central news column on our home page. 
We have asked that no-one is anonymous and that the postings be in

Therefore I would like you to reveal your identity and qualifications and
ask you to edit your pieces in organized English or I will be obliged to
delete them. 
Incidentally, my German is not good enough to understand your pieces
which, I hasten to add, I have not tried to read, just scanned, and I do
not wish to read them.   
Graham V Lees, PhD
Founding Editor & Publisher
 <http://www.thescientificworld.com/> TheScientificWorld: a new way of
thinking, a better place to publish
+358 400 440 374 Skype: gvlees

Some days ago he had written this email:

Return-Path: <gvlees@thescientificworld.com>
Reply-To: <gvlees@thescientificworld.com>
From: "Graham V Lees" <gvlees@thescientificworld.com>
To: <[honeypot][bat]ariplex.com>
Cc: Søren Ventegodt <sv@livskvalitet.org>,
"'Joav Merrick'" <jmerrick@internet-zahav.net>
References: <NET5Z4B6LBCTPfi8ORF0000006b@net5.hotchilli.net>
Subject: RE: Your TheScientificWorld Comment - ID# 471
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 09:52:08 +0300
Organization: TheScientificWorld

Dear Ama (Aribert Deckers?):
Against my better judgement I am not deleting your comments.
I have no idea who you are or what your qualifications are or why you are so
passionate about all of this, but your comments are probably libelous and I
would appreciate it if you would temper your criticism and not confuse
opinion with fact. I am sorry I do not read German well enough to
understand your comments.

Have you actually read the paper? I am making it Open Access so you and
others can read it.

Perhaps you ought to collect your thoughts and write a proper letter to the

Graham V Lees PhD
Founding Editor & Publisher
<http://www.thescientificworld.com/> TheScientificWorld: a new way of
thinking, a better place to publish
Corpus Alienum
Säflaksintie 70
02400 Kirkkonummi
+358-400-440-374 Skype: gvlees


From: editor@thescientificworld.com [mailto:editor@thescientificworld.com]
Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2007 2:37 PM
To: [honeypot][bat]ariplex.com
Cc: editor@thescientificworld.com
Subject: Your TheScientificWorld Comment - ID# 471

Dear ama

Thank you for commenting on the article entitled Rationality
nding.asp?id=0&ArticleId=1623> and Irrationality in Ryke Geerd Hamer’s
System for Holistic Treatment of Metastatic Cancer. published by
TheScientificWorld. The text of your comments is:

Now we are getting to the point. This is an Open Letter to Mr. Ventegodt,
Mr. Andersen, and Mr. Merrick, published today, june 10th., 2007:

Ventegodt, Andersen, Merrick, and Lees are caught in the quicksand of their own frivolous abuse of scientific names and titles and universities.

My name and my profession are irrelevant. You may even consider me a 5 year-old sitting on a gnu in an African kraal.

In science it is not names and titles that counts, it is facts.

The affaire does not end here, au contraire, it is just beginning

Hamer spit in his tirades against the jews his usual psychopathic lies. Graham Lees obviously has no problem with giving Hamer a place where to dance in his fury and seed his hatred.

Grahams Lees does not "want to read". Well, that is a fine attitude for a publisher of a "scientific" journal. This behavior perfectly fits for him and "scientists" like Ventegodt, Andersen and Merrick.

NOW, in 2007, Graham Lees, asks Hamer  for a proof of the healing rates claimed by Hamer. Why didn't Lees ask this question in 2005, when Ventegodt, Andersen, and Merrick wrote their braindead "scientific" article!?

It is THEIR duty to do such a research. And research is done BEFORE printing an article, not TWO years later, after being caught in stupidity, lazyness and insane esoterisme.

The scandal does not lie in the article of 2005, no, the REAL scandal is what is HAPPENING TODAY: Ventegodt, Andersen, Merrick, and Lees STILL do not understand (nor want to understand ["do not want to read"]) what SCIENTIFIC work is like. They STILL do not understand that Ryke Geerd Hamer is insane.

Anyone with sound thinking years ago realized that Hamer is insane. How the more then must a psychological sicientist (as Ventegodt, Andersen, Merrick, and Lees claim to be) realize that Hamer is nuts?

But no, Ventegodt, Andersen, Merrick, and Lees cling to braindead formalismes like

Therefore I would like you to reveal your identity and qualifications and
ask you to edit your pieces in organized English or I will be obliged to
delete them. 

Its is not names, and it is not titles, it is FACTS that count in science!

And fact is, that Ventegodt, Andersen, Merrick, and Lees from two years ago until to this very day do not realize that Hamer is insane.

And fact is, that Ventegodt, Andersen, Merrick, and Lees from two years ago until to this very day support nutty esoterisme (that is a tautology).

And fact is, that Ventegodt and Merrick are staff members of an institution which offers expensive courses on "psycho-sociology":

Siehe http://www.inter-uni.net/euprojekt.shtml
Based on a European interuniversity cooperation and a post-secondary
Master Course according to  27-28 of the Austrian Law on University
Studies together with the decree of the Austrian Ministry of Education and Science
Funded by the European Commission as Leonardo da Vinci Project
A/02/B/F/PP-124.205, 2002-2004
Coordinated by COLLEGE @ inter-uni.net (registered association), A
 8042 Graz, Petrifelderstrasse 4, Dr. P. C. Endler,
FAX 0043 316 42 67 08, Phone: 0043 316 42 38 13, e-mail:

Siehe http://www.inter-uni.net/staff/index.html
Sigrid Awart, Dr.
Heinz Baumann, DSA
Paolo Bellavite, Univ.-Prof. Dr.
Monika Clark-Grill, Dr. Dr.
David Dapra, Mag. MSc
Anita Dietrich-Neunkirchner, Mag.
P.C. Endler, Univ.-Prof.(ac., Italien) a.D. Dr. BSc MAS
Johannes Endler
Walter Feigl, Univ.-Prof. a. D. Dr. Dr.
Peter Ferdinand, Dr.
Ingrid Fleck
Michael Frass, Univ.-Prof. Dr.
Bernd Gallhofer, Univ.-Prof. Dr.
Christiane W. Geelhaar, Dr. MSc
Veronique Gorris, Dr.
Peter Gündling, Dr.
Evelyn Kienzer
K. W. Kratky, Univ.-Prof. Dr.
Axel Krefting, Univ.-Prof. Dr.
Egon Lauppert, Mag.
Harald Lothaller, Mag.
Joav Merrick, Univ.-Prof. Dr.
Elke Mesenholl-Strehler, Dipl.-Psych.
Paul Paß, Dr.
Mag. Dr. Tanja Paß
Ursula Püringer, Dr.
Josef Scheipl, Univ. Prof. Dr.
Pam Schickler, Dr.
Heinz Spranger, Univ.-Prof. a. D. Dr. Dr. h.c. MAS MSc
Soren Ventegodt, Dr. MSc
Ulrich Walter, Dr.
Robert Withers, Dr.
Thomas Wochele-Thoma, Dr. BAc MSc"

Now, I dare say, that this institution, which is fed with money from the EU-commission, is in BIG trouble...


[Markierung eingefügt, RUEBENKRAUT]


That is the end:

The confession of Ventegodt and Merrick


Søren Ventegodt
Posted 25th June

Dear colleagues,
We are happy that our paper on Hamer’s methods has received
so much attention, but also unhappy that the discussion at times
seemed to be less than open, objective, scientific and fair.
We do believe that it is a fact that cancer often spreads to other
organs (it metastasizes), but things are really not simple in
medical science as every type of cancer has its own individual
pattern of spreading to other organs. Why is this so? Till this
day nobody seems to be able to explain that strange fact. So
Hamer could be right to speculate, and he has his right to make
an alternative hypothesis, even if it seems strange, controversial
and hard to understand. What would science be without
creativity and free thoughts unbound by rigid and traditional
Until we know for sure what is going on in the body and how it
manages its biological information, it seems a little arrogant
just to neglect even the strangest hypothesis. And please
remember that in science we often see that the strangest theory
becomes truth in the end – just think of how Bohr and
Einstein’s strange ideas was received in the world of physicists in
the last century.
The book by Hamer in Norwegian [used as the basis for our
discussion of his work] on his medical principles is a collection
of interviews made in a very smart, sober, scientific, and
convincing way. It is short, crisp, and businesslike, and
therefore good for scientific discussion and critique. It also
seemed to us that there was at least some hard evidence that
Hamer actually did help a low percentage of the cancer patients
that came to him with metastatic cancer and no hope of cure.
That finally convinced us to write the paper on Hamer.
(continued below)

Søren Ventegodt
Posted 25th June

(continued from above)
As we do not read German, we cannot do the extensive review of
the Hamer-material that is needed to make a fair scientific
evaluation of his scientific and clinical work. And maybe that is
not our job either.
As the issue of complementary treatment of cancer seems really
to interest and concern many people, we do hope that a
competent person or group of people with an intimate
understanding of both complementary and holistic medicine
and the German language, will take the next step into shedding
light into this complicated issue.

Thank you for your kind interest in our work and forgive us, if
you in the end will find that we have done a
less-than-perfect-job with the Hamer-paper.

Sincerely yours,
Søren Ventegodt and Joav Merrick

For two years now, Ventegodt, Andersen, and Merrick shine in the light of their article. It was sold for 42 Euros a copy. And it made patients believe that Hamer is right.

How many patients were persuaded by the article and this way fell victim for Hamer and/or the murderous gang of copy-cats?

Now that they are caught, Ventegodt, Andersen, and Merrick AND Lees have nothing more to say than:

Thank you for your kind interest in our work and forgive us, if
you in the end will find that we have done a
less-than-perfect-job with the Hamer-paper.

Ventegodt and Merrick are professors. They teach students.

Ventegodt and Merrick are medical doctors. The treat patients.

But HOW? How can this bunch of incompetent, igorant, arrogant impostors TEACH?

How can they dare to treat patients?

The REAL crime isn't their stupitidy when writing the article. No, their crime is in what they did since, despite all the warnings and criticism they received.

I consider Ventegodt, Andersen, and Merrick and Lees plain criminals.

And I do not let them get away with it...




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