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Author Topic: Susan Crites, a murderous swine  (Read 4542 times)


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Susan Crites, a murderous swine
« on: September 23, 2007, 03:46:47 PM »

This is the full story. I do copy it because it demonstrates what a swine Susan Crites is. Even being caught she denies any guilt.

This type of crime spreads. And the criminals try to get a foothold in every niche and every party. Fight those murderers!

Sunday, September 23, 2007— Time:3:11:39 PMEST

Ghost hunter found guilty
Journal Staff Writer

MARTINSBURG — Despite efforts by the defense to
convince jurors that Susan Crites was nothing more
than a friend who offered a sympathetic ear, the local
ghost hunter and author was found guilty Friday on
eight misdemeanor charges of practicing
medicine and counseling without licenses.

The jury’s decision was formed after listening to a
full day of testimony and often-conflicting reports
about how Crites portrayed herself among those who
were members of the now-defunct West Virginia
Society of Ghost Hunters.

As he was thanking and dismissing the jurors, Circuit
Judge Gray Silver III noted that they had participated
in a "difficult trial," which had "conflicting testimony
on many major issues."

Lisa Schweiger became emotional at times as she
gave the jurors reports of how Crites, then a close
friend to her, offered counseling sessions for her
children, pain therapy sessions for her husband
and served as her "medical doctor" as Schweiger dealt
with strange and often-crippling pains.

Only after soliciting the treatment of a licensed
doctor did Schweiger learn that her pain had been
caused by a football-sized tumor inside her ovary.

Schweiger said that Crites often spoke of being a
psychiatrist and a medical doctor, referencing her
time at West Virginia University, an internship
completed at Moundsville State Prison and her
experiences delivering babies and performing

After seeking, and paying for, Crites’ counseling
for herself and members of her family,
Schweiger began to notice her health deteriorating
and often experienced pains in her back and lower

According to her testimony, Crites told Schweiger that
her ailments were "psychosomatic," brought on by the
physical manifestation of the issues they had been
discussing in counseling sessions.

"I trusted Susan Crites," she said.

Crites also gave Schweiger’s husband an
unidentified medication to give his wife for the pain,
which would come and go, she said.

It wasn’t until other women affiliated with Crites and the
Society of Ghost Hunters began to notify Schweiger
that Crites was relaying personal information from
their counseling sessions that Schweiger doubted
her friend’s credentials, she said.

Calls to various state boards began to reveal that
Crites was not certified in any of the areas of practice
she had claimed to be, Schweiger said, beginning to cry.

"I felt I had been completely deceived," she said. "I’m
hurt. I trusted her. I trusted her with my children, I
trusted her with myself. I trusted her. I don’t know
why she had to lie to me."

Defense attorney Heidi Myers called five witnesses
— all longtime, close friends of Crites — to the stand
Friday, and all agreed that Crites had never indicated
that she was a medical practitioner of any kind.

All the women were involved in the ghost hunts
hosted by Crites, however, and all were familiar with the
"relaxation sessions" that would typically follow
society meetings at Crites’ Hedgesville home.

During the meditation-like period, Crites’ visitors would
be instructed to find a comfortable chair, would
be given blankets and then vocally instructed to focus
on scenarios like floating in a bubble over a sea or
gradually descending down a long flight of stairs.

Myers pointed to the fact that it appeared Crites had
selected only a handful of acquaintances to tell that
she was a "doctor."

"I think she talked about problems with people,"
offering her home to them, Myers told the jury. "That’s
not a crime."

Crites herself took the stand Friday, stating that
she "absolutely have never" told anyone she
was a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor,
therapist or that she delivered babies.

While she took some college level classes, Crites
also never earned a college degree from any

"I’m a good friend to people," Crites said,
insisting that she only offered suggestions about
things like what vitamins to take, on a friendship basis.

"Those allegations against me are a deliberate and
malicious lie."

Berkeley County prosecutor Pam Games-Neely assured
jurors that no witnesses had any complaints about
the ghost-hunting activities Crites offered them — that it
was the diagnosis and treatment of medical
problems that was the issue.

"You can’t mess with peoples’ lives like this," she said.

Crites will be sentenced on Dec. 10 at 9 a.m. For each
of the three misdemeanor counts of practicing
medicine without a license, she could face fines of not
more than $10,000, imprisonment terms of not
more than 12 months, or both.

For the five counts of offering counseling without
a license, Crites faces fines of not more than $500,
imprisonment of not more than six months, or both.

— Staff writer Lauren Hough
can be reached at (304) 263-8931, ext. 163,
or at  lhough [bat]

Posted: 9/22/2007

207 W. King Street
P.O. Box 807
Martinsburg, WV 25402-0807

Copyright © 2007 The Journal

Susan Crites must be sentenced to a lifetime, not for peanuts
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