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Corona-Impfung: Spanien plant zentrales Register für Impfverweigerer
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@homeopathy_inh fällt schon wieder voll auf die Schnauze
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Deutschland ist am Arsch von Europa:
In einem Jahr, im Januar 2022, sind die mit dem Impfen immer noch nicht fertig!
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Author Topic: MLM Hall of Shame  (Read 3438 times)


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MLM Hall of Shame
« on: November 13, 2007, 01:23:58 PM »

Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 03:39:44 +0100
From: "" <>
Subject: A Virtual 'Who's Who" of MLM Scams!

It's been a very busy summer and we've got a lot to catch up on, so let's get right to it!

The WWSN is excited to announce that the votes are in and we have now added three new members to the "MLM Hall of Shame" -

Bob "EcoEnergizer" Moore, Andy "Vibe" Baechler, and Warren "Holographic Data Disk" Hanchey.

Congratulations to all of you!

On Sept. 25th, a discrimination lawsuit was filed against Eniva, and you can read the complaint here:

Nichole Erickson vs. Eniva Corporation

But the really big news is that Phil "The One Man Internet Crime Wave" Piccolo has come out of retirement and is making a big push to become the first "MLM Billionaire" in history, thanks to what he calls his "MLM Born Again Experience". Of course, nobody really believed that Phil would ever voluntarily retire from network marketing in the first place.  Who can forget his declaration from just a few short months ago:

"As of January 31, 2007 I am retiring from MLM and will no longer be involved with any MLM company... I am totally and completely finished with the MLM Industry." - Phil Piccolo

The Last E-mail of my MLM Career

But Mr. Piccolo is back and here is what he is saying:


This sounds like good news - the only question is, "How much will it cost me for Phil to pay me back?" We're quite certain you can't afford it.

Okay, that sounds pretty cynical, even for the WWSN. After all, Phil apologized and asked for our forgiveness:

"The first thing Phil wants to do is personally apologize to you and ask your forgiveness for what happened with 4-E, aaTCM and Omstar D-1280x."

That sure sounds sincere. It also sounds quite familiar. Let's compare Phil's apology from 2007 to the one he issued in 2001:

Phil's Apology and Promise From 2001

But THIS time he really means it. In fact:

Phil will personally guarantee you $12,000 in earnings

WOW! This is generous! Wonder if you can get the cash upfront? Probably not.


""? If Phil has begun promoting YTB, their fate is sealed and their days are numbered. When Phil Piccolo gets involved with any company, they are doomed... But don't take our word for it - take a gander at:

Phil's Resume

As part of what he calls his "MLM Born Again Experience", Phil has put together an inspirational and mostly fictional autobiography of his life and times. We enjoyed it so much we posted his "Mini-Resume" on the WWSN, along with a few comments and factual corrections of our own.

And Who is Phil Piccolo's first YTB recruit?

George Madiou - publisher of "The Network Marketing Magazine" - if the magazine is any good at all, you'd think Mr. Madiou would be savvy enough to never get involved with Phil Piccolo.

You might even enjoy a "Blast From the Past" when you go back to 2001 and look through Phil's "" web site. See how little he has changed.

Phil's "" Magnet Scam

And re-experience the excitement of listening to Phil Piccolo's six minute conference call from that same year.

Phil's "" Conference Call

MLM Science - An Oxymoron

Almost everyone has seen the "Red Blood Cell Oxygenation" graphic Eniva uses to demonstrate how Vibe "supports red blood cell health". Now former Lifewave CFO Warren Hanchey at is using the same demonstration with his "holographic data disks" to show how "Zeta potential is resorted to the red blood cells" (his spelling, not ours). The demonstration is a scam, the products are scams, and the people using this information to "prove" that these phony disks and fortified fruit juice actually do something are scammers. And we have a REAL scientist who will show you why.

The Phony Blood Cell Demonstration

Apparently, America's dependence on foreign oil is about to come to an end, as WWSN resident conspiracy nut, Phil Ratte, has found a way to use "water for fuel". No need to stop by SuperAmerica to gas up your Hummer - just grab your garden hose and top off the tank with some H2O.

The Firestorm Spark Plug

Barry "The Dog Pound" Edwards is excited to announce that Eniva is ditching their formula for Vibe 2.0 and going back to their original formula, the one Barry tells us was "pulling people out of the grave!" It seems that Vibe 2.0 didn't really taste very good and some of the bottles contained some sort of "chunks". That sounds like something the WWSN would make up as a part of a parody, but it's a quote from the venerable David Jumper himself (who now apparently sells BOTH Lifewave patches and Eniva vibe - talk about double jeopardy!).

The Return of Vibe Original

It has now been 965 days since the WWSN first submitted a dozen questions to Lifewave and David Schmidt, at their request. Still no answers...

The WWSN once seriously suggested to David Schmidt, David Jumper and Lifewave that if their nanotechnology "Energy Patches" were so great, they should donate some to the U.S. military in Iraq. It would help our troops, get Lifewave some good press, and validate their efficacy for once and for all. They weren't interested...

Instead, Dr. Schmidt went back into his basement laboratory and came up with four NEW patches designed specifically for the armed forces. The "DefenseWave" patch, the "EnergyWave" patch, and the "IceWave" and the "RestWave" patch. Our favorite is the "DefenseWave" patch, which claims to protect against "Hearing Loss, Radiation Exposure, Malaria" and will "Remove Heavy Metals & Toxic Chemicals". WOW! American troops could really use something like this - how many would Lifewave be willing to donate?

None, of course, but they are available for purchase.

General David Schmidt Introduces New Nanotechnology Patches From Lifewave

A WWSN Contest!

Correctly name the unlucky guy who was bound, gagged and kidnapped by an infamous MLM scammer and we'll try to arrange for you to accompany the FBI when  they stop by to pick him up at his home in Florida. We can't say more because the case is still under investigation by the FBI.

Name This Unlucky MLM Affiliate

We just love Dr. Burba and "Team Burba" over at Eniva. Norman Burba seems so familiar, friendly and safe, like Santa Claus or Obi-Wan Kanobi. And that "Dr." title in front of his name from that course he took in Naturopathy always leaves a good impression. But someone sent us a photo that makes us wonder if Dr. Burba has picked up a second job to supplement his income from selling Vibe...

Is Dr. Burba Moonlighting?

We have also received a copy of a letter sent to Eniva regarding "Team Burba" that charged:

"...there are several company policies that the Burba's have violated  including membership transfer, membership re-entries, membership terminations, cross-recruiting and collusion."

Does "Team Burba" Play Fair?

While it sounds rather preposterous, we were also sent an e-mail received from "Team Burba" describing just how these changes are supposed to be done!

And while Eniva President Andy Baechler continues to plead his right to NOT answer any due diligence questions about his company, he has some very definite suggestions for his affiliates about what to say in their sales pitch to new customers, called:

Andy Baechler Scripts

As if this were not already enough to qualify for a government FTC consumer advocate grant, the WWSN has also posted links to four more stories exposing the "WorldWide Global Warming Scam" as the biggest scam on the planet. So far...

Whether you're concerned about "Global Warming" or an MLM scam, ask questions, demand answers, challenge authority, and don't be a Lemming!

The WorldWide Scam Network
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