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Alarm in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern!
Hochstaplerin gibt sich als Impfärztin aus!

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Australia on fire
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Die Hersteller eines Trottel-Mobiles verfolgen uns!
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Deutsche Massenmörder, voll voraus!
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Warnung vor den lebensgefährlichen Lügen der Hahnemann-Gesellschaft
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Corona-Impfung: Spanien plant zentrales Register für Impfverweigerer
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@homeopathy_inh fällt schon wieder voll auf die Schnauze
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Deutschland ist am Arsch von Europa:
In einem Jahr, im Januar 2022, sind die mit dem Impfen immer noch nicht fertig!
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Mr. Donald Trump and leading members of his Mr. Donald Trump's Camp Auschwitz Party will come in with Airplane Number One on Frankfurt Airport. The leading members of the Republican Party (the party's second name) will immediately begin with the construction work on Ground Zero.

Meanwhile in Nancy Pelosi's office:

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Author Topic: YTB News, BHIP Launches, David Schmidt Goes to "Curves", And Vibe Cures Can  (Read 1800 times)


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From: "" <>
Subject: YTB News, BHIP Launches, David Schmidt Goes to "Curves", And Vibe Cures Cancer!

A roving WWSN reporter caught up with David Schmidt - inventor of the infamous Lifewave nanotechnology patches - pitching his wares at a "Curves" exercise center the other day. Here's an excerpt from his report:

"Lifewave had told people that it was going to be the next Microsoft and people had better get in on the ground floor before it’s too late. But here, 5 years later, is David Schmidt himself trying to hawk a few boxes of patches at night in a strip mall storefront to an audience of less than 30 people on folding chairs..."

David Schmidt Stops By Curves

Perhaps Dr. Schmidt can get a part-time job working alongside Jim Fobair selling mattresses back at Slumberland?

BHIP had their heavily promoted launch last week selling another fortified energy juice of some kind. Take a look at the list of people who were in on the ground floor (with FREE positions) and see if you want to work with these MLM legends:

Jim Fobair - OneSource Laundry CD
Troy Mock - BigSmart Internet Malls
Terry LaCore - Lexxus ViaCream
Mark Woodburn - Lexxus ViaCream

And what is Rod "The MLM Watchdog" Cook saying about this new company?

New BHIP Energy Drink - AND NHT Global

If you LIKE working with guys like this, why stop there? Go for the TOP and join Phil "The One Man Internet Crime Wave" Piccolo over at (YTB). Of course, they're having a few issues of their own right now. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has dropped from their list of approved vendors. And the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) has publicly declared YTB to be a "card mill company...":

American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)
"ASTA considers YTB a card mill company..."

And the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has also dropped YTB.


It's going to be hard to bring in new YTB members at $495 each and earn those big RECRUITMENT COMMISSIONS when they can no longer offer ASTA or IATA discount travel cards. They'll also have to pay YTB $599.40 per year for a Travelocity-branded web site (available elsewhere for FREE) for an annual total of $1,099.35. Hey - that's just about what it cost to be a "Club Executive" at the now-defunct scam! What a coincidence...

"If a program primarily focuses on recruiting new distributors rather than sales of products or services, law enforcement officials will attack it as a head-hunting operation."

Primary Emphasis on Recruiting Rather than Product Sales

Wanna walk around with an FTC target on your back? Join YTB today!

Here's another way to wave a red flag in front of Federal prosecutors - join Eniva and start marketing "Vibe" as a cure for cancer the way top affiliates have been doing for several years now. The FDA just loves companies like this. Randy Allen used this "8 Minute Cancer Call" to build his downline and generate monthly checks of "over $400,000 PER MONTH in Eniva."

Listen to the Original Unedited "8 Minute Cancer Call"

You can see the phony "Blood Cells" video used by Dr. Norm Burba and "Team Burba" on their "" Eniva site on the WWSN front page. And read Debra Burba's advertisement for the Randy Allen "Cancer Call" where she reminds affiliates to inform listeners that "the word 'cancer' has been taken out for obvious FDA reasons".

Randy Allen & Team Burba

Here is one affiliate who is still telling the world how "Vibe" cured him of cancer:

A remarkable testimony from a Cancer Patient

This and other testimonials were later edited by Eniva to replace the word "Vibe" with "The Drink". Why was this done? Debra "Team Burba" Burba explains:

"...this way we can't get in trouble with the FDA."

Vibe Testimonial Page a.k.a. "The Drink"

But there's MORE! People are proscribing Vibe for everything from Alzheimers, flu, Parkinsons, Diabetes, Asthma, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia and much, much more!

Eniva Products & Vibe Testimonials

This top Eniva affiliate claimed in a post from Sept. of 2005 that:

"Already over 400 confirmed Terminal Stage 4 Cancer patients have completely recovered from cancer after taking VIBE..."

Meanwhile, President Andy Baechler still refuses to answer any due diligence questions after 361 days of waiting. Eniva encouraged the WWSN to submit our questions - and now Andy is pleading the fifth. What is Mr. Baechler afraid that we'll find out?

Finally, to celebrate their birthday, Andy and Ben gave each other a thoughtful and practical gift - they fired six Eniva Executive National Directors (and their spouses), including the #1 money earner in Mexico. An anonymous source gave us their names and they are now posted on the WWSN.

The great thing about network marketing and MLM is that even when you remove the top person on the pyramid, the money keeps flowing up from the bottom and all you need to do is juggle the books, place somebody else in that top position, and now THEY profit from the other guy's former downline. So who took over the downlines for the 12 people who were jettisoned on Ben and Andy's birthday?

Maybe Randy Allen knows...

But he's not talking!

The WorldWide Scam Network
Kinderklinik Gelsenkirchen verstößt gegen die Leitlinien

Der Skandal in Gelsenkirchen
Hamer-Anhänger in der Kinderklinik
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