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@homeopathy_inh fällt schon wieder voll auf die Schnauze
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Deutschland ist am Arsch von Europa:
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Author Topic: Spotlight on YTB and  (Read 2450 times)


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Spotlight on YTB and
« on: January 19, 2008, 01:00:24 PM »

Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 07:38:25 +0100

Spotlight on YTB and

Is Lifewave still in business? Mike Collins, Lifewave President for the last two years, is now leaving the company. How many other top people have walked (and sometimes run) away from David Schmidt's nanotechnology patch scam? William Grand, Steven Smith, Rob Styler, Nigel Olsen, Warren Hanchey, Stan Cottrell, Stephen Brown and now Mike Collins. The only three people left in the company may very well be Dr. Schmidt, Dr. Haltiwanger, and David Jumper. The inventor of this revolutionary nontransdermal resonant energy transfer nanotechnology patch is still doing small group meetings, conference calls, and promotions at "Curves". Remember his "patent-pending" technology? Schmidt let his patent application EXPIRE! That's how much faith Dr. David Schmidt has in his own invention. Anyone still selling these placebo patches at this point is simply a scammer - nobody seriously believes that Lifewave patches do anything but empty your bank account.

Warren Hanchey left Lifewave (others tell us he was fired) to start an even dumber fraud marketing "holographic data disks" at a company called "". Word on the street is that this MLM is already in trouble and Hanchey is getting the boot for more financial mismanagement.

Two other Lifewavers, Stephen A. Brown, PhD and Steven Smith, have started a new company with a new doctor and a new revolutionary product featuring "Electro-Magnetized Potentiated Nutrition" called "". They say that "LIFESMIRACLE FORMULA is like 40,000 volts of pure electricity to run every organ in your body." Try to imagine a Taser on your tongue - who wouldn't enjoy that kind of a pick-me-up in a pill?

But we wanted to give these guys a chance. Sure, they were easily fooled by Dr. David Schmidt and his nanotechnology patch scam, but hopefully they learned from the experience. So the WWSN reviewed their company, their top people, and their product line and came up with some standard due diligence questions, which were then submitted to Stephen Brown, Steven Smith, and Dr. Wayne Garland. Their answers reveal all that anyone could possibly want to know about Before you seriously consider buying any of their pills or getting involved in their MLM, we suggest that you read what these three company leaders have to say:

Stephen A. Brown, PhD

Steven Smith

Dr. Wayne Garland is back in the news again. YTB has announced the BIRTHDAY BASH POWER TEAM WINNER and has charted a Carnival Cruise Line ship to reward him and the other 519 top sales teams at

And who is the lucky winner? You guessed it:

Phillip Angelo Piccolo - "THE ONE MAN INTERNET CRIME WAVE"!

You gotta be proud to be in a company that honors and rewards a man who is documented and recognized throughout the Internet as the worst MLM scammer on the web. This is not opinion - it is fact. Every company he has ever founded or joined has gone down in flames, leaving behind thousands and quite possibly hundreds of thousands of victims around the world. There are no exceptions. Phil does not join any company or program unless he is confident that he can manipulate and control it for his own personal profit. Take a look at just a small portion of Phil Piccolo's MLM career:

Internet Con Artist Superstar - Phil Piccolo

Meanwhile, YTB's former legal counsel, Thayer C. Lindauer, has quit the company and it would behoove one and all to visit his site and read through some of his concerns and complaints. In network marketing, ignorance is NOT bliss! Attorney Thayer C. Lindauer Resigns From YTB

After Royal Caribbean dropped YTB as a vendor, focused its efforts and attention on the Carnival Cruise Lines. Now Carnival is changing its policies in statements that seem to be targeting MLM travel programs such as YTB (which some people describe as travel agent "card mills"), saying:

"Carnival imposes booking requirement for fam eligibility"

"An agent must have made a minimum of five Carnival bookings within a 12-month period to qualify for the rate."

Meanwhile, Rod "The MLM Watchdog" Cook tells us that:

"YTB Quarterly report they have 120,948 are RTAs with active travel websites. With information given below on travel commissions paid out (See bottom number) that is $9,398,036 divided by 120,948 sites selling travel = an average of $77.70 each RTA website received for the 9 months. That ends up $8.63 a month average paid per each site."

He also points out that the stock market is less than impressed with YTB since:

"...the price of the stock is down from $8+ a year ago to a little over a dollar ($1.24 today)."

This stuff matters, folks. Due diligence, people. You either do it or you lose it. And only the stupid, the gullible and the greedy ignore it. Make your personal and business decisions on the basis of "informed consent".

And the WorldWide Scam Network is here to help!

The WorldWide Scam Network
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