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Das META-Medizin Handbuch sind die bei Ryke Geerd Hamer geklauten Wahnideen

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Die META-Medizin Modelle

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Seminare und Diplomausbildung


Woher kommt die META-Medizin?

Die META-Medizin Modelle basieren auf den Erkenntnissen vieler unterschiedlicher Fachrichtungen. Dabei wird das fachübergreifende, ganzheitliche Wissen, welches sich in der Heilpraxis bewährt hat und empirisch oder wissenschaftlich nachgewiesen wurde, integriert.

Das entscheidende Kriterium ist die praktische Nützlichkeit und Anwendbarkeit in der biopsychosozialen Diagnose und Therapie.

Unvollständige Liste von Inspiratoren und Berater

Wir möchten uns hiermit bei allen Vorreitern und Inspiratoren für deren herausragende Pionierarbeit bedanken:
Prof. Dr.med. Thure von Uexküll
Vater der psychosomatischen Medizin
Richard Bandler, Dr. John Grinder
Neurolinguistisches Programmieren

Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke
Krankheits als Weg, Krankheitsbilder-Beschreibung, Psychosomatik
Dr. O. Carl Simonton
Pionier der Psycho-Onkologie, arbeitet seit 30 Jahren erfolgreich mit Krebspatienten
Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer
Biologische Naturgesetze, Gehirnrelais, Keimblattzugehörigkeit
Dr. Deepak Chopra
Mind Body Medicine, Quantum Healing
Prof. Dr. Stemmann
Das Gelsenkirchner Behandlungsverfahren bei Neurodermitis, Asthma
Dr. Dean Ornish
Präventivmedizin, Lebensstil-Veränderung, Herz-Kreislauf Prävention
Dr. Christiane Northrup
Emotionen, Soziales Umfeld und deren Bedeutung bei Krankheiten

Weitere Inspiratoren, Universitätsprofessoren und beratendes Mitglied des META-Medizin Dachverbandes:
Andrew S. Baum, Ph.D.
Professor, Cancer Control & Prevention, Universität Pittsburgh
Stress, traumatische Erlebnisse und deren Einfluss auf Krankheit, Gesundheit
John C. Pan, M.D.
Professor Center for Integrative Medicine, George Washington Universität
Emotionen und Lebensstil als Faktoren der Krankheitsentstehung
Robert M. Goodman, PhD, MPH, MA
Professor für Verhaltens-Psychologie, Universität Pittsburgh
Bruce Lipton , Ph.D.
Biologe, Epigenetik Forscher, Autor  "Biologie des Glaubens"
Gene sind nicht vorbestimmt, werden durch unsere Wahrnehmung beeinflusst.


Das ist des Pudels Kern: Hamers Germanische Neue Medizin, geklaut umfrisiert und neu verpackt als MetaMedizin.


Prof. Dr. David L. Katz targeted by Ryke Geerd Hamer's disguised death sect "Meta-Mediciner":

Prof. Dr. David L. Katz told journalist, that his lecture was canceled a week ago. But the advertisement still is online, making belief that Prof. Dr. David L. Katz will take part.

The whole congress is a fake. The claims by the meta-mediciners, that the Technical University of Munich is their "Berufsverbandspartner", is a fraud. The lecture of a single person can not include a whole university as a partner.

The affair is escalated and a complaint is filed with the Bavarian Ministry of Education.

Nu macht doch die Augen auf, da steht es schwarz auf weiß: MetaMedizin ist bei Hamer geklaut..Und wenn sie bei Hamer geklaut ist, was ist Meta-Medizin dann? Germanische Neue Medizin!


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Dr. Hamer is deeply concerned about the ongoing plagiarism and corruption of his discoveries. He therefore wants to inform the public, and particularly those seeking medical support based on GNM, that there is no association of any kind between German New Medicine® and those groups and individuals listed below.

Dr. Hamer alerts the public to be on guard

concerning the irresponsible misuse of his work.

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Biologie Totale / Total Biology

Biogenealogy, Biodeprogramming, Biodecoding®


NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

NES (Nutri-Energetics System®)

Dr. David Holt, D.O. (Nevada)

Quantum Hamer Medicine

"EON Therapy" (Dr. John Turner, D.C., Atlanta)

TOTAL BIOLOGY is an organization founded in 1985 by Dr. Claude Sabbah, a French medical doctor. As early as 1993, Dr. Sabbah was ready to take over Dr. Hamer’s “New Medicine” under the name of "La Biologie Totale" (Total Biology). To this day, followers of Dr. Sabah, notably Gérard Athias, Olivier Soulier, Gilbert Renaud (Recall Healing), or Dr. Nelie Johnson (Awareness Healing), continue to plagiarize and misrepresent Dr. Hamer’s original discoveries.

BIOGENEALOGY, BIOLOGICAL DE-PROGRAMMING, and BIODECODING® are off-shoots of Total Biology. Their representatives either conceal the copying of Dr. Hamer’s findings (Christian Fleche) or claim to “refine” (Patrick Obissier) and to “enrich” (Anne-Marie Boularand) them. Their literature, however, reveals a serious lack of a basic understanding of the work, particularly with regards to the practical application of GNM. Dr. Hamer is giving the power back to the patients, while those who “integrate” his discoveries, often empower themselves instead.

“If the cure is obtained, it is still a good idea, to regularly return to consult the therapist to verify that there is no risk of the biological conflict reactivating” (Patrick Obissier, Biogenealogy, 2003).

META-Medicine® is plagiarizing Dr. Hamer’s medical research on a large scale. In 2004, Johannes Fisslinger (Los Angeles, CA), founder of the IMMA (Intl. Meta Medicine Association) callously took over and renamed Dr. Hamer’s medical discoveries, for which Dr. Hamer has been persecuted for almost 30 years! Richard Flook (UK) acts as the international head trainer of this fraudulent organization.

META-Medicine has removed all traces that would lead to Dr. Hamer or his son Dirk. A DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome) has been renamed to a SEE (Significant Emotional Experience”) – see also NLP and NES below.

Note the © and the blatant copyright infringement

We are surprised that someone like Dr. Bruce Lipton ("Biology of Belief"), who calls himself a "spiritual scientist", wants to be associated with fraud and deceit by serving on the Advisory Board of the International META-Medicine Association.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) is using Dr. Hamer’s findings in their Time Line Therapy™ Techniques and Time Empowerment™ Techniques without giving credit to Dr. Hamer, as the originator of GNM, or any reference to Dr. Hamer’s research material.

NLP and META-Medicine are now collaborating in the fraudulent take-over of German New Medicine® - see NLP website.

NES (Nutri-Energetics System®), devised by Peter Fraser (UK) has also teamed up with META-Medicine® and NLP in the hijacking of Dr. Hamer’s discoveries. This is what plagiarism looks like:



DR. DAVID HOLT, D.O. HMD (Integrative Medical Center, Nevada) falsely presents himself as "the leading U.S. physician in German New Medicine".

In Dr. Holt’s video-interview, entitled “German New Medicine. Creating a Heart Attack - An Animal Study”, a “territorial loss conflict” is intentionally inflicted on a healthy dog. When, six weeks later, the experimenters returned the animal to his territory, the dog had a fatal heart attack (commented by Dr. Mercola and Dr. Holt with laughter). With this disgraceful film, Dr. Holt is trying to verify Dr. Hamer’s findings on the cause of heart attacks. In this video, Dr. Holt is giving the entirely wrong impression that Dr. Hamer and German New Medicine is involved in animal experimentation. Dr. Hamer strongly opposes testing on animals. Dr. Hamer: “today's animal testing is nothing but cruelty, ignoring that animals have a soul. Therefore, I allow myself the following prediction: one day, all animal experimentation will be exposed as a disgrace for our whole society and will be seen as a testimony to our unspeakable lack of knowledge and sensitivity.“ Click here to read more...

QUANTUM HAMER MEDICINE (Dr. Paul Drouin) is using a device, called EPFX/SCIO, developed by William Nelsen. The device is based on a random event generator that tests a large database of items, including ”Hamer Herd facilities“! This alleged ”Cancer Scan“ matches the data of the disturbed brain area with other stored information. Because of the large number of parameters involved, the results are rather unpredictable. The public has to be aware that this is far from the true ”Hamer Medicine“, which uses real brain CT scans as the only reliable tool of identifying ”Hamer Herde“ (HH). Users of the equipment also claim that the device is ”a means of solving biological conflicts“ (as stated on one of the websites). There is no need to comment on that. Needless to say that Dr. Hamer is shocked that his name has been used, once again, for a ”medicine“ that includes an irresponsible misrepresentation of his research.

DR. JOHN TURNER, D.C. and LEE WOOLLEY (both Atlanta, GA) are using Dr. Hamer’s discoveries for the promotion of their ”EON Therapy Certification Program“.

Dr. Hamer asked us to inform the public that the ”EON Clearing Technique“ is in no way affiliated with German New Medicine. Based on the two-phase pattern of all ”diseases“, the resolution (”clearing“) of an emotional traumatic experience can cause the onset of healing symptoms with potentially serious complications, particularly during the Epileptoid Crisis. Since the psyche, the brain, and the related organ always work in unison, it is, according to Dr. Hamer, of the utmost importance to ”downgrade“ an intense conflict before its complete resolution. Under certain circumstances, it is even imperative NOT to resolve a conflict in order to prevent a difficult healing crisis. Most noticeable symptoms, such as swelling, pain, inflammation, fever, discharge as well as certain cancers, are signs that the organism is already undergoing a natural healing process, indicating that the related conflict has already been resolved (”cleared“)!

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"Copyright © 2009 LearningGNM.com"? Von wegen Copyright. Auf Methoden zum Menschen krepieren lassen gibt es kein Copyright, sondern Knast.


Gegen Ryke Geerd Hamer als Kronzeugen können die Meta-Mediziner nichts ausrichten.

Raubkopie bleibt Raubkopie.

Und Leiche bleibt Leiche.

Il sito ufficiale di Claudia Rainville e della Metamedicina


Seminari : Metamedicina 2

da venerdì 16 a venerdì 23 novembre 2007

Art'es via Issiglio, 8

Torino, Italia

Condotto da : Claudia Rainville
Orario : 9,30- 18,00
Lingua : Italiano
Costo totale: 850 € + IVA Numero di posti : 20

Descrizione :
Il corso mira ad educare e risvegliare la consapevolezza dei partecipanti affinchè possano operare un cambiento nelle loro abitudini malsane, aiutandole a trovare le soluzioni a tutto ciò che provoca loro stress e insoddisfazione per favorire l'espressione della propria natura. Il parecipante impara a praticare l'ascolto profondo

Note supplementari :

Daniela Dominici cell. 340 7237296


Art'es, Torino



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