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Zum Reklamefilm 'Elternschule'
Was in der Gelsenkirchener Kinderklinik geschieht, ist nicht wissenschaftlich, sondern es ist Folter an Schutzbefohlenen.

ERFAHRUNGSBERICHTE VON MÜTTERN in der Gelsenkirchener Kinderklinik

"Wissenschaftlich abgesichert"? Etwa so gut abgesichert, daß Langer es seit 20 Jahren wohlweislich vermieden hat, seine Dissertation der Öffentlichkeit zu zeigen? Wo ist sein Doktortitel, wenn er promoviert hat? Wo ist seine NACHGEWIESENE Erfolgsstatistik?

Die Akte Ernst August Stemmann und die Kinderklinik Gelsenkirchen

Dr. Wolfgang Klosterhalfen
"Der folgende Artikel stammt aus den Jahren 2005-2008. Darin kritisiere ich das „Gelsenkirchener Behandlungsverfahren“ von Prof. Ernst August Stemmann, aus dem die „Multimodale 3-Phasen-Therapie“ der langjährigen Stemmann-Mitarbeiter Dietmar Langer und Dr. Kurt-André Lion hervorgegangen ist:

Dr. Wolfgang Klosterhalfen:
Vollständige Transkription des SWR-Interviews

Dr. Herbert Renz-Polster
"Elternschule" jetzt im Fernsehen

Elternschule – so geht Erziehung!

Die Elternschule – geht weiter…

Elternschule – wer hat die Filmrollen vertauscht?

Elternschule – Therapie in Not

Elternschule für Kinderärzte

Die Elternschule und der liebe Gott

Wer schreibt da von wem ab?

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Author Topic: Tod durch Alternativmedizin  (Read 1483 times)


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Tod durch Alternativmedizin
« on: July 11, 2008, 11:17:52 AM »

Aus dem besten medizinischen Blog, den ich kenne:

Death by “alternative” medicine: Who’s to blame?
Published by David Gorski under General, Health Fraud
Here’s where things got interesting. Apparently, this woman was a die-hard believer in “alternative medicine.” And I do mean “die hard,” as she will quite likely die very hard for her beliefs, if she has not already in the interval between this tumor board and now. She absolutely refused any surgery or treatment for her cancer. It was explained to her that a less than 1 cm tumor with no evidence of spread to the lymph nodes carried a highly favorable prognosis, with upwards of 93% long term survival with proper surgery and radiation therapy combined with adjuvant chemotherapy and/or hormonal therapy. Here was a patient surgeons love, because we have a very high probability of curing her.

This woman would have none of it. She wanted to pursue “alternative” medicine. And pursue it she did, with a vengeance. For three years, she disappeared off the radar screen.
Her tumor had progressed.

Not only had the tumor progressed, but it had progressed a lot. When the surgeon saw her again, now more than three years after her diagnosis, her tumor had grown to 5-6 cm in size. It was now stuck to the chest wall, distorting her nipple, and ulcerating through the skin in a five centimeter area of bleeding, disgusting goo. Indeed, the surgeon even showed a picture of it. In addition, she had developed easily palpable axillary lymph nodes (the lymph nodes under the arm) on physical exam and complained of bone pain strongly suggestive of metastases to the bone. Even if she did not now have metatastic disease to the bone, her chances of cure had been vastly diminished, as she had clearly moved up from a highly curable clinical Stage I to a difficult to cure clinical stage IIIC. (If she had bone metastases, she was no longer curable at all.) This patient was in serious trouble. You would think that, finally–finally–she would have realized her mistake in not having gone with surgery and conventional medicine.

Das stehen nach kürzester Zeit über 250 Kommentare drunter,
viele davon hochklassig!

Die Frau ist/war verheiratet und hat/hatte drei Kinder.
Sie ist wahrscheinlicht tot.


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Tod durch Alternativmedizin
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2008, 05:53:11 PM »

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