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Author Topic: Dubious Mexican clinic open again  (Read 1773 times)


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Dubious Mexican clinic open again
« on: August 27, 2008, 12:52:09 PM »

Consumer Health Digest #07-35
September 11, 2007

Dubious Mexican clinic open again.

Tijuana-based Hospital Santa Monica appears to be
back in business. The clinic's founder and
director, Kurt W. Donsbach, is an unlicensed
chiropractor with a long history of illegal
Last year, in response to massive
publicity about the death there of Coretta Scott
King (widow of former civil rights leader Martin
Luther King), the Mexican Government ordered
Hospital Santa Monica to shut down. This week the
San Diego Union-Tribune reported:

**The hospital reopened at the same location with
no name displayed outside but with the name
"Centro de Atención Integral" on a health
department certificate displayed inside. The
hospital's Web site still identifies it as
"Hospital Santa Monica."

**Mexican officials said the facility is not
authorized to treat serious diseases or to offer
"alternative" treatments.

**Several patients and patient family members at
the clinic said that Donsbach represented that he
ran the clinic.

**During a 2006 deposition, Donsbach said that he
had sold the clinic in 2002 to a former employee
and that went there to "visit the sick" and pray
for them but was not compensated for these
visits. However, during another deposition, his
office manager said Donsbach received a
percentage of revenue from the American patients.

**A suit by a former patient who alleged that
Donsbach had duped him was settled under
confidential terms. [Crabtree P, Cearley A. Baja
clinic shut down for unorthodox care reopens:
Embattled founder's role open to question. San
Diego Tribune, Sept 9, 2007]


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