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Author Topic: Three jailed in Germany for selling a fraudulent cancer cure to terminally  (Read 8084 times)


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Home > News > BMJ 2008;337:a875, doi: 10.1136/bmj.a875 (Published 18 July 2008)
Published 18 July 2008, doi:10.1136/bmj.a875
Cite this as: BMJ 2008;337:a875


Three jailed in Germany for selling a fraudulent cancer cure to terminally ill patients
Annette Tuffs
1 Heidelberg

The first 150 words of the full text of this article appear below.

A court in the central German town Kassel has sentenced three men to
jail for fraud because in 2000-1 they sold and administered a food
supplement, which they claimed was a cure for cancer, to more than 150
terminally ill cancer patients.

All the patients subsequently died. The verdict was given this week after
a 16 month trial.

A doctor, a businessman, and a journalist had persuaded dying people that
a Russian food supplement, Galavit, was able to stop their cancer.

Patients had to pay about 8500 (£6800; $13 500) for the treatment course,
which was administered in a rented ward of a rehabilitation hospital near
Kassel in Bad Karlshafen.

The 64 year old businessman Falko Dahms who organised the operation was
sentenced to seven years, the medical doctor Eike Rauchfuss who
administered the treatment was given five years eight months, and the
journalist who published the false news of ...

[Full text of this article]

© 2008 BMJ Publishing Group Ltd.

"food supplement"??? Das glaube ich ja nun weniger...  

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