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Author Topic: Londons Taxisfahrer mit Playstation im MRT  (Read 1169 times)


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Londons Taxisfahrer mit Playstation im MRT
« on: September 11, 2008, 05:12:12 PM »

London Taxi Drivers and the Brain’s Navigational System
Published by Steven Novella under Neuroscience
Comments: 4

London, being an old city that developed it’s street plan long before cars were invented, and without any top-down planning, is a maze of 250,000 streets. London taxi drivers who have mastered this complex meshwork of byways over years were found to have greater than average hippocampus size. This built on earlier work showing that London taxi drivers activate their right hippocampus when recalling specific routes through London. (The right hemisphere is typically the one responsible for visuo-spacial memory and processing.)

Now a new study takes this research another step.

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