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Author Topic: Trnava weist Hamer zurück  (Read 5219 times)


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Trnava weist Hamer zurück
« on: January 17, 2006, 12:51:24 PM »

Die Universität Trnava hat dem Hamer eine Abfuhr erteilt.

Trnava weist Hamer zurück

Zu den vielen Lügen, die von Hamer und seinen Helfern verbreitet werden, gehört die "Verifikation durch die Universität Trnava".

Tatsache ist, und das ist nachweisbar, daß die Universität Trnava das Ansinnen Hamer's zurückweist.

Hierzu erhielt ich vom Rektor der Universität Trnava diese Email. Danach hat die Universität sogar den VORSCHLAG einer Habilitation
Hamer's zurückgewiesen.
Aribert Deckers


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Subject: RE: Question concerning an official statement

Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 11:22:27 +0100

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Dear Sir,

by the information of dean, the Faculty of Health and Social Care of
Trnava University rejected propose on habilitation of Dr. Hamer.

prof. JUDr. Peter Blaho, CSc.

-----Original Message-----
From: Aribert Deckers []
Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2005 1:34 PM
To: Peter Blaho AT TRNAVA
Cc: Prof.MUDR.Ladislav Soltés DrSc.
Subject: Question concerning an official statement

Trnava University
Hornopotoèná 23
918 43 Trnava
tel: +421 (0)33 593-9202
fax: +421 (0)33 551-1129
Rector: Peter Blaho
tel: +421 (0)33 593-9203

Bremerhaven, 30.11.2005

Dear Mr. Blaho, dear Mr. Soltés,

please allow me to ask for an official statement concerning a very serious

For long years by now, the University of Trnava is said to support the
claims of Ryke Geerd Hamer.

One of the propagandists for Hamer is Helmut Pilhar, who maintains a large
web-site about Hamer. There a topic is the "proof" of Hamer's claims by
official statement of your university :

On and on, and no end to it, all the time the University of Trnava is said
to support Hamer's claims.

Helmut Pilhar shows the statement of rejection by the Scientific Council in
1999, but the rumors blown up tell a different story :

Korrespondenz 1999 Neue Medizin

Hornopotocna 23, 918 43 TRNAVA, Slovakia
Tel.: 00421-805-252 83 Fax: 00421-805-5511 129 E-mail:
Uni.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard Pendl
Dekan der Medizinischen Fakultät Graz
Trnava, 8.2.1999
Dear Professor Pendl,
thank you for your letter. I would like to inform you that I have again
reconsidered and checked the attitude of the Scientific Council of the
Faculty of Health and the Scientific Council of our University and I
that the application of Mr. HAMER was rejected.
The decision of the Scientific Council is definite.
Yours very sincerely,
Prof. MUDR. Ladislav Soltés, DrSc.
President of Trnava University

By keeping the rumors alive, the University of Trnava still is believed to
support Hamer - only behind closed curtains, because the state government
forces the university to say so. This now heats the paranoia of the great
world conspiracy...
And this paranoia welds together the believers even stronger...

Right now, in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, the protest against
the Hamer supporters rises. We have TV and print media reports.

To weed out all the claims of the Hamer supporters we need sound material
concerning the "proof" done by your university.

Would you please be so kind to send me an official statement of the
University of Trnava concerning the decision of the University as of now?

In my web-site is more than a dozen articles and documentations about Hamer
and what he and his supporters have committed :

In 2004 Carmen died :

This year Herr Adelhelm died, just some weeks ago.

24 dead by now who I can identify :

The Austrian jurisdiction spoke about 50 dead already some years ago.

So, you see, the matter is very serious and we need your help.

Thank you very much in advance,

Aribert Deckers
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Trnava weist Hamer zurück
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2006, 12:26:51 PM »

Wichtig ist auch zu wissen, daß die Universität Trnava keine medizinische Fakultät hat. Es gibt wohl in diesem Zusammenhang noch mehr Ungereimtheiten.


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Re: Trnava weist Hamer zurück
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2022, 10:59:40 AM »

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